13 Best Benefits of Chicken Noodle Soup for a Cold and Fasten Recovery

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Many people believe in the benefits of chicken noodle soup for a cold. Not only help to relieve the symptoms, but also taste very nice and delicious. Therefore, chicken noodle soup has been one of the traditional food in Asia that use to cure fever or cold. Various recipes have developed in each Asian countries to serve the original and authentic taste of the soup.

Chicken noodle soup is known rich in various vitamins and minerals. The chicken broth ingredients mix inside the soup making this dish feel tasty but also healthy too. Furthermore, it is soft and easy to digest. Therefore, consuming this soup when feeling unwell is the best decision to make.

Chicken Noodle Soup Recipes

There are many recipes of chicken noodle soup. However, many people prefer a simple one, such as in below recipe.


  • Some chop of chicken
  • A portion of vegetables such as carrot, celery and onion
  • A bowl of yellow noodle
  • Salt and pepper
  • Water


  • Boil some water and place the chicken
  • Put some salt and pepper
  • Cook for several hours until the chicken is soft and tender
  • Add the noodle and the vegetables, then cook for another 30 minutes
  • Turn off the heat and serve the soup in a bowl
  • Let it warm and the soup is ready to consume

Nutrient Content of Chicken Noodle Soup

As mention before, this soup contain various vitamins and minerals that good for the body. Furthermore, it even stimulates a fasten relieve from any fever or cold. In each portion of the soup, usually contain a high number of protein, various vitamins such as vitamin C and A, plus some minerals such as iron and magnesium. The soup also contains enough fiber from the vegetables and some carbs from the noodle too. While for more specific benefits of chicken noodle soup for a cold, can read in below lists.

1. Rich in Protein

As mention before, the chicken noodle soup contains a high number of protein that coming from the chicken. Therefore, it helps to supply the needs of protein that will lead to bringing power during sickness. The same way as the health benefits of tofu for toddlers that rich in protein too.

2. Warming Body

The soup also a good way to keep a warming body. Mainly if serving in a hot or warm condition. Therefore, it is good to keep the body temperature.

3. High Minerals

This soup also rich in various minerals such as magnesium, iron and many more. Therefore, this minerals will help to fasten recovery time and manage to bring better cure from the illness. The same way as the benefits of fish lumpia that works to supply important minerals too.

4. Promote Wellness

Another benefits of chicken noodle soup for a cold including to help to promote wellness body. It will lead the body to feel better and stimulate the body to easily cure from the illness.

5. Fasten Recovery

The various nutrient inside the soup will manage to improve the body to work in an optimum way to recover. It will reduce the cold in a faster way and avoid worst sickness too. The same health benefits of butterfly pea leaves that also works to perform fasten recovery too.

6. Various Vitamins

This soup also famous for its various vitamins content. It contains vitamin A and vitamin C that good to stimulate the body to gets better. It also supports the body to fight the illness and get fasten cure.

7. Boost Immunity

The vitamin C inside this soup will able to improve the body immune system. Therefore, it can be a good way to deliver better health and recover in fasten time too. The same health benefits of thieves oil that also works to boost immunity of the body.

8. Ease Respiration

Chicken noodle soup also good to ease the respiratory system. It will optimizing the work of the lung to absorb more oxygen level into the body. Therefore, it will lead to optimize better respiratory.

9. Better Breath

Not only works to improve the respiratory system, but it also good to ease the breath. Mainly during cold that most of the people will experience difficulties of breathing. Consume the soup will manage an optimum oxygen absorption and lead to avoid breath difficulties. The same way as the health benefits of breathing lime dust that also good to provide a better breath too.

10. Reduce Fever

The soup is one of the best food to bring the fever slowing down. It will reduce fever effectively and manage the body temperature to keep stable.

11. Anti Bacteria

The vitamin inside the soup also a good anti bacteria agent to eliminate virus and sickness away from the body.

12. Improve Metabolism

The soup also will improve body metabolism. Therefore, it leads to a better metabolic rate to convert food into energy.

13. Add Energy

Through a good metabolism system, the body will receive enough energy that needed to perform the recovery. This will heal people to fasten cure from the cold or fever.

Recommendations of Consume Chicken Noodle Soup

As a tasty food, chicken noodle soup is always a favorite among many peoples. Starting from the children, up to the elderly. However, there are several recommendations that need to attend if consume the soup. Below area several points to consider when decide to have the soup as a meal during sickness.

  • Make sure there are no allergy reactions after consuming the soup. Such as itchiness, redness skin or other signs. Some people are intolerant with the high protein level from the chicken. Therefore, it possible to cause some allergy.
  • Always choose fresh ingredients to avoid unwanted side effects such as nausea or dizziness.
  • Do not add too much fat inside the soup to avoid any possibility of getting high cholesterol level.
  • Do not add too much salt inside the soup to avoid the possibility of getting hypertension syndrome.
  • Make sure to consume any medication to help to improve the recovery time.
  • When the cold or fever is not lowered down or getting better, it is recommended to directly go the hospital or doctor.

Those all the benefits of chicken noodle soup for a cold that will help a fasten recovery and manage to bring wellness too. Therefore, it is a good decision to serve chicken noodle soup while having fever symptoms. Furthermore, serving the soup while it warms will bring a good effect for the unwell body too.