Health Benefits of Cancer Bush and Rooibos Tea – Super Tea Blend

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Have you heard about miracle elixir, a kind of beverage that could magically treat several light and chronic diseases at the same time? Well, recently the popularity of rooibos tea blends made of cancer bush and rooibos is increasing. Those two bush plants are originated from Africa and have been used traditionally for over centuries as home remedy to treat fever up to chicken pox. Now you could enjoy the blend in a cup of tasty and fresh tea beverage.

What Are Cancer Bush and Rooibos?

Cancer bush has scientific name Sutherlandia frutescens while rooibos has scientific name Aspalathus linearis. Each of them has its own health benefits, like the health benefits of cancer bush to treat stomach problems like diarrhea while rooibos is commonly consumed as herbal tea to treat light fever due to its high content of vitamin C but unlike other types of tea, rooibos contains zero caffeine. Now, the combination of benefits of rooibos and cancer bush could be consumed in one rooibos tea blends.

Nutritional Values of Cancer Bush and Rooibos

When talking about the nutritional values of rooibos, the first thing that crosses your mind is the vitamin C benefits because rooibos tea is excellent source of vitamin C. Moreover, cancer bush is excellent to boost immunity, so the combination is great for recovery. More information about the health benefits of cancer bush and rooibos tea could be seen from the list below:

  1. Excellent Source of Vitamin C

The main benefit of rooibos tea is this herbal tea is rich of vitamin C. vitamin C is one of the essential vitamin required for body metabolism.

  1. Natural Immunity Booster

The vitamin C content found in cancer bush and rooibos tea blend are excellent for immune system. Along with other types of antioxidants like polyphenols, this rooibos tea blend is excellent to boost immunity.

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Once a person is suffering the symptoms of high blood pressure, finding the solution immediately is highly recommended. The cancer bush and rooibos tea blend could work as vasodilator to help reducing or lowering the blood pressure level.

  1. Insomnia Remedy

There are a lot of health benefits of drinking herbal tea before bed and one of them is as insomnia remedy. However, you should be careful because most of herbal teas also contain caffeine, except cancer bush and rooibos tea which is caffeine-free.

  1. May Help Controlling the Blood Sugar Level

Once a person is diagnosed with certain types of diabetes, there is no easy way to deal with the condition. However, there is one delicious way to help controlling the level of blood sugar by consuming cancer bush and rooibos tea blend regularly.

  1. Great for Digestion

The anti-inflammatory properties found in cancer bush and rooibos tea blend are effective to help treating some digestive conditions, especially stomach pain. Moreover, rooibos tea also contains antispasmodic agent which could help easing up stomach cramp.

  1. Prevents Diarrhea

Among the locals, how to prevent diarrhea naturally is by consuming herbal tea made of rooibos plant. In other words, the cancer bush and rooibos tea is also excellent blend to treat diarrhea.

  1. Relieves Respiratory Conditions

According to some scientific studies, rooibos tea blend could act as bronchodilator which could escalate the airflow to lung, so you could breathe in easier way. In other words, consuming warm cancer bush and rooibos tea blend could help treating some light respiratory conditions like nasal congestion.

  1. May Reduce the Symptoms of Allergies

There are a lot of types of allergies and cancer bush and rooibos tea blend are able to reduce the symptoms of allergies like eczema and hay fever due to its phenolic content. As mentioned in the previous point, this herbal tea is also excellent to reduce the symptoms of asthma by reducing the effect of allergy.

  1. Rich of Antioxidants

Well, the fact that both cancer bush and rooibos tea blend is rich of antioxidants have been proven scientifically. Vitamin C itself is a potent antioxidant along with polyphenols and other active compounds found in this healthy herbal blend.

  1. Improves Fertility

The fact that cancer bush and rooibos tea blend could help improving fertility have been proven by the locals. Though perhaps, further studies to support this claim is strongly required.

  1. Relieves Stress and Anxiety

One of the amazing benefits of herbal tea is relieving stress and anxiety. Cancer bush and rooibos tea is no exception. This kind of tea blend contains some active compound to help patients with symptoms of depression to reduce the symptom. However, to avoid the negative interaction, consulting it with your doctor is highly recommended.

  1. Cure Headaches

There are a lot of people out there who find it difficult to treat their headache because of their endurance toward several pain killers. If you are looking for natural solution to cure headache, just keep a box of cancer bush and rooibos tea blend and make a cup of it whenever you need to eliminate your headache.

  1. Promotes Healthy Skin

Aside from antioxidant content that could optimize the skin cell regeneration, cancer bush and rooibos tea blend also contain two active compounds that are effective to promote healthy skin; they are Zinc and Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

  1. Prevents Premature Aging

Not only promoting healthy skin, consuming cancer bush and rooibos tea blend regularly is also able to prevent premature aging and remove fine lines. For optimal result, you could use the dried tea as herbs to exfoliate your dull skin.

Cautions of Cancer Bush and Rooibos Tea

As herbal beverage, there are a lot of health benefits of rooibos tea for health especially when it is blended with cancer bush. However, some cautions below are also important for you to know.

  • Due to its vitamin C content and potent ability of cancer bush to boost immunity, there are some claims that stated that the tea blend is good for HIV patients. A study conducted Stellenbosch University revealed that the active compounds found in cancer bush may cause more severe neuro-inflammation for HIV patients.
  • Moreover about the contents found in rooibos tea is that it may have negative reaction toward chemotherapy. So, though it is rich of antioxidants but it is not recommended to be consumed by cancer patients who are in chemotherapy.
  • Rooibos tea also contains estrogenic properties that could affect the hormone-related diseases. So, mothers during pregnancy or breastfeeding should avoid consuming this tea blend.

There are a lot of options of herbal tea you could choose for the sake of your benefits and people just find out about the health benefits of cancer bush and rooibos tea blend; that is why it is super popular today. However, you should know your current condition as well whether you need it or not.