10 Health Benefits of Pistachio Nuts (No.9 Surprising You)

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Pistachio NutsPistachio nuts, most people know it as delicious snack. However, do you know that there are a lot of benefits a person could get by only consuming pistachio nuts regularly? Pistachio nuts a drupe, part of cashew family, inside the drupe is a large seeds which is edible which is now well known as pistachio nuts.

Centuries ago, pistachio nuts have been popular as snack and common food to be consumed among people in Central Asia and Middle East. However, due to recent studies that found how high the nutrients contained in pistachio nuts and all of the medical benefits from this nut made the popularity is widen around the world. Below are the reasons why pistachio nuts are highly recommended as healthy snack:

  1. High Nutrients

The main reason why pistachio nuts are so recommended for healthier snack is because of all nutrients contained, so no doubt, health benefits of pistachio nuts for human body is very amazing. In one single seed of pistachio might contain all properties as mentioned below:

  • Carbohydrate
  • Beta carotene
  • Various Vitamins (A, B-6, C, E and K)
  • Dietary fiber
  • Phosphorous
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Potassium
  • Folate
  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Thiamine
  • Pantothenic acid
  1. Healthy Heart Solution

Hearth disease is closely relative to cholesterol control. Healthy cholesterol level will lead to a healthy heart condition. There are two chemical properties contained in pistachio nuts which are proven to be good for your heart, first is l-arginine and Vitamin E. Those two chemical properties are beneficial for more flexible arteries and prevent plaque accumulated in the artery which will reduce the risk of heart attack and blood clots.

  1. Weight Loss Management

The hardest thing to do in weight loss management is controlling the appetite. Pistachio nuts which are high in dietary fiber are not only helping in smoothing the metabolism system but also preventing you consuming more calories later because the high fiber in pistachio will make you feel full.

  1. Dealing with Digestion Problem

Food which is high in fiber is always good for those who have digestive problem. Just by consuming as much as 3 gram of dietary fiber contained in one ounce of pistachio nuts is already able to help you dealing with your digestive problem.

  1. Cholesterol Solution

Though pistachio nuts contained fat the amount is relatively low and the unsaturated fats contained in pistachio nuts could help in decreasing LDL or bad cholesterol and at the same time increasing the HDL or good cholesterol in your system.

  1. Powerful Anti Aging

Rich in antioxidants means powerful anti aging solution. Lutein and zeaxanthin are functioning as cell protector who could help fighting the free radical and in consuming pistachio nuts could reduce the risk AMD a condition that could lead to blindness.

  1. Traditional Massage Therapy

Fats contained in pistachio nuts are probably low but it has powerful secret. Traditional people in Central Asia have been using oil produced by pistachio nuts’ fat as traditional oil for massage therapy. During the massage therapy, pistachio oil is not helping in releasing stress in muscle but also functioning as skin moisturizer.

  1. Enhancing Sexual Activity in Men

Recent studies have found that a man who is already diagnosed to have ED (Erectile Dysfunction) could improve his erectile function just by regularly consuming pistachio nuts as part of his daily diet. It is due to the healthy fats, fiber, protein as well as antioxidants contained in pistachio nuts are able to improve blood regulation in body system.

  1. Diabetes Control

Pistachio has been proven to be the best snack food for weight loss diet. People with weight management issue and people have diabetes have similar problem; it is controlling their appetite. Pistachio nuts help people dealing with their craving easier and at the same time maintaining the blood sugar level in body system.

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  1. Anemia Natural Remedy

All variety of nuts are considered good for anemia because of the high iron contained and the iron contained in pistachio nuts are the highest among the other variety of nuts. Besides that, the cooper contained in pistachio nuts could help optimizing the absorption of iron in metabolism system which is good for those with acute anemia.

Pistachio nuts are one of those super snack foods which are popular around the world but how they’re processed and consumed could increase or decrease the health benefits. For example, for the best nutrients of pistachio nuts, avoiding salty or sugary pistachio because of the high sodium and sugar which are bad for diabetes and cholesterol is highly recommended. So, what is the best way to consume pistachio nuts? Roasted pistachio is the best way but instead of sugary or salty flavor, honey is the best substitute for the flavor enhancement. However, if you are already diagnosed to be allergic to nuts, pistachio which is still in nuts variety should be avoid in all cost or you could consult your doctor first if you want to put pistachio as part of your specific dietary program.