Wonderful Health Benefits of Darjeeling Green Tea for Detoxing Your Body

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If you are feeling tired, having a dull skin or digestive problems, it is a the right time for you to go for a detox. For many years, Darjeeling green tea has been known for its amazing benefits in detoxing the body. Darjeeling green tea is a kind of premium quality green tea grown in the foothills of the Himalayas in India.

Health Benefits of Darjeeling Green Tea

Darjeeling green tea is packed with natural polyphenols, called catechins, that support the body’s normal detox system. Polyphenols have a direct impact on the liver, the major detox organ. In addition, they are also antioxidants which attack free radicals that can cause several illness and diseases. Darjeeling green tea also contains L-Theanine, potassium, and small amount of caffeine.

1. Boost Energy Levels

Detoxing effects of Darjeeling green tea will make your body more energized. The excess toxins in the body causing sluggish feeling during the day. By removing excess toxins, your energy levels will increase and keep you vigorous all day. Here are more about the Health Benefits of Pu-Erh Tea

2. Better-looking Skin

Antioxidants are the great force that battles aging. They seek out the free radicals that result from pollution, environmental changes, stress, bad food, etc. and help prevent damage to your cells.

By protecting your cells and DNA, your skin looks younger and fresher. At the same time, unseen to you, your cells are also being protected from certain types of cancer.

Diet and environmental toxins undeniably affect skin. By supporting the body in the removal of free radicals, heavy metals and other toxins, you will help to improve the appearance of your skin. Here are more about the Incredible Benefits of Jin Jun Mei Tea for Stronger Bones

3. Fights Bad Foot Odor

Bad foot odor can be caused by the type of shoes you use, the heat or just a hormonal issue, but there is something you can do about it.

Fill your teapot with water and brew a few Darjeeling green tea leaves. Once it cools a bit, pour the tea in a spacious container and let your feet soak for about 10 minutes. The presence of tannins will help your feet smell better! Here are more about the 7 Incredible Health Benefits of Chinese Tie Guan Yin tea

4. Weight Control 

The perfect combination of caffeine and antioxidants in Darjeeling green tea allows you to lose body fat much faster and in a healthier way.

The caffeine will help give you energy to work out as physical exercise is key to getting back into shape, and the antioxidants will help boost your metabolism so that food is better digested and wasted if eliminated faster from your body.

5. Reduce Inflammation

Diet is an important aspect of detox.  By supporting your digestive system through eating a diet of whole foods packed full of the nutrients your body needs, you will help to reduce inflammation that contributes to a host of problems.

6. Strengthen Your Immune System

After your detoxification, your body will have better digestive and lymphatic function.  Both of these are key to a strong and balanced immune system.

7. Healthy Heart and Low Cholesterol

Drinking this green tea on a daily basis may help lower blood pressure due to polyphenols present in the tea. Of course, it is important to drink it without sugar, but you will find that this tea does not need sugar as its flavor is amazing on its own.

Lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol levels is also very important to maintaining a healthy heart, so drink Darjeeling green tea and let the antioxidants attack cholesterol and it prevent the formation plaque that clog and block arteries.

8. Prevent Type II Diabetes

Green tea helps to regulate your blood sugar levels; this means that it has the ability to improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensibility, which will help you prevent type II diabetes.

9. Ward Off Flu Symptoms

Waking up sneezing and with a temperature is always a bad sign. In order to avoid getting worse, prepare yourself a cup of green tea as soon as you start feeling sick, to fight the bacteria and microbes that are keeping you down.

The high amount of antioxidants and polyphenols will give your immune system a boost and help you fight cold symptoms and the flu. Take it with a bit of honey for a sore throat. Here are more about the Amazing Health Benefits of Da Hong Pao

10. Improved Mood and Mental Health

Toxins and free radicals that accumulate in the body can also affect brain function. By removing the accumulations interfering with your mental and emotional state, you will open yourself up to better sleep, clear thought and positive energy.

As with any green tea, it contains a moderate amount of caffeine that helps you maintain your cognitive function. At the same time, this tea also contains the amino acid L-Theanine that will help you feel calmer and less stressed. It’s the perfect balance between energy and calm.

Right Amount of Darjeeling Green Blend One should Drink 

It is true that caffeine content in green blends is low but it is not good to drink more than 3 cups every day. You can drink green brew at night if you had the last cup around 2 hours before going to bed. It is because caffeine and warmth absorption is faster and hence, it will lead to more urination during night and will help in burning fat while sleeping.

Which is the correct time to sip Darjeeling green brew?

To reap the maximum benefit of this blend, you should consume it at least 2 hours after or before any meal. Another very important thing you should never forget is that you should not drink Darjeeling green brew immediately after waking up. However, drinking green brew after a few hours of eating improves well-being and mood. Do you know why this is so? It is body absorbs the caffeine in green tea.

Although Darjeeling green blends are not as rich in caffeine as coffee or tea, still it boosts up energy. So, consuming green tea after food enables the body to absorb caffeine and nutrients of the blend. Why should you wait for 2 hours after having meal to drink green brew?

The benefit is that catechins in green tea will not react with casein proteins which you might have consumed at the time of breakfast. Casein is slow-releasing protein found in animal proteins and milk which fill up your appetite for a long time. Drink Darjeeling green tea as it is without adding any sugar or milk. It tastes amazing and also keeps you healthy and alert. That’s all about the health benefits of darjeeling green tea.