Top Benefits of Yellow Moong Dal During Pregnancy – #Healthy Pregnancy

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Do you know what yellow moong dal is? It is made from whole mung beans that have been hulled and split, resulting in a delicate lentil-like legume. In fact, it provides dietary fiber, protein, and can be a healthy choice for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. As the consequence, it becomes a staple food in many countries all over the world. Besides, it is known that yellow moong dal can be beneficial to promote a healthy pregnancy. Thus, if you are curious about this, check the benefits of yellow moong dal during pregnancy below.

1. Provides Fiber

As a matter of fact, pregnant women are advised to consume healthy foods and vegetables. In this case, yellow moong dal can be a healthy option. It is due to the presence of fiber in yellow moong dal. As a result, it helps in to reduce the risks of constipation and gastric ulcers as well. Moreover, it will be beneficial to reduce the presence of cramping, bloating, nausea, and morning sickness. For the tips, you can also consume yellow moong dal together with fiber foods such as fruits and green vegetables to promote the digestive health for sure. You can also check on Health Benefits of Nigerian Brown Beans You Need to Know

2. Provides Protein

Pregnant women can eat yellow moong dal as it is such a great choice for them. It provides proteins and carbohydrates which give you the energy and nutrition you need to get through the day. It is also known that protein is the vital nutrient which plays a role in renewing the broken cells in the body with the new ones. Also, protein takes part in building the body muscle. Besides, people think that the best source of protein comes from meat while beans and legumes are the best plants which contain protein source. Indeed, consuming yellow moong dal will be beneficial to vegan that need protein for achieving optimal health. Thus, are you interested to try yellow moong dal? You can also check on Health Benefits of Meat, Poultry and Fish

3. Provides Folate

The great thing comes from yellow moong dal that contributes to promoting a healthy pregnancy. It is linked to the presence of folate in mung beans. As a result, it is beneficial to promote the optimal growth and development of your child. Thus, you can fulfill the folate needs by eating yellow moong dal regularly. Otherwise, pregnant women who don’t get enough folate may have a higher risk of birth defects. You can also check on Benefits of Green Chili During Pregnancy

4. Provides Iron

Another benefit of yellow moong dal during pregnancy is the way it provides the iron source. Iron is a vital mineral which helps to maintain body regulation and function as well. As the consequence, yellow moong dal is beneficial to promote the red blood cells and hemoglobin production. Thus, you can consume yellow moong dal together with other iron foods such as seafood to fulfill the iron needs in the body. Otherwise, lack of iron nutrient may lead to certain health problems including anemia and chronic fatigue. You can also check on Benefits of Longan Fruit for Pregnancy

5. Provides Potassium

The next benefit of yellow moong dal during pregnancy is the way it provides a good source of minerals. In this case, yellow moong dal provides good potassium in it. As the consequence, potassium contributes to promoting blood circulation, maintaining heart health as well as controlling the level of blood pressure. Such great benefits, right?

6. Provides Antioxidant

To create body protection during pregnancy, you need to eat nutritious food. Then, having yellow moong dal is something that should be taken into account. This is due to the presence of an antioxidant in it. As a result, with the regular consumption of food that has antioxidant, then you can get the best benefit results such as protecting the body against free radical damage. Not only for that, but it is also beneficial to prevent certain diseases including cancer. Amazing, isn’t it? You can also check on Health Benefits of Swiss Chard

7. Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

As yellow moong dal made of mung beans, then it provides the benefits of fiber and antioxidant to reduce the risk of heart disease. At this point, animal studies have shown that mung bean antioxidants can reduce the level of blood LDL cholesterol and protect the LDL particles from interacting with unstable free radicals. Not only for that, but it is also shown that eating one daily serving (around 130 grams) of legumes, such as beans, significantly lowered blood LDL cholesterol levels. Therefore, if you want to get this benefit, you can eat yellow moong dal as your food option then.

8. Boosts Metabolism

While preparing yellow moong dal, you can have turmeric, cumin, or coriander powder to boost the flavor. As a result, they take part in boosting the metabolic process in the body.

9. Prevents Birth Defects

10. Promotes Development of Baby’s Muscles

After knowing the benefits of yellow moong dal during pregnancy, now, you can check the tips for consuming this food below.

Tips for Consuming Yellow Moong Dal during Pregnancy

  • You can find moong dal in grocery stores, pre-packaged as well as in bulk containers. Then, store it in an airtight container for 3-4 months at room temperature.
  • After that, moong dal can be simply cooked with chopped onion, ginger-garlic paste, and tomatoes along with tempered green chilies and cumin seeds. Then, you can make delicious soups, stews, and purees as well.
  • To serve moong dal, you can also have it with the combination of other beans to make a variety of ice pops, ice creams, cakes, and other famous desserts.
  • Next, you can consume yellow moong dal during pregnancy as well as consuming other nutritious foods such as yogurt, eggs, peanut butter, and cheese.
  • Make sure you also consume protein-rich foods, calcium-rich foods, fiber-rich foods, iron-rich foods, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits like figs, apples, bananas, and pears.

As a conclusion, yellow moong dal is beneficial for pregnant women as it provides vitamins and minerals. Indeed, it offers the benefits of great nutrients. Then, you can have it as a healthy meal for your pregnancy. Also, make sure to eat other nutritious food to promote a healthy pregnancy and prevent birth defects as well. Stay healthy there!