Health Benefits of Thai Diet VS British Diet? Which One Works Better?

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Every country has its own type of diet, which means the way you eat food. Diet is also related to the way or the food you eat to lose weight. While people are on diet, they will consume less calorie food. British people have different type of diet with Thai people. It can be seen clearly from the types of food they consume every day.

British people favor food that are rich in protein, such as meat and fish products. Moreover, dairy products are also their favorite so that their calcium supply is quite high. Apart from British people, Thai people have different style of food they eat. Thai people put small portion of protein on their food, they mainly consume beef, chicken or pork in a small portion. As Thailand is a Buddhist country, most of the people there consume vegetables as vegetarians.

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Let’s analyze further abouteach type of diet: Thai diet and British diet.

Health Benefits of British Diet

When people have Englishdiet, they have two days of being extremely hungry. They have to sacrificebefore getting in good shape. However, after the two hungry days, they canenjoy better meal.

Here are the pattern ofBritish diet. Check it out.

Menu you will eat for two hungry days:

one liter of milk, one cupof tomato juice and two slices of black bread.

Then, you have to apply two days of protein and vegetables. Here is the list of food and drink during protein days:


one cup of coffee with orwithout milk, a slice or bread, one teaspoon of honey


one plate of meat or fish,or a piece of boiled meat or fish combined with two tablespoons of peas with onepiece of black bread


one piece of meat or fish (cooked) or two eggs, 50 grams of cheese, a cup of yogurt

The list of food and drink during vegetables day is as below:


two apples or oranges


a bowl of vegetable soupwithout butter, a slice of black bread or salad

Dinner (no later than 7 p.m.):

a slice of black bread with salad, one cup of tea with one teaspoon of honey


If you want to lose weight by applying British diet style, you will get better habit of eating less and not eating too much. By eating less, you will improve your metabolism so that your body can digest the food better.

Besides, high consumption of dairy products, such as milk and yogurt will boost the calcium supply in your body. As a result, your bones and teeth can get stronger.


British diet’s duration is around 21 days, and it does not give bad effects to your body. Its main purpose is to get the habit of eating less and less every time. However, it will create a bit stress for your body as your eating habit is changing gradually. But, do not worry, because every diet will create the same stress level. This British diet is not recommended for pregnant women.

Let’s move to the next type of diet, Thai diet.

Health Benefit Thai Diet

Thai diet is considered as one of the Asian diet styles. There are some things you need to consider if you arewilling to apply Thai diet:

Health Benefits of Thai Diet VS British Diet?

Healthy snack

Snacks that are meant here is not chips or fried food, butmore to fruits and vegetables. A basket of fruits and vegetables might save youfrom getting hungry on working days. Nuts are also suggested as snacks, too.

Fresh food

Always using fresh food for eating is another characteristicof Thai diet. Fresh ingredients are preferrable to be cooked at home instead ofbuying processed food. Processed food might contain unknown ingredients thatmight be harmful for your body. Leaves are mostly used as the fresh ingredientsin Thai diet style food. Besides getting healthier, you will also learn newskill, which is cooking.


Rice makes you full for longer time. When you full longer,you will not eat more food, then you reduce the number of calories getting intoyour body.

Dairy products? Hell,no!

Cheese and milk are very yummy and enjoyable. However, Thaidiet rarely uses dairy products, such as cheese, butter and milk. They usecoconut milk instead, which is not dairy product.

Sharing is caring andsmaller is better

Thai people commonly cook food for sharing with some people.They will put the food in the center of the table, so that everybody can takeit. By doing so, each person will get smaller portion of the food. Besides, itis also considered rude to take the dishes for more than two or three times. Bysharing, you can get a lot of advantages, one of which is losing weight.

Less sugar, please

Thai people are not really interested in sweetened drinks.They mostly consume mineral water, juice or soy milk instead of soda. They willcut their calorie intake as well as reduce sugar intake to their body.

Thai people are not really interested in sweetened drinks. They mostly consume mineral water, juice or soy milk instead of soda. They will cut their calorie intake as well as reduce sugar intake to their body.

So, which one do you think is better? Both of them are effective in losing weight. If you still want to enjoy various kind of food, you may try Thai diet. However, if you prefer to have strict style of diet with amazing result, you may try British diet. So, choose the one that fits your style better!

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