Health Benefits of White Borneo Kratom – Side Effects and Recommendation

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Indonesia, known abroad as a heaven of biodiversity both plants and animals. In Indonesia, still have widely tropical rain forest in sumatra and borneo, where is the plants and animals living on.

Based of Information Center in 2010, Indonesia have 30.000 species of plants (around 80% of world’s plants) and 940 species have benefit as medicinal plants, amount of 90% Asian medicinal plants.

From many types of medicinal plants, only 20-22% are cultivated by now, and around 78% on proceed of forest’s exploration. Indonesia have large potential of medicinal plants, it’s important to support medicinal industry by delivering of raw material of the medicinal plants.

Borneo kratom is one of local plants from Borneo that have benefit for medicinal purpose. It looks like unfamiliar for common people, but for citizen of Borneo, especially West Borneo, it’s familiar plants for daily life. But some centuries ago, this plants commonly used in daily life in the citizen of Southern Thailand and Northern Malaysia.

Kratom is included in coffee plants family (Rubiaceae family), which has scientific name Mitragyna speciosa, also known as Purik leaves or Ketum. Kratom has been used as a painkiller medicine. It can be eaten raw leaves directly, or brewed like tea, or even produced to be capsules, tablets, powder, and liquid. This leaves have different with other psycho or narcotic, likely benefits of Lorazepam for anxiety.

But in recently, this leaves often misused as an illegal drugs, because it has similar effects to cocaine and opium. And now related agency establishes kratom leaves as new type of narcotic medicines.

Now we can see the benefits of white Borneo kratom below, the nutrient inside and caution of usage this leaves.

Nutrient Value of White Borneo Kratom

As we know before, that Borneo kratom have many health benefits for human. As a herb, this leaves often used in medication proceed in the Borneo. Chewing the kratom leaves used to done to produce energy as like drinking coffee and as traditional medicine to cure the disease such as diarrhea till pain/ache.

In low doses, kratom leaves give some stimulant’s effects. The main active ingredients are mitraginin alkaloids and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which gives effects such as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxant; so that is use to relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia frequently.

It’s a condition which occurred intolerance of stress and pain that usually shows a pain/ache on body, insomnia, and fatigue. But if kratom leaves uses in high doses (about 10-25 grams or more), would give sedative effects like narcotics. Even a legal authority states that excessive consumption of kratom leaves could have cause of psychotic symptoms and psychological addiction.

Here more health benefits of White Borneo Kratom:

  • Healing for drugs addiction

On some rehabilitation center, kratom leaves often uses in detoxification process on drug addicts. It has purpose to excrete the poison of morphine or opium, so it can overcome of drugs addiction.

  • To cure of diarrhea disease

Alkaloids content of kratom leaves have capability of antibacterial on digestive system.

  • Improving immune system

Having antioxidant substance, make kratom leaves increase the response of our immune system. So it’ll strengthen our immune system against bacteria or virus. 

  • Lowering risk of hypertension/high blood pressure

Kratom leaves have spesific alkaloids (ephycatekin) will reduce the risk of hypertension. It supports by lately research states these substance have function lowering risk of hypertension.

  • Gaining extra energy and endurance

Chewing the leaves, can increases the energy and endurance levels. Person who consume it, would be fell excited and fresh to do many activities.

  • As a painkiller treatment

Having sedative effects, can used of painkiller treatment such as muscle ache. That’s very effective medication for anyone who get unbearable pain.

  • As a relaxant for phsycological disorder

Mitragyne is one of type alkaloids in Borneo kratom. Mitragyne have efficacy for depression treatment, anxiety, and other phsycological disorder. Also benefits of medication give the effects too

  • Sexual stimulants

As it said that Borneo kratom have stimulant and sedative effects, which is can control someone’s one. These efects can affect sexual desire, is having sex more longer.

Warning of White Borneo Kratom

There are many health benefits of White Borneo Kratom, it helps us to keep our health. Consuming the kratom leaves, it’s not without side effects but it needs to be concern ’bout the how much we consume are and what we will feel after that.

1. Become more addicted

It would have happened if consumption of kratom leaves regularly in certain period. Overdose, is condition when someone stopping consume it suddenly and he/she is become addicted. Fatigue, nausea, vomiting, mood swings, delusion, hallucinations, even bad conditions is seizures, tremor.

2. Having fatal interaction with others phsycomatic medicine

Many type of Borneo kratom’s posology; capsule, tablet, etc. With those posology, the kratom possible to mix with another medicine, mainly phsycomatic medicine, might have gave bad interactions. Health authorities state that taking kratom together with phsycomatic medicine, it will rise a new symptom.

3. Possibility of overdoses

Fairly traded in the traditional market, making kratom easily to buy of anyone. But withouting established dosage, it possible to have overdoses usage. Nausea, sluggish, tremor, delusion, hallucination are symptom of kratom’s overdoses.

Recommendation Intake of White Borneo Kratom

Indonesia’ Health Ministry has been established the Borneo kratom as a New Psychoactive Substances (NPS). It gives similar effects with opioat and morphine.

Kratom leaves still emerge controversial discussion, because of its side effects. Continuous usage of kratom, gives effect of addiction, anorexia, and insomnia. With correct doses of usage, it will give more benefits than its adverse effects. Taking over 10-25 mg of kratom leaves, might give more side effects than the benefits. Find the legal product of it, so we can consume it safely because doses have been established for patient. Like benefits of salt inhalation which can use for human.