5 Health Benefits of Dried Mango You Should Know

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Dried fruit is increasingly ‘on the rise’ when people are competing to have a healthy diet, by adding it as a topping of oatmeal or as a snack in the afternoon. But, is it true that this type of sweet food is safe for regular consumption?

Dried fruit is fruit that has undergone a drying process, so that the water content in it is wasted. Some examples of popular dried fruit are raisins, dates, prunes, figs, and apricots. Totally different than having simpler benefits of tender mango leaves.

Other varieties of dried fruit are also available in candied or sweeter form, including mango, pineapple, cranberry, banana and apple. Because it has passed the preservation stage, dried fruit is more durable to store than fresh fruits.

Because of this, people also prefer to bring dried fruit to carry as a snack on long trips, where refrigerators are not available. Not much different from fresh fruit, dried fruit is known to be nutritious and can provide significant benefits for the body.

Compared to other foods, dried fruit can contain up to 3.5 times fiber, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, one serving of dried fruit can help supplement the recommended daily intake of many vitamins and minerals, such as folate.

As previously explained, dried fruit contains a lot of fiber and is a great source of antioxidants, especially polyphenols. This content is useful for increasing blood flow, maintaining digestive health, reducing the risk of oxidative damage and a number of other diseases.

You can see some examples above, including the dried mango. Did you know that dried mango slices have many health benefits that are even better from the fresh ones? If you don’t know, then now is the time for you to check out the amazing benefits of dried mangoes.

We all know that mango is one of the most loved fruits in Asian countries and many other parts of the world. Mangoes are widely found in Asia, and there are so many varieties of mangoes that almost every season we can get them easily. It’s highly beneficial as well, just like the benefits of bush mango seed.

Apart from oranges and ripe mangoes, raw green mangoes are also used for different dishes such as salads and pickles. Dried mango slices have many nutrients and are used to add sweetness and sourness to a variety of dishes, especially in Asian countries.

If you feel interested in trying dried mangoes, here’s some benefits of them:

Health Benefits of Dried Mango

1. Source of Vitamin C

Dried mango slices are loaded with vitamin C, containing about 80% of your daily vitamin C requirement. Vitamin C is very important for the immune system because it increases the strength of the immune system, thus making your body strong enough to fight various infections and diseases. Also helps in accelerating wound healing.

So aside from having the benefits of mango peels, you can depend on dried mangoes to make your body healthier, while making your skin stay pretty. High Vitamin C content may also help to reduce acne, and prevent premature aging by increasing skin’s elasticity. 

With that said, before trying anything funny with your skin by adding unknown chemicals that may be harmful, try some slices of dry mangoes first. It’s one of the most pleasant ways to get a lot of Vitamin C.

2. Prevents Cancer & Heart Attack

Mango is rich in antioxidants, especially Phenols which are very effective in fighting various types of cancer. In the last few decades, several studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of mangoes in preventing cancer. 

It has been found that the antioxidants present in dried mango slices are helpful in eliminating cancer-causing free radicals. These antioxidants will prevent free radicals from forming cancer cells.

Dried mangoes also contain a good amount of selenium. Selenium has been known to prevent many types of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack, hypertension, stroke and other similar diseases.

3. Helps to Reduce Weight

Other than benefits of mango flower, dried mangoes can actually help you to reduce an excessive weight. The sweet and sour taste of dried mango slices has another great benefit. Even though it is sweet, it does not add weight to your body, unlike fresh ripe mangoes which are loaded with calories. 

The calories and fat in dried mango slices are low enough to be perfect for inclusion in your diet. Dried mangoes are great for those who want to have a sweet treat, but want to limit their calorie intake.

Consume dried mangoes as your daily snacks, and do it regularly. You can eat it while watching Televisions, chilling out during the day, or as a night bite.

4. Contains a Good Amount of Fiber

Many parts of mango actually contain a lot of fiber. You can find it as one of the benefits of mango leaves, and dried mangoes too. 

Fiber is very important for digestion because they work like a broom cleaning all the toxins in the intestines. Dried mango slices are packed with lots of fiber which helps in improving digestion and preventing several digestive problems. 

The fiber in the mango slices ensures proper bowel movements, making the whole digestive process smooth.

5. Good for Eyes, Teeth, and Bones

Dried mango slices are high in vitamin A and provide 20 percent of the daily requirement. Vitamin A is known to promote cell growth, improve eyesight and boost the immune system.

They also contain enough calcium which helps in maintaining healthy teeth and strengthening bones. You can include a slice of dried mango every day to increase your calcium supply. You may as well add extra calcium via milk, vegetables, or fishes.