12 Benefits of Taking Green Tea Extract and Its Cautions

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Green tea is not only good for our health, but the usage in culinary is also increasing. Green tea flavor firstly comes from Japan which we called matcha. Green tea introduced to the world as sushi compliment. However, it is not just a simple complement.

Green tea is well known in burning fat since it contains unbelievable amount of beneficial antioxidants. All of you may know that green tea is healthy, however, do you really know the healthy benefit of green tea. Green tea extract is its concentrated form; therefore, the extract have been credited with a range of benefits of taking green tea extract.

Facts about green tea

  • Green tea flavor in ice cream is one of the favorite flavor in Japan
  • Green tea can be used as natural odor remover in room or clothes cabinet
  • Green tea are spices in culinary world.
  • Sugar will not destroy the nutrients hold in green tea
  • Green tea holds green color since it is not fermented unlike other kind of tea

Nutrition in green tea extract

Green tea is one of the world’s healthiest drink and contains lots of antioxidants than any tea. 20-45% of polyphenols are found inside it, of which 60-80% are catechins such as EGCG. Catechins are useful to prevent cell damage.

Besides that, it also contains alkaloids, few calories and various vitamins, vitamin A, D, E, C, B, B5, H and K. Rich in Manganese, green tea extract also provides other beneficial minerals as Zinc, Chromium, and Selenium. Although it contains caffeine, but it is very low compared to other kinds of tea.

  1. Good for heart

You know what? Antioxidants inside green tea extract could decrease inflammation and reduce blood pressure. Besides that, it is good in fat absorption, helping those who are in their diet. High blood pressure and high blood fat levels are the risk for heart disease, then, by consuming it may promote heart health. You might also want to know Most Frequent Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women

  1. Improve liver function

Catechins contained in green tea extract may help inflammation caused by liver disease. Scientifically proved, green tea extract reduce liver enzyme significantly and improving the health of sick liver. However, taking green tea extract may not over the suggestion dosage since exceeding it may cause harm to the liver. Another reference is  Health Benefits of Tea for Liver

  1. Prevent cancer

Cancer is caused by abnormal tissue and cell growing inside your body. Taking green tea extract may replace the abnormal cells with an active and healthy ones. Green tea extract contains antioxidant called EGCG has the main role in balancing the production and death of cells.

By scientific study, we know that the probability of developing cancer was 3% for person who consumes green tea daily.

  1. Control diabetes

Controlling blood sugar is one of green tea extract main role. Green tea has been shown to help regulate glucose. Research shows that almost 10% of people in United States suffer from diabetes, and mostly of them consumes green tea extract to help controlling their blood sugar. Rather than reducing the consumption of sugar at all, it is better if we can balance it by consuming green tea extract. Read also Benefits of Bitter Gourd for Diabetes

  1. Good for weight loss

It is the most effective way in losing weight. EGCG increases metabolism and fat oxidation while inhibiting fat cell development. Green tea extract also releases energy in break down complex material. Besides that, catechin increases thermogenesis and fat oxidation.

Most athletes consume green tea extract to relax their mind and maintain their body before competition day. Even nutritionist also suggest their patients to consume green tea extract more in helping their diet program.

  1. Prevent cavities occurrence

Since green tea controls the growing of bacteria and lower the acid level in our saliva, green tea extract is a useful tool in preventing cavities. This has been scientifically proved effective.

It also helps in preventing tooth decay. Antioxidants inside green tea extract seem to help control gum disease; such as, sprue and others. Mostly, those who consume green tea daily had healthier gums and never suffered from gum disease.

  1. Bad breath

Stress because having a bad breath? Well, green tea can become one of your best solution. Green tea works for better smelling breath. Mostly, because it kills microbes that caused bad smell to our mouth.

