11 Great Health Benefits of Wonton Soup, Effectively Works

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Who doesn’t know about the health benefits of wonton soup? Of course, not only many people notice on this soup, but also they know that wonton soup is rich with benefits too. Therefore, consuming this soup is no longer a traditional habit in China, but already known and spread out all over the world.

Wonton soup is a traditional Chinese soup that consists of wonton. Wonton itself is a kind of dumpling that consists of pork and shrimp inside it. Therefore, not only delicious, but apparently it also brings a lot of benefits for health. Furthermore, wonton soup also not difficult to prepare. Even many Chinese restaurant usually will have this menu. This is why, if making the homemade wonton soup is feel complicated, then you can get it easily anywhere.

Wonton Soup Recipe

To prepare your own homemade wonton soup, there is a good simple recipe to follow. Rather than buying, homemade food is always healthier. Below are the ingredients and the instruction.


  • boneless pork meat
  • shrimp
  • ginger
  • soy sauce
  • brown sugar
  • onion
  • chicken broth
  • dumpling wrap
  • garlic leaf
  • water
  • salt
  • pepper


  • Blend the boneless pork meat, chop the shrimp into 2 or 3 parts.
  • Put together all the spice, including ginger, soy sauce, onion, salt and pepper. Mix with the blended meat and shrimp.
  • Get a spoon of the mixture and add to the dumpling wrap.
  • Boil some water in the pan and add the chicken broth.
  • Forms the dumpling wrap so that it close, put in the boiling water.
  • Cook for 30 minutes and turn off the heat.
  • Let the soup warm and put on a bowl.
  • Add garlic leaf for garnish, then the soup is ready to serve.

Not only taste good, but the soup is also rich with benefits too. For specific health benefits of wonton soup mainly for supporting brain and muscle, below are the lists:

1. Rich in Protein

Meat and shrimp is a high protein source ingredients. Therefore, the soup will lead to a good source of protein for the body. Not to mention the chicken broth that also will bring enough level of protein. The same health benefits of tofu for toddlers that also contain high protein too,

2. Good Source of Carbs

Not only rich with protein, but it also rich with carbs. The pork meat is always contains high carbs too. Therefore, it will help to support daily activities by bringing extra power to perform anything. 

3. Improve Muscle

The high protein level in the soup will manage to improve the muscle. It will add muscle mass and help to produce lean muscle. Therefore, it is good to shape the muscle well. The same benefits of cabbage for muscle bodybuilding that also good to improve the muscle.

4. Increase In Metabolism

Consume the soup will also lead to improving the body metabolism system. Therefore, the metabolic rate will increase and the body will effectively convert the food into needed energy.

5. Add Energy

A good metabolism will bring more energy for the body. Therefore, it is good to avoid starving and manage to support daily activities very well. The same benefits of omelette good for weight loss that also good to provide extra needed energy for the body.

6. Anti Inflammation

Another health benefits of wonton soup are to be an anti inflammation agent. Therefore, consume the soup will help to manage any inflammation symptoms. Such as swollen body parts or joint inflammation.

7. Avoid Joint Pain

The soup capability of an anti inflammation including works to avoid the joint pain too. Therefore, wonton soup is good to reduce the swollen joint including reducing the pain feeling too. The same health benefits of green tea for joint pain that also works to reduce joint pain.

8. Optimize Brain

High protein is a good source for optimizing the brain nerve. Therefore, consume wonton soup also good to improve the brain and let the brain work effectively. It will manage the brain system and improve the thinking too.

9. Improve Memory

Not only will improve the brain nerve, but it also good to stimulate the brain to improve the memory. This is why a high protein level also good to support memory including avoiding any chance of memory loss. The same benefits of mutton soup for toddlers that works to improve the memory too.

10. Increase Weight

Since wonton soup is rich with carbs, it will help to increase the weight for those that have problems with body weight. Therefore, consume the soup every day can manage to increase the weight slowly until the expected gain is reached.

11. Bring Fullness

Not only good to increase the weight, the high protein level and the high cabs content also good to bring the stomach feel fullness in a longer time. This is why consuming wonton soup is good during the day or lunch to avoid hunger during daily activities.

Recommendations of Wonton Soup

Even the soup is really tasteful and brings many benefits, there still several possible side effects. Therefore, if want to consume the food, it is suggested to check on below recommendations first.

  • Stop consuming the soup if experience any allergically conditions such as redness skin, itchiness or even swollen face. It means that your body is intolerant with the high protein source from the shrimp and the pork meat.
  • Do not eat the wonton too much since it might lead to overweight. It contains a high number of carbs.
  • This soup might contain a number of pork fat and shrimp that can lead to cardiovascular problems. Therefore, only consume the soup as necessary.
  • Make sure to choose fresh ingredients since several kinds of shrimp have potential issues of poisonous.
  • Avoid consuming the soup if feeling nausea and diarrhea. This might be the effect of the ginger inside the soup.

Those all the health benefits of wonton soup that not only taste good but also bring a lot of benefits for health. Therefore, this soup is one of the good soup to consume and added to your meal. However, always carefully notice the recommendations, so that there is no further side effects happen to you after you consume it. Have a nice portion of this wonton soup!