10 Amazing Health Benefits of Tea with Raspberry

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raspberryTea with raspberry may be familiar to you who are pregnant. Because indeed this health benefits of tea with raspberry is well known by pregnant women because of the great benefits for pregnant women. Raspberry leaf has been used as a medicine for hundreds and even thousands of years ago one of which has become a culture in native Australia. They use this herbal tea as a nectar to remove all health problems. Since 1940, when western health scientists have done research and found the fact that tea from raspberry has the benefit of a uterine tonic during pregnancy and childbirth, so since then tea with raspberry increasingly popular in the world community.

Lots of important substances in tea with raspberry which is very useful for our body health. Among others are:

  • Vitamin B complex
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Fiber
  • Pectin
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Salicylic acid
  • Kuramin

If you consume it regularly, then some of the benefits you can get include

  1. Natural biotic

Tea with raspberries is known as a natural antibiotic. When you have a fever, then drinking tea with raspberries is highly recommended because it can lower your fever temperature.

  1. Treating pain

The content of salicylic acid present in raspberries has a function as analgesic and diaphoretic. So it will be able to help reduce the pain in the body which is usually caused by fever.

  1. Treating anemia

Iron found in tea with raspberries can be very helpful to you who have anemia problem.

      4. Maintain cardio system

Drinking regularly with raspberry tea will be very good in maintaining your blood vessel system, which strengthens blood vessels and improves blood clotting. This is because of the contents of the curamine in it.

  1. Increase endurance

Vitamins, iron and also pectin in tea with raspberries play an important role in boosting the immune system.

  1. Increase fertility in women

The content of nutrients in tea with raspberries has been clinically tested can increase fertility for women.

  1. Easing the delivery process

The fragine substances present in tea with raspberries are believed to stimulate the delivery process more quickly through muscle strengthening of the uterine wall.

  1. Prevent constipation

Tea with raspberries has the function of making the stomach comfortable, stimulating the intestinal wall muscles to be able to contract so that the bowel process becomes smooth.

  1. Reduce inflammation

The anti-inflammatory properties of this drink can reduce the pain even cure arthritis disease.

  1. Caring for skin health

Many people use tea with raspberries to treat skin irritation. Because it has a high vitamin C and E content. these substances are very good for skin health


If you are a woman who is pregnant, in consuming health benefits of tea with raspberry is highly recommended to consult a doctor. This is because in general there is knowledge that tea with an inappropriate dosage will slightly disrupt the health of pregnant women such as causing headaches. But in general tea with raspberry safe for consumption by all people including women who are pregnant because it is very good for the health of women who are pregnant.