Since green tea has been proven to outcast bad breath, many kinds of candy has been made available in green tea flavor. You should know Scientific Health Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing

  1. Radiate skin

Green tea improves the complexion of the skin and makes it radiate. It flushes the toxic out from the skin, heals black spot and scar. You might also know Benefits of Applying Olive Oil on Baby Skin.

  1. Whitening tanned skin

Antioxidant inside green tea extract reacts by cooling skin and treating sun tan and skin blemishes. When we are exposing too long under the sunlight, melanin pigment in our skin will act as a shield toward UV light.

However, the side effect are redness and stinging sensation toward the skin that later will tan our skin. Green tea is proven effective in whitening tanned skin.


Side Effects of Green Tea Extract

There are many benefits of taking green tea extract but avoid consuming green tea extract more than usual dosage since taking everything excessively may have a side effect toward our body.

  1. Stomach

After you consume green tea extract in an excessive way, probably your stomach will react. All of it caused by caffeine. Although, it may consist small amount of caffeine, caffeine increases the amount of acid involved in digestion process.

  1. Blocks absorption of iron and cause anemia

A study proves that consuming too much green tea could lead to iron deficiency and anemia. Tannins in green tea blocks the absorption of iron from food and vitamins. However, there is a solution toward this problem. Consuming it together with lemon water may counter this problem.

  1. Headache

Headache caused by caffeine inside green tea. Another issues that will cause headache is iron deficiency. Apart from headache, it likely will cause dizziness. Maximum dosage of green tea we may consume is approximately 9, 9 grams per day.

  1. Insomnia

We all know that caffeine would cause insomnia. If this happens to you, you may start to control the consumption of green tea or it is better if you stop consuming it for a while. Discuss it with your doctor if this continue for a long time.

  1. Irregular heartbeat

Caffeine stimulates irregular heartbeat, causes it to beat faster than regular rhythm. This condition called tachycardia in medical term. You may feel as if your heart is pounding in your chest. You may notice your heartbeat at this time that you never feel before. Furthermore, this could lead to chest pain or angina.

  1. Vomiting and lose appetite

Be careful in consuming green tea for it may trigger nausea and vomiting. Caffeine may cause harm to our body; therefore, you should consider the intake amount of it. Suggested amount of caffeine is 300 to 400 mg a day.

  1. Diarrhea

If you are still new in consuming green tea, diarrhea might occur. The only way to stop this is to reduce the consumption. Remember to never drink it in an empty stomach. Instead, having tea along with a full meal; especially, fatty food. That’s because food inside your stomach may reduce the pain caused by caffeine toward your stomach.

Doctors recommended to have green tea in the afternoon or evening, then, the side effect will less likely happen. However, don’t worry since severe diarrhea case never happen when consuming it excessively. If it happens, consult directly with your doctor.

  1. Heartburn

Heartburn can become too stressful if it happens for a long time. Green tea is acidic and it may cause irritation in esophageal lining. The condition might be worsen if somebody has suffered from heartburn before. Green tea extract might be harmful to you since it also contains acid. Look over the label carefully before buying the right supplement and choose the one that contains low level of acid.

  1. Bleeding abnormality

You might never believe this. However, this may also happen when we consume green tea in an excessive way. Caffeine increases the risk of bleeding disorder. Therefore, patients with bleeding disorder better avoid taking it. Moreover, mixing green tea with aspirin is a wrong way that never suggested by medical for it might cause the blood hardly clotting.

  1. Osteoporosis

Who knows that green tea might also cause harm to the bones. Caffeine inhibits calcium absorption caused leaching effect on calcium levels in the bone temporarily. However, long term consumption may lead to disease, likely, osteoporosis. Caffeine also affects the mineral content and thickness of the bones.

  1. Skin allergies

The most common allergy caused by green tea is skin allergy. A tingling sensation might occur to some body parts; such as, face, lips, tongue and even in the throat.

Those are the benefits of taking green tea extract in our life. You should know the benefits before taking any supplements since some supplements might cause bad effect to our body.