15 Unknown Health Benefits of Lanzones Fruit

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Lanzones fruit or alanzoneslso known as duku fruit in Indonesia is a fruit that is often consumed as a dessert. But, these lanzones fruit can also be used as a jam, stuffing pudding, and others. The lanzones that are still raw have a color greenish and sour taste.

The lanzones that are ripe have a color yellowish and have a sweet taste. However, if you bite the seeds of this lanzones fruit, then what you will feel is a bitter taste.

What are the nutritional contents of lanzones fruit?

The nutritional content of lanzones fruit per 100 g

  • Calories : 63 kcal
  • Protein : 0 gram
  • Fiber : 0 gram
  • Fat : 2 grams
  • Carbohydrate : 13 grams
  • Calcium : 18 mg
  • Phosphorus : 9 mg
  • Iron : 9 mg
  • Other minerals : 7 grams
  • Vitamin A  : 0 IU
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) : 05 mg
  • Vitamin C : 9 mg

What are the health benefits of lanzones fruit for your body? Check this list below.

  1. Source of antioxidants

Lanzones fruit contain vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are needed by the body to avoid the body from damage caused by free radicals. In addition, antioxidants also help the body avoid the damage caused by pollution and toxic substances.

  1. Anti-aging

Besides to harmful diseases, free radicals can also cause premature aging. Because lanzones fruit contain antioxidants to fight free radicals, then this fruit also became one of the fruit that can be used as anti-aging. In addition, vitamin C in this fruit also works to protect lipid proteins, nucleic acids, and carbohydrates from damage caused by free radicals or pollution or toxins.

  1. Strengthen teeth

Besides to the Benefits of Strawberry for teeth, lanzones fruit can also be used to strengthen teeth and maintain healthy teeth if you often consume this fruit. This is caused by the phosphorus content in the lanzones fruit that are useful for strengthening teeth.

  1. Maintaining gum health

The vitamin C content contained in citrus health benefits, is also found in lanzones fruit that work to treat gums and keep the gums healthy. You must know the Vitamin C Benefits For Health & Beauty

  1. Improve immune system

There are so many health benefits of vitamin C that we can get. Vitamin C can also be beneficial for the health of the whole body. Vitamin C in lanzones fruit is beneficial for maintaining the immune system and also beneficial for people who are in the recovery period.

  1. Weight loss

Lanzones fruit is one of the Healthy Fruits for Weight Loss. This is because lanzones fruit help the body get carnitine. Carnitine has the task of directing fat molecules into a fat-burning tissue. The deficiency of fat molecules can lead to fatigue and less body energy.

Then, if the carnitine in the body is reduced, there will be an accumulation of fat in the body. So, these lanzones fruit helps our body get the carnitine that very important to our body. For those of you who are running a diet program, you can consume these lanzones fruit with apples to get maximum benefits.

  1. Smooth the digestive system

Many fruit that is useful to smooth the digestive system, one of the fruit is lanzones. Like other fruits, lanzones have fiber content which is the main component to smooth the digestive system.

Not only smooth, lanzones fruit is also useful to prevent cancer in the digestive tract. Compared to apples or oranges, lanzones contain more calories, minerals, and iron. Look here to know more about Health Benefits of Fiber

  1. Healthy skin

Vitamin E is very beneficial for skin health. Lanzones fruit also contain vitamin E which is useful for maintaining healthy skin such as :

  • Prevent premature aging
  • Smooth and moisturize the skin
  • Protects skin from UV rays
  • Help wound healing.
  1. Controlling cholesterol level

Eating lanzones fruit is very beneficial for those of you who are suffering from cholesterol. The content of vitamin C in lanzones fruit can help cholesterol metabolism into bile acids.

  1. Treating diarrhea and fever

One of the health benefits of lanzones fruit is to treat diarrhea and reduce heat or high fever. You can take the seeds of lanzones, then pound them until smooth, mix with water and drink one day once. Try to feel the benefits by doing this.

  1. Drive away mosquito

The skin of lanzones fruit also bring benefits to be used to Prevent Mosquito Bites Naturally or insects such as the benefits possessed by bay leaves. If you want to use as a mosquito repellent, burn the skin of lanzones fruit, and the mosquitoes will not bother you anymore.

  1. The benefits skin of lanzones fruit for the skin of the body

Still from the benefits of skin of this fruit, if you rub it on your facial skin, then this way can be relied upon to overcome acne, smooth the skin and treat the itching caused by insect bites.

  1. Treat worms

Children are particularly vulnerable to worm problems. Symptoms of intestinal worms are:

  • Not excited
  • Pale
  • Weight loss
  • Frequently scratching the anal part

If your child has symptoms of worms above, you can count on the benefits of lanzones to overcome this. You can pound lanzones fruit seeds until smooth, then mix it with water 1/4 cup, and drink 2 times a day.

  1. Healthy hair

Lanzones fruit can maintain healthy hair outside and inside. From the inside, the fruit of lanzones can moisturize the hair because of its beneficial nutritional content. From the outside, you can use it as a natural mask for your hair. In addition to keeping the hair moist, lanzones fruit can also be useful to prevent hair loss and nourish the hair.

  1. Caring the nails

One of the health benefits of lanzones fruit is also beneficial for our nail beauty. The trick is to take mature lanzones fruit and destroy it with our nails. This method is used to remove dirt tucked between the nails and skin.