10 Unpredictable Health Benefits of Shchi

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shchiDo you like Russian food? If so, you definitely know the health benefits of shchi. Shchi is a soup made from cabbage. The difference with the other cabbage soup is from how to cook it. This food is not boiled like soup in general. But this soup is cooked in the oven. And is the main soup of the Russian population.

In addition to a very delicious taste, you should know that shchi contains excellent nutrients for the human body because there are:

Based on the nutritional content of the shchi, you will get the following benefits if you consume it:

  1. Weight loss

This soup is often recommended for anyone who is running a diet program in health benefits of rice for weight loss. This is not without reason. Because the soup is low fat but high in fiber. So it gives a longer satiety. Even some people who have tried it, feel the weight loss for 7 days

  1. Good for digestion

A healthy digestion will affect the overall health of the body. Therefore, the digestive system requires a high fiber like that in this food. Inside these foods, there is a fiber-rich cabbage

  1. Helps the formation of red blood cells

Eating these foods can help your body to produce more red blood cells. This means this food is very beneficial for anyone who is suffering from symptoms of anemia or lack of red blood

  1. Prevent the occurrence of cancer

A study in China states that eating vegetable-based foods such as cabbage can prevent a person from cancer. Because these vegetables contain active compounds to fight cancer cells

  1. Controlling high blood pressure

In addition, these foods are also useful for controlling high blood pressure or hypertension. Because cabbage contains high potassium which can lower blood pressure

  1. Improving the immune system

You will get a strong immune system when consuming this soup. Because this soup contains vitamin C which is believed to increase the immune system

  1. Natural detoxification

Inside cabbage contains vitamin C and also sulfur. Both of these substances work to detoxify the body naturally. Detoxification is important to avoid the accumulation of free radicals in the body

  1. Nourish the brain

The brain also needs nutrients to work optimally. One of the nutrients the brain needs is vitamin K. and it’s in the Russian soup

  1. Maintain eye health

Then, consuming this soup can also maintain eye health. Because in it contained a good beta-carotene to nourish the eye to stay healthy

  1. Maintaining bone health

Another benefit of consuming shchi is bone health will be maintained. This is because cabbage contains high minerals, which as we know minerals are very good for maintaining human bone health


Although health benefits of shchi provide many benefits to your body, consuming cabbage can cause flatulence