12 Unexpected Birch Sap Water Benefits for Health

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Birch sap water, as its name suggests originates from the birch tree. Despite its rather high cost, it has become a staple for beverages as well as natural remedy. Birch sap water has a rather high level of acidity of PH8-9, with the following other contents.

  • 12,30-17,40g of sucrose that gives birch sap water a sweet flavor.
  • 0,11-0,41g of ash
  • Protein that function as a supplement to build muscles and body cells to ensure immunity.
  • 16-30g of ascorbic acid
  • Fibre that accelerates and improves digestion
  • Amino acid
  • Vitamin A (By the way, these are also the other 15 vitamin A benefits aside for eyesight.

While then you can make these creations out of birch sap water, here are the birch sap water benefits:

  1. Refreshing Beverage

The first enjoyable product of birch sap water is the beverage that you can make out of it. It is best enjoyed during hot weather, especially if you add some ice cubes to it to make it even more fresh and cooling.

  1. White Sugar

Birch sap water has a relatively high PH level, which may not be suitable for sugar as it is. Birch sap water’s PH level may need to be readjusted to PH7 to transform it into glucose. Here is how to get the birch sap water benefits:

  • Step 1 – Leave the birch sap water overnight and then filter it as you wake up in the morning.
  • Step 2 – Afterwards cook it on medium fire. When it reaches its boiling point, add some triple super phosphate (TSP) to reduce its PH level.
  • Step 3 – Now that the birch sap water has been neutralized, filter it again and relocate the liquid into a larger container.
  • Step 4 – Reheat it, stir evenly until it gets thick. Switch off the stove immediately when done.
  • Step 5 – Move it again into a plastic container and refrigerate it until the product becomes crystalized.
  • Step 6 – Last, transfer it into a centifuge to break down the crystalized product and there you can have a do-it-yourself white sugar.
  1. Brown Sugar

Making brown sugar out of birch sap water is pretty simple; just follow the steps above the same way you make white sugar. The only difference is that once the sap water gets thick, immediately place it into a container. You can utilize round, rectangular, or any container shape of your choice. These are also the 10 benefits sugar health.

  1. Sweets

To make sweets, all you need to do is to follow closely the steps above, and then add glucose syrup according to the flavour you prefer. Before you use the glucose syrup, make sure that it has been stored inside a clay pot for at least 3 months, with a few stirs every once in a while.

  1. Palm Wine

Palm wine can be made from the birch sap water thanks to its sweet taste. Palm wine itself is a result of fermentation, and it produces pretty high alcohol concentration. Excessive consuming of beverages with high alcohol content may cause you to get intoxicated. 

The Advantages of Birch Sap Water for Body

On the other hand, birch sap water also carries these health properties:

  1. Gains Weight

All this time we have been focusing a lot on how to lose weight. But truthfully, there are others who just want the opposite simply because they cannot gain weight that easily. A slim body isn’t everyone’s dream. But don’t worry, apart from trying these weight gain foods, birch sap water helps you to gain weight faster, and this is how:

  • Step 1 – Prepare turmeric, coconuts as well as birch sap water.
  • Step 2 – Process these three ingredients first to obtain the coconut milk at the end.
  • Step 3 – As for the turmeric, skin it, grind it and then filter the water out of the turmeric.
  • Step 4 – Heat the mixture in the pan, and then wait until it boils before you can finally switch off the stove.

Turmeric is also good for our bones, and here are the 9 benefits of turmeric for bones.

  1. Gets Rid of Constipation

Constipation is caused by the lack of fibre intake. Yet, fibre is the key to an efficient and a healthy digestion. Fibre is mainly found within fruits and vegetables. And actually, birch sap water is also rich in fibre! Sufficient consumption of birch sap water already satisfies your recommended fibre intake. At the end of the day, the digestive system can work again normally.

  1. Treats Stomachache

Many factors lead to stomachache, and likewise its symptoms are quite a lot by number. Among all causes, the most common ones are late meals, eating the wrong food, food poisoning or basically just having a sensitive stomach. It may look easy to cure, but then it shouldn’t be ignored as it is. At its most extreme cases, stomachache causes loss of consciousness in deep pain.

To cure stomachache using birch sap water, you need tamarind, the birch sap water itself as well as a glass of warm water. To make the formula, combine the first two ingredients mentioned into the glass of warm water. Stir it well, and then don’t forget to filter it. Drink it and wait until the pain caused by stomachache ceases to appear.

  1. Reduces Fever

On the other hand, it is already known that birch sap water also has the capabilities to bring down fever. Fever is mostly caused by exhaustion or weak immunity, and at the end our body opens its doors wide enough for viruses to affect our health.

Birch sap water mixed with brown sugar can help lower down fever, especially when our sickness is accompanied with a flu. It is possible because birch sap water has the other use of giving warmth to the body, so both fever and flu can disappear completely. So, now we know about the birch sap water benefits for health.

  1. Maintains the Bones

The fifth benefit that we can get from birch sap water is that it takes good care of our orthopedic health. Our bones need the right vitamin to keep its solidity, especially when we age due to thinning of our bones or osteoporosis. It is best to maintain our bones from a young age, which can also be achieved through birch sap water.

  1. Enhances Mother’s Milk

Here’s the good news to mothers who just give birth and about to milk their babies. At times mother’s milk may not be that well produced to the point where infants get insufficient amount of mother’s milk or worse, no mother’s milk at all.

Various factors such as the mother’s unfit physical or psychological conditions halt the production of milk that is vital to the baby’s survival. With the help of drinking birch sap water mothers can produce better quantities of milk, which has indeed been proven as well. This one may seem odd, but then mother’s milk also works on adults! These are the 12 health benefits breast milk adults.

This concludes the wonderful birch sap water benefits has on our bodies. Hope it works for us all, especially since it is not that hard to get one.