10 Amazing Health Benefits of Curcuma Aeruginosa

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curcuma aeruginosaCurcuma aeruginosa is one type of tuber commonly used as a traditional medicine. This tuber has a characteristic that is the height of the stem of the plant that can reach 2 meters. then on the stem, there is a red leaves. usually, this plant is often found in areas such as forests or areas that have a height of 400 to1,750 mdpl.

Another characteristic of the health benefits of curcuma aerugenusa is its very bitter taste. however, this plant has many benefits because of its content, such as:

Based on the above content, the curcuma aeruginosa can be used as:

  1. increase appetite

This plant is very useful to increase appetite. mainly used for children who are very difficult to eat even though they are in its infancy

  1. overcoming skin diseases

not only used as an appetite enhancer, but this plant can also be used to treat skin diseases. Some skin diseases that can be treated with this plant are scabies, ringworm, wounds, and other skin problems.

  1. fertilize the womb

it turns out this plant is also very useful for a woman who is undergoing a pregnant program so they quickly get a descent. the way is to consume boiled water from curcuma aeruginosa.

  1. Overcome pain during menstruation

some people experience pain during menstruation. to ease it they can consume this plant. because some of the content present in this plant is used to reduce pain.

  1. cleanse the blood after childbirth

after childbirth, a woman will spend a lot of dirty blood. for it is recommended to consume herbs that can help clean the blood after giving birth. one of which is this plant.

  1. relieve a cough

there is a type of a cough that is not harmful to the body. but can interfere with daily activities. however, there is also a cough that marks the beginning of a dangerous disease. to relieve a cough, regular consumption of curcuma aeruginosa.

  1. as a natural detoxification

Curcuma aeruginosa can also be used as a natural detoxifier. because in the body a lot of the rest of the dirt and also toxins that cannot be excreted optimally. therefore it takes help from herbal ingredients like this plant.

  1. treating intestinal worms

this plant also has long been used as a natural remedy to overcome the worms. intestinal worms often occur in children who love to play in dirty places. if left unchecked, the child will be susceptible to disease and weight is difficult to rise.

  1. blood booster

if a person lacks blood, it will result in anemia symptoms. therefore, consuming this plant is very important to prevent the occurrence of anemia.

  1. Resolve hemorrhoids

The natural content of this plant can overcome the hemorrhoids. because severe hemorrhoids can interfere with activity and also complications.


should be careful in consuming health benefits of curcuma aeruginosa. because, based on a study, consume this plant for a long time can damage the liver.