Excellent Benefits of Sunflower Seeds for Fertility

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Nutritional intake is strongly linked to fertility. Therefore, it is important for those who are going on pregnancy program to eat an excellent diet for fertility, such as sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds contain beneficial nutrition for fertility, such as protein, vitamin E, fatty acids, and zinc. So, it is important to consume sunflower seeds to get the benefits of sunflower seeds for fertility.

The Benefits of Sunflower Seeds for Fertility

It is  clear that a healthy lifestyle is important to improve fertility both in women and men. The healthy lifestyle includes healthy diet for fertility, such as sunflower seeds.

Here are the benefits of sunflower seeds for fertility.

  1. Credible natural supplement

Some people may take shortcuts to their fertility problem, such as taking medicine or pharmaceuticals fertility supplement. Well, it is not wrong. However, the long-term usage may be dangerous for your whole health as it may cause some side effects. In this case, sunflower seeds are the safe, natural fertility booster you can choose instead of pharmaceutical supplement.

  1. Protein powerhouse

Protein is important for our body as it is one of the main energy sources for human body. In case of improving fertility, protein takes a big role as it builds and repair the body’s tissue. The role includes growing a healthy baby in the mother’s womb. Protein consists of amino acids, which act as a building block to the body’s cell.

  1. Enriched with Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are excellent in balancing hormone. As we know, fertility is also a matter of hormone balance. Omega-3 also helps women in increasing cervical mucus production, promote ovulation, and improve reproductive health. Omega-3 in fatty acid increase blood flow to the reproductive organs and also strengthen the uterus.

  1. Source of folate

For those who mean to improve fertility, folate is one of the important vitamins. Folate prevents neural tube defects in the fetus. It is highly recommended to consume food with high content of folate during and before pregnancy. Besides sunflower seeds, you can also take the Benefits of Peanuts during Pregnancy as the source of folate.

  1. Improve reproductive functioning

Sunflower seeds contain an excellent level of zinc. Zinc helps our body to run the enzymes smoothly. This function is important to fertility as will affect the development of ova and sperm. Another food with a good amount of zinc is pumpkin seeds with its Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds for Erectile Dysfunction.

  1. Aid pregnancy

The content of zinc in sunflower seeds is not only excellent to enhance fertility, but also very good for pregnancy. Zinc is a mineral with the ability to prevent chromosomal defect, it also helps to prevent recurrent miscarriage in pregnancy. Raspberry tea is also effective to prevent miscarriage as included in the Benefits of Raspberry Tea for Fertility.

  1. Fulfill nutrition

Some studies proved that fertility is mainly affected by nutrition intake. Some people eat what they want to eat, but never think about the nutrition. In this case, if you mean to improve fertility, you have to flourish your body with nutrition. One of the ways is by consuming the nutrition rich sunflower seeds.

  1. Maintain body weight

Sunflower seeds rich of healthy fat, protein, vitamin, and mineral. It helps you to get a balanced diet. This way, you can maintain your body weight easier. As we know, fertility issue has been strongly linked with obesity and malnutrition.

How to Use Sunflower Seeds for Fertility

To get the benefits of sunflower seeds for fertility, we should stick with the recommendation on how to use it. Here are the tips how to use sunflower seeds for fertility.

  • Choose and purchase organic and raw sunflower seeds to gain the optimal benefits. Those seeds roasted in oil may high with free radicals. Also, it is better if you choose the seeds still in their shell, as it guarantees the quality.
  • Avoid purchasing salted sunflower seeds. If you want some taste when you eat it, it is better if you add some salt prior to consumption.
  • Soak the seeds with sea salt for a few hours. You’ll also get the Health Benefits of Sea Salt as a source of minerals. After that, dry them in a warm oven. It will avoid you from getting upset stomach due to eating raw seeds.
  • You can make the sunflower seeds into butters or milk. This way, you can include the butter or milk to any kind of your favorite foods such as a delicious dip or sauce.
  • If you like sunflower seeds as a whole, you can sprinkle them on top of your oatmeal, smoothies, or salad. Well, fruit and vegetables are also good to enhance fertility, such as included in the Benefits of Watermelon for Males and Females Fertility.