Find Out Amazing Health Benefits of English Muffin Pizza Here!

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Do you love to eat pizza? Have you ever tried at your home making English muffin pizza? This pizza is usually seasoned with tomato sauce, crumbled sausage, and cheese. Indeed, it is very delicious and healthy. However, do you know what are the health benefits of English muffin pizza? Turns out one of them is to promote digestive health. Then, make you check the health benefits of English muffin pizza here to know more.

1. Source of Carbohydrate

The first health benefit of English muffin pizza is to provide the source of carbohydrates. As a matter of fact, it has 20.5 g of carbohydrates per serving. As a result, carbohydrate works in the body to promote the energy. Then, consuming pizza for having more energy is something that should be taken into account. You can also check on Health Benefits of Chocolate Muffins

2. Source of Fiber

Many people consume English muffin pizza as their breakfast. In this case, they eat the whole wheat which contains the source of fiber. In fact, a whole-wheat English muffin contains 4.4 grams of dietary fiber. Then, it cannot be denied that fiber has a major role in body functions. Fiber is known as the major contributor to maintaining the healthy digestion system. This nutrient helps to prevent digestive problems like constipation, bloating and vomiting. It also helps to promote the healthy gut as well. Then, if you want to have the healthy digestion system, it is recommended to consume pizza in moderation together with other fiber foods such as green vegetables and fruit as well. You can also check on Health Benefits of Fiber

3. Source of Protein

It is shown that English muffin pizza provides the protein source. It contains 45 mg protein per serving. Consequently, that protein is the vital nutrient which plays a role in renewing the broken cells in the body with the new ones. Moreover, protein in pizza may boost your energy as well. Indeed, consuming English muffin pizza will be beneficial for achieving optimal health. You can also check on Health Benefits of Sirloin Steak – Animal Protein Source

4. Source of Sodium

Sodium is known as the essential mineral. It plays a role in balancing body fluids. Moreover, it takes part to promote cardiovascular health. At this point, English muffin pizza has the source of sodium. It will give you 839 mg sodium per its serving. Besides, this pizza has the sodium nutrient to promote enzymes operation in the body. Also, it maintains the muscle contraction and the fluid level in the body. However, you should consume sodium foods in moderate since the high amount of sodium can affect bloodstreams and lead to certain health problems.

5. Source of Minerals

Next, English muffin pizza is known to have essential minerals such as selenium and iron. If you have a serving of this pizza, you can get 17 micrograms of selenium or 31 percent of your recommended daily intake as well as 1.6 milligrams of iron. As a result, iron is the one that plays role in preventing anemia. Then, selenium contributes to promoting healthy cells growth and balancing hormone. Then, if you want to fulfill the needs of minerals in the body, eating English muffin pizza is a great way.

6. An Option for Healthy Diet

If you are on diet, then having English muffin pizza can be good. It is known that English muffins are slightly lower in calories than bread. It has 127 calories while wheat bread has 157 calories per two slices. Besides, as explained before, this pizza has the source of fiber that helps you feel full longer. Indeed, this will help you to manage the body weight. Thus, are you interested to have an English muffin pizza for your meal? You can also check on Health Benefits of Cabbage Soup Diet

7. Boosts Energy

As English muffin pizza has protein in it, then it is beneficial to boost energy. Indeed, we need to boost energy to do daily activities. To achieve that, you can consume healthy foods and doing exercise. Hence, as you know that English muffin pizza can give you more energy, then give this delicious food a try now! You can also check on Benefits of Purple Amethyst – Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing

8. Promotes Healthy Heart

The next health benefit of English muffin pizza is to promote the healthy heart. It is linked to the presence of saturated fat-free in it. Not only for that, the presence of folate also cut the risk of coronary heart disease. As a result, consuming English muffin pizza may contribute to reducing the risks of heart problems such as stroke. Great, isn’t it?

9. Promotes Bone Health

Many people suffer from osteoporosis. To deal with this problem, you need to consume healthy foods which have the source of calcium. Indeed, you can have dairy foods such as milk, cheese, and yogurt. However, at this point, you can count on English muffin pizza. In fact, wheat English muffin provides 101 milligrams of calcium. As the consequence, calcium can help to promote bone structure and bone density. Not only for that, it is also a way to prevent osteoporosis.

10. Reduces Risks of Diabetes

11. Promotes Red Blood Cells

12. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Then, here are the tips for consuming English muffin pizza.

Tips for Consuming English Muffin Pizza

  • To have a healthy English muffin pizza, you can make it in your home. You can choose what kind of ingredients that are healthy and delicious. In this case, you can choose the ingredient between whole-wheat, oat, raisins, and other additional ingredients as well.
  • At this point, you can toast them and top them with pizza sauce. Also, don’t forget to sprinkle the cheese or spread it with peanut butter or an egg.
  • Next, you also need to choose the toppings. For the example, you can choose jam, jellies, and fresh fruits such as banana, avocado, and strawberries as well. The more healthy ingredient you use, then the better nutrients you will get.

As the conclusion, English muffin pizza can be the option for you who wants to eat delicious and healthy food at the same time. The key is to have the healthy ingredient. For the example, you can replace the sugar with the honey and add the fruits such as apple and banana. This pizza surely can be a healthy part of your meal. Then, enjoy your pizza!