10 Super Inheritance Health Benefits of Jun Tea for You

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Not many people have heard the health benefits of jun tea. Since this beverage is not really common in the tea store. Many people know about green tea, black tea or other kind of tea. But jun tea is a kind of tea that only known by some limited people. Therefore, finding this drink might not be easy. But to prepare a cup of jun tea is still possible.

For those who curious about the tea, jun tea actually is fermented tonic which made from green tea added by some honey. This drink also known as kombucha but with some little different. If jun tea is using green tea, usually kombucha using black tea. Overall, both taste the same soft and light flavor. Plus, it has plenty of carbonate. Therefore, drinking this tea is feel like consume some soft drink.

Nutrient Facts Of Jun Tea

There are not much details on the nutrient facts of jun tea. But basically a cup of jun tea will content minerals and vitamins that can benefit the body. Furthermore, as any other kind of tea, jun tea consider to content high anti oxidant. Plus, the culture contain a good bacteria for the digestive system.

For more information on the benefits, below are some health benefits of jun tea.

1. Anti Oxidant

As any other tea, jun tea is rich with anti oxidant. Therefore, it will help with the problems of free radical effects such as uv radiation effects and air pollutant effects from vehicle. This is the same health benefits of aronia berry that works as anti oxidant too.

2. Anti Bacteria

Jun tea contain good bacteria for digestive. It will works as a good fighter of bad bacteria in the body. Therefore, it will help to avoid bacteria infection. Furthermore, it can help to manage the health.

3. Anti Aging

The tea also a good anti aging. By consume the tea, it can bring advantage to avoid early aging signs such as wrinkles and finelines. Therefore, it will result a younger look for the face and body. This is the same health benefits of collagen drink that help as an anti aging too.

4. Anti Inflammation

The health benefits of jun tea including to work as an anti inflammation. This can help to soothe any possibility of sore throat diseases and help to reduce pain due to inflammation.

5. Anti Cancer

Some people believe that the tea is able to help cell regeneration. Therefore, it will help to fight cancer cells. It can manage to cut off cancer cells nutrient and replace with the good cells.

6. Manage Cholesterol

Drinking jun tea also good to manage cholesterol level. Including to balance the content of LDL and HDL. Therefore, it can help to avoid the possibility of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke symptoms. This is the same health benefits of beet for cholesterol that help to manage cholesterol level inside the blood.

7. Manage Blood Pressure

Another benefit is to manage the blood pressure. Therefore, it is a good approach to avoid hypertension. Furthermore, it can reduce the blood tension too. 

8. Manage Blood Flow

Consume jun tea also good to manage the blood flow. Therefore, it can help to avoid blood cod and blood circulation problems.

9. Manage Blood Sugar

Jun tea also benefit to manage blood sugar level. Furthermore, it can help to lower down the blood sugar too. Therefore, it is good to avoid diabetic symptoms. This is the same health benefits of tumeric for diabetes.

10. Maintain Digestive

Jun tea fermentation result a good bacteria for the digestive system. It will works to optimize the intestinal bowel movement which will fasten digestive.

11. Improve Metabolism

Consume jun tea also help to improve body metabolism. It will increase metabolic rate. Therefore, it will stimulate the energy burning from the food into energy. Furthermore, it can avoid fat absorption and manage to absorb good nutrient into the body.

12. Weight Loss

Another advantage of consume the jun tea including to help with weight loss. As the tea high in fermentation and content good bacteria for the intestine, therefore, it will ease the weight loss. This is the same health benefits avocado weigh loss that help to reduce weight too.

How to Make Jun Tea

To prepare a homemade jun tea, the first ingredients to prepare is some green tea leaves. Otherwise it can also use a green tea bag. It is not really difficult.

  • The first step is by boiling some water into the pan.
  • After boil put on the tea leaves or tea bags.
  • Turn off the heat and wait until the water color change to a little bit brown.
  • Then, add some raw honey plus some yeast and put into the pot.
  • Wait until the tea getting cold before simmer it.
  • Normally keep it for several days until it is fermented.
  • Then, simmer the tea after that. Once the simmering is done, the tea is ready to serve into a cup.

Cautions and Recommendations

The same as many other tea or beverages, jun tea also have several effects. Therefore, when plan to consume the tea, it is better to report to the medical practitioner and have consultation first. Otherwise, pay attention to below points of recommendations:

  • Make sure not to have allergically reactions with any kind of tea, such as redness, itchiness, dizziness or nausea. Otherwise, it is suggested not to consume jun tea.
  • Raw honey and fermentation result might cause diarrhea. Therefore, make sure that the stomach is strong enough and not easily get ache when consume some sour beverage like jun tea. To deal with it try to eat some carbs before consuming the tea. Plus, drink it in proper portion only as necessary.
  • Pregnant woman shall avoid the tea to avoid the miscarriage possibility or any disturbance into the pregnancy.

Those are all the health benefits of jun tea for the body and digestive system. Try to consume the jun tea and feel the benefit. Furthermore, it is recommended to consume in proper function. Otherwise, if consume it too much, it can also bring some side effects which might be disturbing the digestive.