21 Benefits of Overnight Fasting (No.5 Unbelievable)

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People are trying so hard to found effective diet method. From using weight lost supplement, exercising, until putting more effort in dieting. Its all sometime bring success but some of them may fail. One of dieting pattern method that we used to heard is fasting. Fasting is a willing to reduce the food intake to the body. It is also known as body cleansing mechanism. Human body has it natural self cleaning system that let some toxic and waste substance from the blood get eliminated. The main purpose of fasting is to ensure those cleaning process and maintain healthy organ function.

Many people have experience fasting and it is a way that some religion suggest to do. Overnight fasting is one method of fasting that will be easier to do. Just keep ourself from food over the night and still you can eat at day time. It is also being practices in the intermittent fasting method. Overnight fasting is actually a way to control and regulate eating pattern that may give you health benefits.

Scientist have been observed the benefits by calorie reduction during fasting. They found that that experiment of fasting and skipping meal will increase longer and healthier life. If you curious about health benefits of overnight fasting better check explanation below :

1. Purify blood

Fasting overnight will let your body to cleanse the blood and purify it from toxin that may harm your body. This maybe a reason why it is not suggested to eat dinner after 7pm. The food that you consume at night will block and inhibit the body to clean and eliminate harmful substance.

2. Prevent cancer

Some food may trigger cancer and it will be worse if being eaten during night time. Late snack or heavy dining will make your body heavier to clean and it also disturb immune function work. During sleeping, body also produce some substance to repair damage in cells and tissue, but the presence of fat and other unhealthy food substance will surely disturb the function of such substances. Study reported that during overnight fasting period, the metastases or the spreading process of cancer cell stop for a while.

3. Reduce the risk of heart disease

Overnight fasting provide you better heart and cardiovascular system function. Fasting may get rid the cholesterol away from the body and block it from entering the wall of arteries. Eating at night can promotes your heart to work harder and it may cause some trouble. By overnight fasting, the heart can work better and it keep cardiovascular system away from failure.

4. Prevent diabetes

Benefits of Overnight Fasting as diabetes prevention methods is very impressive. Most people that suffer from diabetes usually loves to eat before sleep or at midnight. Eating carbohydrate and other food contain unhealthy sugar may lead the abnormal blood sugar level and decrease insulin sensitivity. Study reported that fasting during some period may increase insulin sensitivity in the presence of sugar in the blood.

5. Fight inflammation

Overnight fasting can increase the number and level of antioxidant enzyme in the body which paly important role in fighting inflammation which is caused by bacteria infection or oxidative stress. Oxidative stress caused by free radicals can bring serious effect to the body.

6. Keeping brain function

During sleeping, the body repair brain cells and function. Overnight fasting helps the brain to repair it cells and maintain neural activity. Giving more sugar and food to the body at night is not a good thing for your brain.

7. Prevent Alzheimer

Alzheimer is a disease which caused by damage of neural cell in brain usually during old age. Overnight fasting can keep the brain cells function and promote new brain cells formation that can prevent you from developing Alzheimer.

8. Help to lose weight

This is the main benefits of fasting that people know. Overnight fasting can help the body to burn fat cells more efficient and resulting in weight loss. People who wanna lose weight should consider to experience overnight fasting because the result is just amazing and many people have proven it. So, it means you can get slim while you sleep. Don’t you want it?

9. Protect kidney

What else the benefits that your body can get if you have clean blood? Overnight fasting can help to clean the blood from waste material and it will let the kidney work easier. Some harmful and chemical substance in blood can be accumulated in the kidney and causing gallstones if its not being cleared.

10. Optimize metabolism

Metabolism is one important key in providing energy and burning fat. Overnight fasting can optimize the enzyme and other co-factor function to convert the nutrients such as sugar, fat and protein into energy and provide us with better stamina in the morning.

