Amazing Benefits of Maltodextrin Post Workout

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The workout is one of the activities for thebody to be healthy and maintain its elasticity. An athlete will have plenty oftime to work out before they do a match. Or during ordinary days to maintainbody shape.

The workout does not only talk about the type of activity but also talks about nutritional intake. Nutrition is very necessary for those of you who do workouts. What’s more, after doing a workout, the body loses a lot of nutrients so it requires extra nutritional intake. One example of the required intake is the benefits of maltodextrin post-workout.

Maybe some of you have heard of maltodextrin.Yes, maltodextrin is usually listed in food compositions such as yogurt, candy,and instant pudding. In general, maltodextrin functions as a food thickener.Besides, maltodextrin can also extend food periods or food expiration periods.And finally, maltodextrin can improve the taste of food.

Maltodextrin has a sweet taste but not toosweet like sugar. Even some people do not feel the sweet taste of maltodextrin,aka tasteless. Because the sugar content is only less than 20%. And, the shapeis like fine-textured flour.

Broadly speaking, maltodextrin has manybenefits for food compared to health. However, you need to know a few thingsabout maltodextrin as follows:

  • Carbohydrate source in sports drinks

Athletes usually consume sports drinks. Inside it contains maltodextrin. Maltodextrin in these drinks serves as additional energy. Because easy to digest and also easily absorbed by the body so that energy can last longer. 1 teaspoon of maltodextrin is equivalent to 12 calories. Read also: the health benefits of carbohydrates

  • Helps recovery after aworkout

Not only is it useful for energy sources before a workout, but maltodextrin also helps in the recovery period after a workout. Because it is easily absorbed by the body, many use maltodextrin as an effective ways to increase your stamina

  • Increase weight

benefits of maltodextrin post-workout do not contain many nutrients. But it contains more sugar. That is why consuming maltodextrin beyond the threshold can increase your weight like benefits banana weight gain.

  •  Does not contain vitamins and minerals

Maltodextrin contains sugarbut does not contain vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Therefore it isnot recommended to consume maltodextrin too often because it can interfere withhealth

  • High glycemic index

Maltodextrin contains a high glycemic index of 106 – 136. For those of you with diabetes, it is not recommended to consume maltodextrin but you can eat dragon fruit benefits for diabetes treatment. Because it can increase blood sugar levels quickly. also, a high glycemic index increases the risk of obesity and heart disease

  • Harm the intestinal health

A study published in theJournal of Plos One in 2012 showed that maltodextrin serves intestinal health.Because it can change the composition of good intestinal bacteria and inhibitits growth

Not everyone is safe to consume the benefits of maltodextrin post-workout. If you experience abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrhea, vomiting, and asthma after consuming maltodextrin, stop it immediately and contact a doctor.