17 Benefits of Banana Skin on Face (#1 Beauty Secret)

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Who wouldn’t love the inviting fruit banana? The sweetness satisfy your cravings while give you energy and the other beneficial value. This fruit is also suitable for breakfast, just as included in the Health Benefits of Banana For Breakfast .

It is light yet satisfying and energizing. Besides all the excellent mark of banana fruit, some of you may never realize how this banana give you the beyond expectation benefits. Well, not only the flesh, banana skin is also surprisingly beneficial for you. What? The thick yellow skin is edible? A research even revealed that the banana skin is actually edible. But this time, we are going to discuss the benefits of banana skin on face, as the topical treatment. Make sure to read through the whole page as you’ll be amazed.

Beneficial value of banana skin

Either as food or topical supplement, banana skin owns beneficial value for health. It is possible since banana skin contains this following value:

  • Carbohydrate
  • Sugars
  • Potassium
  • Protein
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin c
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Potassium

The benefits of banana skin on face

The list of beneficial value in banana can be used as a proof that the smooth yellow thing wrapped the banana fruit is beneficial for us. Among the benefits, there are benefits of banana skin as face skin supplement and treatment. Here are the benefits of banana on face:

  1. Remove warts

Do you think that warts only appear on hands? The answer is no. warts appear anywhere on the body as long as it has skin, including face. In this case, the use of banana skin on face is effective to remove and prevent warts on skin.

  1. Treat psoriasis

Having psoriasis on face might be a nightmare for everyone. But in case you have, don’t worry. We have a solution for you. You can apply banana skin to have the benefits of banana skin on face. Rub the inner skin on the affected area regularly for about a week. It is able to effectively treat psoriasis as banana skin aid the regeneration of new cell and quickly heal the problem.

  1. Reduce wrinkles

We know that banana contains high level of antioxidant, and so does the skin. Thus, we can tell that banana skin is good to inhibit the process of aging and combat the symptoms of aging, such wrinkles. In this case, you can apply banana skin by rubbing the inner part of banana skin on your face gently. Banana skin helps you tighten your skin. Do this treatment regularly, and you’ll find the wrinkles gradually disappear. 

  1. Treat wounds

Sometime we can get minor wound on face too. And it is horrible to get the leaving mark of the healing wound. We can gently apply banana skin on minor wounds. Banana skin contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent which is good to treat wounds. Rubbing banana skin on wounds may boost the recovery process as it stimulates cell regeneration. The wound will be quickly healed with no mark left.

  1. Treat mosquito bites

Applying banana skin on mosquito bites is effective to reduce itching and redness. Some of us may simply apply some oils such cajuput oil with its Health Benefits of Cajeput Oil to treat mosquito or bugs bites. However, the application might little but harmful for children or baby as the risk of being swallowed or rubbed. Hence, applying banana skin as the treatment might be a lot of better.

  1. Facial mask

Masker is one of the simplest homemade skin treatments. We can make facial mask from many kinds of fruits and the other natural ingredients as it will supply our skin with minerals and vitamins. You might have been common with Avocado Face Mask Benefits .  But do you know that you can also employ banana peel as rejuvenating facial mask? You know that banana peel has its thick soft inner layer. 

You can grate the soft layer, gather it in a bowl and use it as facial mask. You can combine the banana skin with the other beneficial substance such honey or white egg. It will add the Benefits of Honey on Face and Health Benefits of Egg White on Face to the benefits of banana skin on face.

  1. Treat pimples

Banana skin owns an anti-inflammatory property which is good to treat pimple. Applying banana skin on pimpled face will help you to alleviate the swelling and redness because of the inflammation. In addition, the use of banana skin facial mask is able to prevent the reoccurrence of pimple. You can also add some turmeric oil with the banana skin to make a yellowish paste. As we know, turmeric oil can also provide us with the Health Benefits of Turmeric Oil.

  1. Brighten skin

The application of banana skin either as facial mask or the direct application on face helps you to brighten the skin tone. It can also remove the dark spot and scar from the acne breakout. It is effective and less risky as it doesn’t contain any chemical substance just like the use of the common skin whitening products.

  1. Homemade night cream

You can use banana skin as night cream by combining the banana skin and egg yolk into a paste. Apply the moisture on face every night regularly. Sit the cream for about 30 minutes before rinse it off. It will help you to have smooth, supple, and brighter face skin. You can use the mixture for days, but make sure to store it well in the refrigerator.

  1. Protect skin

One of the surprising benefits of banana skin on face is the ability of the skin in protecting our face from UV attack. The regular application of banana peel on skin will improve skin retention toward UV rays.

  1. Combat puffy eyes

Some of you might rely on cucumber to combat puffy eyes as t is the most popular method to combat the tiredness mark of the puffy eyes. But you need to know that you can also use banana skin to improve circulation around your eyes and provide you brighter and fresher looking face.

  1. Remove dark circle

Dark circle may also be one of the common yet horrible problems for most people. In this case, banana skin can over you the dark circle remedy. You can simply place a small piece of banana peel beneath the eyes and use it to compress the under eye area.

The other benefits of banana skin on face are:

  1. Treat psoriasis
  2. Natural ointment
  3. Topical pain reliever
  4. Absorb excessive oil

Precaution in using banana skin on face

It is true that banana skin can provide us with the benefits of banana on face. However, we should consider some precautions in using this fruit skin, such as the hygiene of the skin.

Sometimes we only get banana from store or market. We don’t know how the farmer treats the plant before they harvested it. There is a high possibility of the farmer in using pesticide directly on the banana. Of course, it will contaminate the skin.

Therefore, if you mean to use all part of banana skin, you should make sure that you clean the outer part thoroughly. Or else you can just use the inner part if the skin, as it may be less risky of pesticide contamination. In addition, make sure you use the perfectly ripe banana skin. The unripe banana skin may still contain lot of sap which may irritate your skin.