7 Health Benefits of Fruit Macassar (Brucea Javanica)

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Fruit Macassar has bitter taste and can be poisonous that often grows wild in the forests or in plantations. The fruit has different name in Indonesia. In Lampung, the fruit known as berul, in Medan usually called as malur, Sundanese call it walot while Javanese said the fruit is a bomb from makasar.

Furthermore, the fruit has been used as herbal fruit or many people take it as a treatment for some conditions. So, the health benefits of fruit Macassar are including:

  1. Cures malaria disease

The root of the Macassar Kernels plant has been believed can cure malaria and the steps are quiet simple, or you can also read health benefits taro. Here are the steps:

  1. Take the root fruit Makassar about 20 – 25 grams
  2. Wash it until clean with fresh water
  3. Boil it with water
  4. Serve the water of fruit Macassar in a glass and drink it


  1. Treats back pain

The leaves of Macassar Kernels plant will cure lumbago by boiling the leaves sufficiently after it washed in water. Furthermore, there are some herbs to cure back pain such as beluntas leaves, cat’s whiskers and avocado leaves, or you can also read health benefits of avocado leaves.

  1. Heals Hemorrhoids

For those who are with hemorrhoids, fruit Macassar may heal the condition namely by coating about 7 seeds of the fruit then swallow it.

  1. Treats vaginal discharge due to Trichomonas

The steps of fruit Macassar as whitish treatment is similar to other herbs like red betel leaf and they are:

  1. Boil 20 seeds of fruit Macassar Kernels in potting soil by adding 400cc to 10cc of water
  2. Spray the water in the female vital area for only 20-40 cc every use.

For the light whiteness, spray the boiling water once a day and for heavy whiteness repeat the spray up to 2 -3 times a day.

  1. Treats Amoebic Dysentery

The seeds of Macassar Kernels can treat amoebic dysentery. Milled 10-15 seeds of the fruit until smooth then put the mill into the capsule and drink only for 7-10 days and 3 times a day.

  1. Heals cervical Cancer and uterus

Makassar kernel fruit is being used to heal cervical cancer, uterus and skin by boiling 20 seeds of the fruit in 400cc of water, until it turned to 100cc of water. Drink it for 3 times a day of 2 tablespoons until the disease reduced intensively.

  1. Treats wart eye

One of the benefits of the fruit Macassar Kernels is to treat warts as well as treat fish eyes just by milling the fruit until it smooth. Take the milling and compress it to the wart eyes or fish eyes.

Some other health benefits of fruit Macassar are:

  1. Controls blood sugar and prevents diabetes
  2. Treats hot fever


Side Effects of Fruit Macassar

Large doses of fruit Makassar can poison the body while the toxicity is useful for laxatives, but also may harm the health.

So, those are some health benefits of fruit Macassar, that you can also find the benefits in health benefits of kiwano fruit, health benefits canistel fruit and health benefits of lanzones fruit.