9 Powerful Benefits of Drinking Elderflower Tea

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Elderflowers, or also known as European elder, come from a small tree. This tree is native to specific areas in Europe. This tree makes small and white flowers that have a very strong fragrance and small berries. The berries are dark and have strong taste. The elderflowers can be made into tea by drying them and brewing them.

Elderflower tea has been used for a long time in German medicine. It is due to its antioxidant and antiviral properties. Hence, it is perfect for fighting cold, flu and their symptoms. It is also rich in vitamin C, so it is great for fighting premature aging.

Let’s find out these 9 powerful health benefits of drinking elderflower tea.

  • Curing Sinuses

Healthy sinuses can be supported by drinking an elderflower tea. Drinking elderflower tea may help you if you catch any ills or chills, especially in the allergy season. It helps reduce and stop runny noses due to its anti catarrhal properties.

Moreover, it also helps reduce the blocked up and “deafness” you get because of too much mucus in your sinuses. If you’re prone to chronic sinuses, then try drinking elderflower tea.

  • Managing Fever

Elderflower tea commonly supports a healthy immune system. It is usually served along with peppermint and thyme.

Elderflower tea has active properties within the flower which induce sweating by working on the sweat gland activity. This results in promoting a fever.

Surprisingly, when the elderflower tea is heated, it will help promote a fever and sweating, but in a cold infusion. As a result, it cools you down.

  • Rich in Anti-inflammatory

Both the leaves and flowers of elderflower are helpful to impart anti-inflammatory properties. This will be helpful for you, especially when you are feeling sick, suffering from seasonal allergies or looking for the way to reduce anti-inflammation in your lifestyle, such as consuming too much processed food or alcohol.

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The anti-inflammatory properties can be traced back to the presence of ursolic acid, which is found within the plant.

  • Great for Your Skin

If you’re in the mid-30’s and you are worried about getting wrinkled skin, then start considering drinking elderflower tea. Make it as a habit and you will get the result!

Elderflower tea is rich in phenols which are present in the shrub. As a result, the tea acts as a natural anti-aging remedy as well.

  • Boost Immune System

Boosting immune system is really needed right now. There are a lot of things you can do to upgrade your immune system.

Try drinking elderflower tea as one of them. Elderflower tea is perfect for you who get weak immune system. It is because of the anti-viral properties and the high content of vitamin C.

  • Controlling Diabetes

Your blood sugar and cholesterol levels can be checked that there was a compound that works together with the compound system. Besides, elderflower tea also has the potential to enhance the metabolism of the glucose and insulin excretion.

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  • Support Healthy Blood Supply

Elderflower tea can be used as a tonic as it supports a healthy blood supply. It acts as a cold infusion so that it can help the detoxification pathways and in particular help to deal with constipation.

Healthy blood supply is related to skin health too. When your blood supply is healthy, then you may be able to get healthy skin.

When the waste products cannot be eliminated from the body via bowel and kidneys, then they try to go out by the skin. Fortunately, elderflower tea can help support the process of eliminating those waste and provide healthier skin.

  • Curing Cold and Flu

Curing cold and flu may be the most common use of dried elderflower tea as it has been used for this role in the age-old traditions.

Elderflower tea is rich in vitamin C which plays an important role in curing the flu virus. You can get rid of the symptoms, such as sneezing, fever and rhinorrhea during the early stage.

Moreover, you can also drink elderflower tea as a detox therapy. Drink it 3 times a day as it can promote blood circulation and sweating in patients. You can also combine drinking elderflower tea with some other tea for detoxification, such as cherry blossom tea. Read more about it in health benefits of cherry blossom tea.

  • Anti-inflammation

Elderflower tea has anti-inflammation properties as it has phenols in it. When you consume elderflower tea, you may get relief from respiratory tract inflammation. You can feel less to no discomfort after drinking this herbal tea.

If you love drinking herbal tea like elderflower tea, you can consider drinking some other herbal tea. It is natural so that it is safe for your health. Also read health benefits of pineapple tea and health benefits of marigold tea. Sip the tea and get all the health benefits in your hands.