10 Health Benefits of Using Silver Utensils Everyday

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Silver is theSilver utensils mineral material of the earth that you must often see. It’s in jewelry, food utensils, and other equipment. Silver has the symbol Ag that comes from the word ‘Argentum’ which means gray and shining. Silver has an atomic number of 47. Silver is known as a precious metal because silver does not undergo a corrosive process. Therefore, now the thing that we will discuss is about the health benefits of using silver utensils.

Silver has several health benefits. Silver has a role as an antimicrobial that protects the body by preventing flu, helping wound healing also has benefits for the skin. By using it in the right way, silver can also protect us from electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones or other electronic devices that very dangerous for the body.

Do you know the advantages of silver compared to gold?

  • Lower Price.
  • Good for investment because it requires a smaller capital.
  • More Stable Prices.
  • Its use is wider

In terms of jewelry, silver has advantages over gold, there are:

  • More supple combined with other material jewelry
  • Young people prefer to use silver jewelry rather than gold because it looks more flexible and modern
  • Easy Reselling due to its affordable price.

There are the advantages of silver compared to gold. Now, the list below will tell you what are the health benefits of using silver utensils.

1. Antibacterial properties

A study has been conducted and the results show that certain bacteria stay away from silver objects. If you use a silver plate, then you choose the right choice. By using silver plates, our food can be protected from harmful bacteria. See one of the bacteria, Symptoms of Streptococcus Bacteria Infections. Unlike antibiotic drugs that bacteria can fight against, silver cannot be defeated. Therefore, if you see the utensils used by doctors, most of the utensils are made of silver material.

2. Increase immune system

As explained in point 1, that using silver utensils can keep away unfavorable bacteria. If the bacteria are removed, germ infections that interfere with the health of the body can also be avoided. So, by using silver utensils, this can have a good effect on the human immune system by increasing it.

3. Nontoxic properties

Utensils made of silver has nontoxic properties. Unlike plastics that have toxic properties because of chemical reactions if they are contaminated with heat, you do not have to worry about silver utensils. This is because silver does not have oxidation that can harm the health of the body.

4. Protect the body from microorganism

Based on statements issued by Hippocrates (Father of Medicine), silver can kill microorganisms and is a tool to prevent decay. Silver has a toxic effect. Do you know what is toxic? Toxic is a substance that when entered into the body can cause the function of the body become not normal.

This is definitely dangerous. But, utensils that use silver material can overcome this and keep your body away from harmful microorganisms.

5. Cooling effect

Utensils that made from silver has a cooling effect on the body. If you use a silver plate while eating, the cooling effect for the body can help smooth digestion and help the body’s metabolic system. See also about Health Benefits of Camote Leaves that can help your digestion naturally.

6. Keep food fresh longer

It has been proven that food or drinks stored in silver utensils can be kept fresh and more durable, than if food or drink is stored in other utensils that have not made from silver. In the past, people used to store wine or groceries in utensils that made of silver.

7. Durable

The silver utensils are usually durable. If using utensils that made of glass or ceramic, you need to be very careful because if it falls, the utensils will break and crash.

But, it will not happen on the utensils that made from a silver material, unless it is deliberately crooked/bent, for example at a silver tablespoon. Textures and colors on silver-made utensils are also more durable compared to other materials.

8. Benefits of silver gloves

For those of you who work by using laptops, there are good recommendations to using silver gloves. The silver gloves can protect your wrists from the laptop’s electric field, so this way can make you comfortable, boost your energy and immunity.

9. Good jewelry

Do you like jewelry? Like gold, silver is also used to make jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. However, silver has advantages in terms of having antimicrobial properties and can prevent infection or irritation. Thus, using silver jewelry, your skin will be spared from irritation due to allergies. You also do not have to worry will appear red color on your skin.

10. Silver spoon for beauty

Recently, there are several benefits of a spoon for beauty. Spoon can be used to curl eyelashes, eliminate dark circles under the eyes, and heal acne. See more about How to Get Rid of Acne. Some beauty experts recommend using a silver spoon when you will do that.

Why? Because silver spoons do not have a reaction when makeup is added to it, thus avoiding your skin from rashes and allergies on the skin.

There are health benefits of using silver utensils. Good choice if you see this too Health Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Cookware. Now, another thing you can look at is how you take care of your silver utensils.

How to clean silver utensils!

  1. Using toothpaste to clean stains on silver utensils.
  2. Using salt. – You can put hot water into the bowl. Then, put salt and aluminum foil into hot water. And, clean silver utensils using that water. After that, rinse with cold water, and dry with a soft cloth. You should know more about Health Benefits of Sea Salt
  3. Use a silver cleaning product and rub it on silver utensils using a soft cloth or sponge. When done, make sure to wash it with cold water and dry it.