20 Health Benefits of Arak Drink – Moderate Drinking

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Arak is one alcoholic beverage with its own unique taste and aroma. Arak, just like other alcohol beverages is widely consumed for fun or pleasure. There are numerous kinds of arak spread all throughout the globe.

The term “Arak” comes from the Arabic word meaning “perspiration.” Arak originates from north Middle East, in areas such as the Levant and Turkey. Middle Eastern arak has a clear, colourless appearance with a distilled yet unsweetened anise-flavour.

However in Indonesia, the Chinese will be likely be your top of mind when you hear about the word “arak.” The Chinese had a vital role in the invention and use of arak, in which they call it “jiu” using their language. Meanwhile several types of arak, such as grape arak or otherwise known as fruit arak, medicinal arak (yao jiu), yellow arak (huang jiu), as well as the white arak (bai jiu). However out of those variety the type of arak that we will discuss here is the white arak.

White arak has a more intense alcohol concentration compared to the yellow arak. White arak itself is made of distilled and leavened grains. While then, several notable kinds of white arak include Mao Tai, Fen Jiu plus Yanghe Da Qu. Apart from direct consumption white arak is also popular for cooking. Another refreshing alcoholic beverage is the margarita, and these are the health benefits margaritas.

Advantages of White Arak

Did you know that apart from its usage in direct consumption or cooking, white arak also has healthy advantages? Here they are the health benefits of arak drink:

  1. Accelerates Blood Flow

It improves blood flow which reduces the risk to suffer from life threatening diseases such as stroke.

  1. Cures Rashes

White arak soothes rash by mixing arak with some salt, steam it for five minutes and apply into the affected area by mild dabbing the liquid.

  1. Keeps Wounds Sterile

Thought to be an effective disinfectant to treat wound (as an external medication).

  1. Keeps You Warm

There are many surprising health benefits of arak drink. Its alcoholic trait keeps you warm and beneficial for cold weather.

  1. Strengthens your Body

White arak makes you stronger and healthier as you consume it regularly.

  1. Strengthens the Heart as Well

If you wish to have a stronger heart, perhaps you can consider white arak. This alcoholic drink enhances the heart in pumping and distributing blood throughout the whole body, which is how the heart gets stronger. These are the 78 heart attack symptoms.

  1. Prevents Nervous Clotting

The white arak prevents nervous disruption or clotting thanks to the substances that compose it, which also allows better flow of blood into the brain. If blood flow is well, so is the rest of the nerves.

  1. Can be remade into a formula for other medications.

Apart from the ones above, there are other benefits of arak unmentioned, if consumed at moderate levels. These are the other advantages of arak.

  1. Treats Sleeping Disorders

If you have insomnia or cannot sleep easily, the white arak works for you. The substances inside it helps you to anticipate and relax yourself in order to fall asleep.

  1. As a Stress Relief

Arak or alcohol in general have the potential to bring you away from some of these health risks of stress.

  1. Heals Acne

Acne is one of the largest turnoffs of beauty and facial aesthetics. Drinking white arak cleanses your face from dryness, dirt as well as acne.

  1. Clears the Skin

Not only in providing you good health, white arak or bai jiu also turns out to do good for the skin! If you have been dreaming of a moist skin, white arak can turn a dry skin into a moist one.

Disadvantages of White Arak

Despite having those positive traits above, white arak also shares some harms with other alcoholic drinks, and here they are.

  1. Organic Mental Disorder (OMD)

Organic Mental Disorder or also known as OMD causes a change in attitude, such as delirium, dementia, aggression, bad temper, which leads to social problems with his or her surroundings. At the same time these changes are further supported by cockeye, red face and staggering.

  1. Ruins the Memory Capabilities

Excessive alcohol prohibits growth of memory and brain cells, which can further lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Cerebral Oedema

Cerebral oedema is the swelling of brain cells that cause the brain coordination to work abnormally and limit the flow of oxygen inside, due to intense trauma experienced by the brain.

  1. Liver Cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is the organ-wide inflammation of liver cells to be followed by the death of those cells caused by excessive drinking. It can also lead to liver failure when improperly treated.

If you bound to have liver dysfunction due to intense drinking, see these 10 best fast way to detox liver after several years of drinking before it gets too late.

  1. Coronary Problems

Excessive drinking also ruins the heart in one way or another. 

  1. Gastritis

Gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach and injury involving its walls, characterized by vomiting because of alcohol. That vomit takes place because of the overwhelming effort done by the stomach to release toxic additives from the body.

  1. Paranoia

Due to addiction, often heavy drinkers feel like their head is being banged by another object or inability to stay calm (paranoia). That paranoia triggers the person’s attitude to be violent towards his or her surroundings.

  1. Drunkenness

Drunkenness tops the list of the harms caused by heavy drinking. Heavy drinking makes someone lose consciousness as well as control over themselves.

Suggestions of Arak Drink Consumption

  1. Consume white arak not more than a glass per day.
  2. Do not consume as part of a meal.
  3. Do not mix it with coffee or other kinds of caffeine
  4. Not suitable for those below 17.
  5. Refrain from drinking if you have religious objections.

Those are the considerable advantages and disadvantages of arak. Remember, alcohol brings you good, but it can turn out the opposite unexpectedly. So, drink responsibly! To learn more, here is the other 41 health effects of alcohol.