11. Prevent obesity

Obesity is the cause of some health problem such as heart disease and diabetes. Most people who suffer heart disease are belong to obese people. Heart disease also number one killer in United States. Obese people is hard to recognize hunger signal that is why the keep eating and not getting full. Overnight fasting will help the body to increase ghrelin or hunger hormone level and let the body to recognize it as true signal of hunger.

12. Improve eating patterns

Unhealthy lifestyle including irregular eating pattern is one of crime to your body health. It is a crime because by having irregular and unhealthy eating patterns you lead your body to suffer some health problem. By experiencing overnight fasting you help yourself to set the eating pattern and make your body to absorb better nutrient from food.

13. Boost immune system

As mentioned before that during sleep your body release some antioxidant enzyme that may help the body to repair it organs and tissue. Overnight fasting may enhance this antioxidant enzyme function and it slightly boost the strength of immune system in fighting certain disease even cancer.

14. Clear mind and soul

Some religion have their own rule in fasting and they believe that fasting not only can make our body healthier but also can keep our mind clear and have healthy mental or soul. Overnight fasting teach us to control our willing of food and take of the greedy mind. that will lead us to have more peace mind and body.

15. Maintain healthy skin

Overnight fasting is good for your skin. Isn’t it a good news? When you experience overnight fasting your body doesn’t focus on digestion process but it focus on repairing and growing new cells including skin cells. It is believed that even animal which has wound at its skin will do fasting and not eat anything until the wound recover. Overnight fasting can keep your skin healthy and faster wound healing.

16. Prevent and cure acne

Acne occur by the inflammation of bacteria P.acne. fatty and oily food also may trigger acne development. Overnight fasting provide better blood purification and eliminate the toxic and substance which can cause acne.

17. Slower Aging process

During fasting your body focus to recover and repair the organ and tissue damage. Its also promotes the new cells formation that means it can keep the body from aging. People who has experienced overnight fasting tend to have youthful and healthier body

18. Help liver function

Detoxification is a process which used to be done by liver. Liver detoxify the blood from toxin and other substance that can cause health problem. Overnight fasting can help liver to do its function and also protect it from harmful substance. Liver has it “rest hour” which means that it should take rest during that hour. Started from 2am, liver shouldn’t work hard to detoxify the body. By consuming food at night it means you give more work to your liver and not allow it to rest. This may cause liver damage that bring serious problem to the body.

19. Reduce addiction to nicotine and alcohol

Nicotine in cigarette and alcohol are addictive substance which is toxic and harmful for the body. Overnight fasting will avoid you to smoke and drink alcohol since this habits usually done by people at night. This will make your body healthier and can reduce the risk of develop other disease.

20. Fight allergy

Allergy happen because the accumulation of allergen substance and protein in the body. This substance will lead the development of allergic reaction that may be fatal to your body. Overnight fasting can help to eliminate this substance and clear the blood from allergen.

21. Cure Ulcer

Overnight fasting can promote better digestion function and help to control the production of strong stomach acid which can cause ulcer. During fasting the body don’t digest food but it repair the damage which occur in digestion tract. Fasting is highly recommended for people who suffer from ulcer.

Health Risk of Overnight Fasting

For people who are not getting used to do overnight fasting may experience dizziness, heart burn, constipation and dehydration. It is better to consult doctor before try this method of diet. If you think your body is fit to undergo, so you can try it just in one night then continue if you don’t find any problem

How to Start Overnight Fasting

Follow these tips if you want to start overnight fasting :

  • Make sure your body is fit enough and you don’t have serious disease that need medication at night
  • Prepare your body well maybe you will experience dizziness pr headache in the beginning
  • Try to sleep in dark room and use aromatherapy to calming your nerve
  • Start to fast at 6pm to 5am in the morning and break the fast immediately in the morning
  • Consume healthy food and plenty of water during the day will help you to do overnight fasting better

Those are the benefits, health risk, and how to start this method of overnight fasting. Discipline and be commit to the pattern are the key of the success. So, if you want to start now, don’t be hesitated.