Health Benefits of Duck Oil that May Surprise You!

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Aside from chicken, duck is another poultry product that becomes the favorite. Do you know that when it comes to products made from duck, not only the feathers, eggs and the meats used as commodities but also the oil? You must have known about the health benefits of duck eggs and meat. How about the health benefits of duck fat or oil? Well, oil made from chicken meat and fat is common to be used for cooking and the same thing applies to duck as well but aside from that, not everyone realizes about the health benefits of duck oil.

What Is Duck Oil?

There are a lot of people out there who believe that duck fat is not only tasty but also healthy. That is why the idea of duck oil is probably created. Some studies even revealed the active compounds contained in duck oil have benefits as much as the health benefits of olive oil for human health. Duck oil is made of duck meat and duck fats and that is why it is super natural though perhaps consuming it in proper amount is still highly recommended or under professional suggestion.

Nutritional Values Contained in Duck Oil

When talking about fats you will talk about some types of fatty acids such as saturated, unsaturated and monounsaturated. According to scientific research studies, duck oil may contain potent monounsaturated fats that are healthy for human when consumed daily. Get more information about health benefits of duck oil in the list below.

  1. Duck Oil Contains Healthy Fat

One of the secrets that duck kept all this time is that duck contains healthy fats. According to some scientific studies, duck contain monounsaturated fats higher than any animal products and even higher than olive oil. However, there is one thing to note as well, duck oil is also containing saturated fats; that is why the consumption is supposed to be controlled for those who have been diagnosed with certain cardiovascular conditions.

  1. Optimizes the Health of Cells

Healthy cells mean everything for body metabolism. The problem is sometimes body cannot support the normal cells regeneration due to some factors such as the deficiencies of certain minerals and vitamins. However, duck oil contains specific fatty acids well known as linoleic acid that could optimize the health of cells and support the cells regeneration optimally. The result body metabolism will work properly.

  1. Promotes the Kidney Health

Consuming duck oil regularly is good for kidney health. Though this claim is still required further studies but there are a lot of people have claimed it to be right. There are a lot of studies about health benefits of fatty acids and linoleic acid is proven to be excellent to protect kidney health. So far, the study about this substance has been conducted through animal study with positive result.

  1. Good for Bones Health

There are a lot of people out there are thinking that for healthy bones, they should consume a lot of calcium. Well, it is not entirely true though the main health benefits of calcium is to promote healthy bones but the fact is to stay healthy, bones need more than just calcium. Linoleic acid is optimizing the absorption of calcium and as mentioned in some previous points, duck oil is excellent source of linoleic acid.

  1. High Smoking Level

There are a lot of scientific studies regarding the side effect of smoking in foods. However, compared to other animal products, duck oil has longer endurance toward heat. In other words, it has higher smoking level. That is why using duck oil for frying is considered quite safe because it will not turn into something toxic.

  1. Improves Food Flavors

If you have tried to eat duck meat, you will realize that duck has its own unique flavor, though not everyone could deal with it but for those who like it, adding duck oil to cooking could improve the food flavors. Compared to chicken, duck fats has stronger and unique flavor that is irreplaceable.

  1. Reduces Cholesterol Level

The high content of monounsaturated fat is the reason why duck fat is excellent to reduce the cholesterol level. When talking about tasty meat among the foods that lower cholesterol level, duck is in the top of the list due to this amazing content. Monounsaturated fat is responsible to improve the production of ‘good’ cholesterol and reduce the ‘bad’ cholesterol. However, duck oil also contains saturated fat that could trig the symptoms of high blood pressure if you are not careful.

  1. Good for Heart

As mentioned in the previous point, the monounsaturated fat contained in duck oil could optimize the production of ‘good’ cholesterol. In other words, when the accumulation of plaque caused by ‘bad’ cholesterol could be significantly reduced, the risk of cardiovascular diseases could be reduced as well. The result is fatal effect like heart attack and stroke could be prevented completely.

  1. Excellent Source of Antioxidants

Speaking of antioxidants, most people thought that antioxidants only available on green vegetables, when the fact is duck oil is also rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants could help fighting free radicals that could cause some fatal diseases like cancers. In other words, it is excellent way of how to prevent cancer naturally because just by consuming the duck oil regularly you could reduce the risk of cancer significantly.

  1. Good for Immunity System

Immunity system is like the layer which protects your body from infections that could lead to diseases. Strong immunity system will ensure healthy body and optimal metabolism. Duck oil contains several essential minerals such as zinc and selenium which are essential to protect immune system. The combination of those minerals could act as antioxidants as well.

Cautions of Duck Oil

No matter how healthy duck oil is claimed but still those who have specific cardiovascular conditions should discuss this matter with professional because basically those who have problems with their heart should limit their consumption of fats including duck oil.

  • Just like any products from animal, poultry product like duck is also essential to take into account, especially when it comes from. That is why making your own duck oil for your own consumption is highly recommended with one thing to note that you know exactly where the duck comes from.
  • Though there are a lot of studies have proven the mono contained in duck fats are the highest among other animal products but still you should remember that too much is never good.

Duck is tasty but also tasty but not everyone realizes that. Instead they still prefer chicken or other animal products like beef. Fortunately duck is also providing all the health benefits for human like the health benefits of protein. Duck could be a cheaper option than chicken especially in some countries where protein deficiencies cases are common.