5 Main Health Benefits of Pelmeni for Better Body System

Not many people might hear the health benefits of Pelmeni. They even might wonder what Pelmeni is, since finding this kind of food in other countries, except in its origin country, will be not an easy thing. Pelmeni itself comes from Russian countries. It such a small dumplings that serve with meat inside it. Therefore, […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Blini

Do you like pancakes? If so, you should try pancakes from Russia, health benefits of blini. Blini is not much different from pancakes in general that exist in Indonesia. But the difference is that these pancakes are usually used as the base of a food. On top of pancakes, there are various toppings that can […]

10 Unpredictable Health Benefits of Shchi

Do you like Russian food? If so, you definitely know the health benefits of shchi. Shchi is a soup made from cabbage. The difference with the other cabbage soup is from how to cook it. This food is not boiled like soup in general. But this soup is cooked in the oven. And is the […]

10 Top Health Benefits of Solyanka

Are you a fan of soup? Have you ever tried Solyanka? Health benefits of solyanka is a kind of soup rich in spices. This soup comes from a Russian recipe. This soup has a lot of nutrients needed by the body. Therefore do not be surprised if this soup can make people become healthier. In […]