10 Insane Health Benefits of Kvass Fruits #Rich of Probiotic

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Have ever any of you know what is kvass? Most people might not really familiar with this thing. This is common, since kvass is a Slavic fermented traditional beverage and not easily to find nowadays. Therefore, the best way to get this item is that we should come to the country.

Of course, in eastern Europe it is quite familiar. Not only taste well, but there also some benefits of kvass fruit. Well, looking at the ingredients, most of you will feel familiar with the benefit of fruits for the body and immune system.

Kvass fruit usually fermented from rye bread. In Ukraine and Rusia usually it using black bread to fermented. Why the color is different? Because it can affect the final color of the kvass itself. Therefore, no wonder if in each country have their own kvass color and taste. The original of kvass is depends on the country. Not to mention the kind of fruit added to bring more flavor on it. We can pick strawberry, lemon or grape. It might depends on the fruit seasons. Some county even add raisins or herbs in it. That wouldn’t be a matter since it can bring another health to this beverage.

This drink is classified as non alcohol content even it is fermented. This is due to the alcohol content inside is so low, about 1% only. Therefore, it is more light than a beer. However, it is not recommended to give to the children. Since any contain of alcohol might give effect to the children.

Nutrition Value of Kvass Fruits

Kvass fruit content many nutrients. It can not be specific for each beverage, since the ingredients may vary. But in general, in content rye which is a good source of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus, amino acid and pantothenate. Beside those vitamins, the beverages also content lactic acid and sugars. Therefore, it can see that the beverage brings many benefits.

For more details on the benefit, below are some benefits of kvass fruits:

1. Source of Probiotic

Since the drink is fermented. Therefore, it is content probiotic that can benefit the intestinal inside the body. This will lead to the optimize absorption of nutrients inside the body. It is also maintain intestinal health and eliminate candida from intestinal area.

2. Good For Digestion

Fruits are rich with fibers. Therefore, it is a good way to help with the digestive system. It can maintain digestive metabolism and help to eliminate fat from the body. This is the same as health benefits blending fruits and vegetables.

3. Avoid Lactose Intolerant

Another benefits of kvass fruits including to avoid lactose intolerant. Therefore, it helps people with allergically historical. Furthermore, it helps to control the lactose metabolism of the body.

4. Clean The Liver

Too many alcohol can be bad for the liver. But in the other way, some enough content will help to clean the liver. It help to avoid disease and clean any bacteria left in the liver. Therefore, it is good to consume this beverage daily. This is the same health benefits of pork liver

5. Blood Tonic

The content of betalite inside kvass can help to create red blood cell. Therefore, it is good as a blood tonic by alkalizing the blood.

6. Anti-Cancer

The drink also known to have anti-cancer. It help to avoid the growth of cancer cell and stimulate the growth of good cell in the body. This is the same benefits of curcumin.

7. Boost Immunity

The content of high vitamin C will help to boost the body immunity. Therefore, it can help the body to avoid various diseases.

8. Avoid Cardiovascular Disease

Another health benefits of kvass fruits is to avoid cardiovascular disease such as heart attack or stroke. Since it help to maintain the fat levels in the blood circulation. This is the same benefits of running for cardiovascular health.

9. Maintain Healthy Skin

The vitamin E inside the fruits can help to maintain a healthy skin and avoid skin inflammation such as eczema or acne. Therefore, it can result some smooth and silky skin.

10. Anti Oxidant

Another health benefits of kvass fruits including as an anti-oxidant which can handle the effect of free radical. This is the same health benefits of almond tea

Recommended Intake of Kvass Fruits

It is quite easy to prepare some homemade kvass fruits. Therefore, try to serve it by following below steps:

  1. Prepare some jars, depends on many kinds of kvass you want to made, in example 3 jars.
  2. Throw some fruit inside the jar, in example berries, grape and strawberry in each jar.
  3. Put some oranges cuts in each of the jar.
  4. Put some apples and kiwi too. Imagine preparing some infused water. The ingredients may vary depends on your favorite fruits.
  5. After that, sprinkle one teaspoon of salt.
  6. Add some whey, but this is optional.
  7. Fill the jar with waters. Remember to give some space for fermentation process. Therefore, so not fill it up, left about 3-5 cm from top of jar.
  8. Cover the jar tightly and placed under a towel.
  9. Everyday remember to shale the jar, loose the cap for letting out the gases.
  10. After several days strain the fruits.
  11. Put them in the refrigerator.
  12. After it is cool, it is ready to serve. You can put some tablespoon in a glass and mix with water.

Side Effects of Kvass Fruits

Like any other beverages, it is not only bring benefits, but there are also some side effects. Therefore, it is suggested to check out below points when consuming kvass fruits:

  1. It is not suggested to consume by diabetic patient since it contain sugar that may lead to high sugar blood level.
  2. Pregnant woman shall avoid this drink since there is a possibility of miscarriage.
  3. Avoid to consume it in an empty stomach to avoid upset stomach or heartburn.

Adding kvass fruits as daily beverages might be good for the body. But remember not to consume it too many. For a better result to the health, do some exercise. The combination of healthy food and healthy life style will produce a better way of life.