8 Incredible Benefits of Malaysian Trumpet Snails – Best Protein Source

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Malaysian trumpet snail is a species of freshwater snails, with a different characteristic compared to common melania. This snail also called red-rimmed snails, and often abbreviated as MTS. The name “red-rimmed” comes from reddish spots on the shell, and it’s first called Malaysian trumpet snail by aquarists.

Other its distinctive characteristic are its trumpet-like operculum (shell), hence the name. This snail is native to Northern Africa and Southeastern Asia.

Despites its reputation as agricultural pest labelled by some people, Malaysian trumpet snails actually have a lot of benefits. In ecosystem, it is valued as alga-eaters and substrate-cleaners. Outside of that, this snail is edible and easy to find in nearby freshwater aquaria. According to health benefits of snail water, Malaysian trumpet snails contain high nutritive value, and potentially useful as traditional medicine.

For more benefits of Malaysian trumpet snails, see below.

Nutritional Value of Malaysian Trumpet Snails

According to trusted sources, Malaysian trumpet snails contain high amount of protein, and carbohydrates. Here’s the list of constituents exist in 100 g serving size :

  • 16.1 g proteins
  • 79.2 g water
  • 1.3 g ash
  • 2.0 g carbohydrates
  • 50 mg cholesterol
  • 377 kJ total calories
  • 54.4 kJ calories from carbohydrate
  • 52.8 kJ calories from fat
  • 270 kJ calories from protein
  • 1.4 g total fat
  • 218 g omega-3 fatty acids
  • 217 mg calcium
  • 17.0 g omega-6 fatty acids

How to Use

There are many ways to get benefits from Malaysian trumpet snail. The most common is to cook it. Here’s a recipe of Malaysian trumpet snail dish (assuming you have required cooking utensils and the ingredients) :

  • In a pot, mix together shallot, garlic, butter, cognac, parsley, and wine.
  • Add salt, pepper, and nutmeg.
  • Put in the fridge overnight to mold the flavour.
  • The next day, pour a half tea spoon of butter mixture into each snail.
  • Put the snails in the baking pan.
  • Bake it in the 400 degree heat oven for about ten to fifteen minutes.

So, here’s the benefits of Malaysian trumpet snails :

1. It is a rich source of protein

Research says that Malaysian trumpet snail contains high amount of protein. Similar to health benefits of dutch eggplant, its high-protein is important for body development, cell and tissue formation, children growth, and immune system. Based on research, Malaysian trumpet snail’s protein value is 16.1 g per 100 g serving size. That’s comparable to other popular protein sources, e.g. meat, beef, butter, eggs, etc.

Other benefits of Malaysian trumpet snail as protein source is its price. Compared to chicken and cow meat, trumpet snails are far more affordable. Its protein can also help build muscle.

2. It’s effective as folk medicine

Another benefits of Malaysian trumpet snails. Not only it can be made into delicious cuisine, it also works well as folk medicine and health benefits of snake beans. As a proof, many people since a long time ago have used red-rimmed melania to treat diabetes, stomach ulcer, liver diseases, high cholesterol, and other diseases as well. 

3. Malaysian trumpet snails is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and provides great hair treatment

One of top benefits of Malaysian trumpet snails. Omega-3 is an essential acid that can’t be produced by body itself. Therefore, supply from sources of fatty acids such as Malaysian trumpet snails is needed. Omega-3 fatty acids can act as anti-inflammatory agent which can prevent and treat some medical conditions (e.g. bronchitis, asthma, ulcer, etc).

Also, like this health benefits of xigua fruit, Malaysian trumpet snails’ omega-3 is good for hair health, by increasing its elasticity, strengthen its follicle, nourish the root, help hair growth, increase its thickness, prevent hair fall, and improve circulation in follicle. So, if you value your hair highly, it’s recommended to start consume Malaysian trumpet snails.

4. Omega-6 fatty acids in Malaysian trumpet snails is good for brain development and cognitive improvement

It is proven that Malaysian trumpet snails contains 17.0 g omega-6 fatty acids. This omega-6 is very important for body and mind. Similar to omega-3, omega-6 also can not be produced by body itself, thereby outside supply is required. As proved by research, omega-6 is good for brain development. Do you remember health benefits of tuna? Just like tuna, Malaysian trumpet snails is said to improve intelligence.

Therefore, if you want to improve cognitive skills, it’s recommended to consume Malaysian trumpet snails. It is also boosts immune system, stabilizes blood pressure, and fix dull hair colour.

5. Malaysian trumpet snails control bad cholesterol level

If you have any problem related to cholesterol, this snail can be alternative medicine. According to experts, combined value of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 can help control bad cholesterol level. Omega-9 also plays key role in immunity and skin health.

6. Malaysian trumpet snails have lower fat

Indeed, unlike other protein sources, Malaysian trumpet snails is proven low in fat. This fact makes it a recommended food for weight loss. However, trumpet snails do not provide energy as much as chicken meat or beef. Thus, it is more suitable as company for main dish, and combining it with other foods is highly recommended.

If you want to lose weight in short time, Malaysian trumpet snail is one of best alternatives you can pick. Don’t forget to exercise, of course.

7. It can be alternative source of calcium

Apparently, a meat of Malaysian trumpet snails has been proved to contain decent amount of calcium. If you are allergic to milk or just do not like milk, Malaysian trumpet snails can be a good alternative. Its calcium and mineral value is enough for daily needs if you consume it in medium to large portion.

As we all knew, calcium is essential mineral to maintain bone health, prevent osteoporosis, protect nerve tissue and dental health, etc.

8. It contains moderate amount of vitamins

Although not known as source of vitamins, Malaysian trumpet snails still provide moderate amount of vitamins, especially vitamin A, E, and B.

Cautions in Using Malaysian Trumpet Snails

Albeit Malaysian trumpet snails offer a wide range of benefits, it must be cooked properly to kill all the bacteria and because of various reports that it may contains parasite.