Health Benefits of Lu’an Melon Seed Tea – A Powerful Green Tea from China

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China is infamously known as big producer of herbal tea, whether it’s original tea, green tea, or black tea. Chinese tea is believed to have many positive advantage to human body due to its processing method. While most of tea has quite same advantages to body’s health. Chinese tea is considered to be superior thanks to its specific and unique odor and flavor.

One of the most popular and the oldest tea in China is Lu’an Melon Seed Tea. This tea belongs to green tea family alongside with other ghealth benefits of green tea around the world. It’s found in Anhui Province, specifically Lu’an city. The leave itself is called Lu’an leaf, which makes people name this tea Lu’an leaf tea. It’s not as popular as other green or black teas in the West, but this tea is very popular in China.

History of Lu’an Melon Seed Tea
Melon Seed Tea is considered a very old tea according to The Classic of Tea, an encyclopedia about tea and its process written by Lu Yu around 9th century (Common Era) during Tang Dynasty in 7th-10th century. First record report that this tea is processed by baking its leaf which makes the taste different than any other tea.

In Ming Dynasty around 14th-15th century, Lu’an Melon Seed Tea is used to cure heatstroke, a condition where someone suffer high body temperature above 40 °C. One of famous figure in China around 17th century believed that Lu’an Melon Seed Tea is one of the best tea China has ever produced in those era.

In the era of Qing dynasty (17th-20th century), where it’s discovered many types of tea such as Health Benefits of Lapsang Souchong and Health Benefits of Keemun Black Tea, Lu’an Melon Seed Tea has already been served as main beverages in the kingdom. This means that Chinese royal family admires this tea since the beginning of a time and it continues until now.

The Brief Health Benefits of Lu’an Melon Seed Tea

Tea in general has same amount of advantage since they have the same amount of component, nutrition value, vitamins, and minerals. However, this tea is used to be cooling body method for sunstroke during Ming Dynasty, which is a plus if we compare to other type of teas.

But, in general, tea has high amount of antioxidant and antibacterial which is good for the body immunity. That’s because antioxidant is useful to fight free radicals coming from sunlight, pollution, and food ingredients. While antibacterial component in tea will fight bacteria in your body from inside to outside thus it will keep your body clean and healthy. More about this topic: The Benefits of Turkey Berry to Fight Free Radicals

Source of Fluoride and Caffeine

Fluoride and Caffeine is important to specific part of your body. Fluoride helps your teeth strong, keeps your teeth white and clean, also prevents plague growing between your teeth. In other side, Caffeine helps to stimulus your energy to keep you up in the morning while working.

Both Fluoride and Caffeine is important component that Lu’an Melon Seed Tea has. Just like any other tea, this tea has also important benefits to your teeth and energy. So, this can be an alternative for your morning routine since it’s also has unique odor and flavor compared to other ordinary tea

Reducing Weight Loss and Heart Attack Risk

Most of tea doesn’t have calories that’s the main source of fat in the body. This makes tea is one of traditional way to loss your weight, including Lu’an Melon Seed Tea. But remember, you also need to lower your calorie gain in your food to not to keep adding fat to your body. Physical exercise is also important to get rid of your body weight. Tea is only supporting system in this process.

Lu’an Melon Seed Tea also has high chance to reduce your risk to suffer from heart attack. a study report that by drinking four cup or more of green tea per day could reduce 32% of having heart attack and also lowering level of cholesterol in your body.

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Stronger Bone

Some studies also find that drinking tea regularly could prevent your bone loses, some tea has been observed and is indicated to have more amount of calcium in milk. Tea can be an alternative to milk to make your bon stronger and healthier. But drinking tea is not enough. You also need physical exercise and eat healthy food to keep your calorie stable.
Those are some of the benefits that you could get if you drink Lu’an Melon Seed Tea. In fact, most of the tea, both black and green tea has similar effect due to its component and nutrition value. This article gives you an insight about those benefits but no matter what tea you chose, it mostly has the same benefits as long as you don’t consume it in overdose amount.

Physical exercises are also important to keep your body strong because it can force your body to do more than usual which is pretty good. Eating and working habit is also important in affecting your body health. Knowing about personal amount of calorie will make you understand more comprehensively about what to eat and to exercise. Lu’an Melon Seed Tea only works as huge supporter to stimulate organs in your body to work properly. So, that’s all about health benefits of Lu’an Melon seed tea, hope it’s useful.