9 Wonderful Benefits of Jamu Postnatal Massage for Moms

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For some time after childbirth, mother need to receive special treatment. From the diet, activity, and breastfeeding, it is important to monitor the mother and the baby well-being. Some treatment like therapy and massage can also be given to the mother postnatal. However, some methods of postnatal massage are using special kind of medium benefits of extra virgin olive oil for weight loss.

One of the mediums used is jamu. That’s right. The benefits of jamu postnatal massage has been performed traditionally throughout Asia. Instead of essential oil, this postnatal massage use jamu to treat women after childbirth. Jamu postnatal massage is believed to relieve pain, depression, and other things that normally occur after childbirth. What are the benefits of jamu postnatal massage? Let’s check it out.

Type of Jamu Used in Postnatal Massage

Normally, postnatal massage is performed on the patient using essential oil as a medium. In jamu postnatal massage, materials used is jamu herbs such as cloves, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, turi, rice, and lemongrass. In some places, such as Singapore, a natural river stone called hot stone also can be used on the patient’s back before applying the jamu herbs and ginger slimming cream on the stomach area health benefits of tea tree oil for hair and scalp.

Where to Get Jamu Postnatal Massage Service?

Jamu postnatal massage is still relatively new method of therapy for mothers after childbirth. It is founded by a group of experts in Singapore. Hence, jamu postnatal massage practice is limited to Singapore and nearby area.

Now, let’s find out the benefits of jamu postnatal massage :

1. Jamu postnatal massage helps reduce body strain after childbirth

First helpful benefits of jamu postnatal massage. The process of delivering during labor might put strain on the body. This strain is the major cause of fatigue and depression. Mothers can ask for treatment post childbirth to remove these strains.

One of the treatments is jamu postnatal massage. Jamu postnatal massage relies on healing and therapeutic properties of jamu herbs and natural river stone to reduce physical strains, thus the mother’s body can get back to normal benefits of a vegetarian diet for diabetes.

2. Jamu postnatal massage helps reduce stress after childbirth

Other great benefits of jamu postnatal massage. The whole process of pregnancy and delivering the baby might be stressful for the mothers. This is why getting jamu postnatal massage is recommended. It can help reduce both physical and mental stress for the mothers, thus they will get better condition and faster recovery post childbirth health benefits of drinking 6 to 8 glass of water a day.

3. Jamu postnatal massage helps restore body condition

One of excellent benefits of jamu postnatal massage. The laborious and painful process of childbirth might cause damage on the mother’s body, such as body sore, headache, cramps, heavy fatigue, and even bleeding. Postnatal treatments, such as jamu postnatal massage is very recommended for the mothers.

Jamu postnatal massage is performed using beneficial jamu herbs and natural heavy stone. They are useful as a pain and stress relief, and can help make the mothers feel relaxed. The body will heal faster with jamu postnatal massage. So, it is a good idea to try.

4. Jamu postnatal massage helps restore your slim body

Another great benefits of jamu postnatal massage. For a short time after delivery, the mother’s stomach might still look pregnant and bloated, due to carrying the baby inside for around nine months and the physically and mentally taxing process of the childbirth. Even originally slim women might experience this. Mothers might want to slim down their stomach fast. Thus, some postnatal therapies and massages, such as jamu postnatal massage and health benefits walking 60 minutes a day, can be performed to restore your slim body.

5. Jamu postnatal massage helps weight loss post childbirth

One of secret benefits of jamu postnatal massage. It is normal for mothers who just undergone labor process to have drastic increase in weight. There are many factors of increased weight post childbirth, such as mom’s diet, lack of excersise, etc. It is proven that some form of treatments post childbirth, such as jamu postnatal massage, can help the moms to lose weight.

In addition to consuming healthy diets and supplements such as vitamins, milk, etc. Receiving jamu postnatal massage can also helps lose weight fast what are the health benefits of pulling oil.

6. Jamu postnatal massage helps reduce depression post childbirth

One of good benefits of jamu postnatal massage you should know. The whole process of labor might take heavy toll on mom’s mind and body. This, in turn, may cause postnatal depression. The depression may be physical or mental depends on the circumstances. Either way, depression may be dangerous if moms don’t receive treatment after childbirth.

According to some experts and experienced therapists, jamu postnatal massage can help reduce the depression level on the moms. Going to spa or hot spring can also help.

7. Jamu postnatal helps fix the mom’s posture

One of great benefits of jamu postnatal massage for moms. Due to nine months of carrying baby’s weight inside the womb, the back spine of moms might be slightly curved, thereby causing moms to look slightly hunched and bad posture. Based on various researches, jamu postnatal massage use of powerful jamu herbs and natural healing stone can help moms get back their normal posture.

8. Jamu postnatal massage helps tighten stomach muscle

After jamu postnatal massage session is done, the moms normally will wear a special binding (after jamu herbs and ginger slimming cream are applied on the mom’s stomach). This binding will help tighten the stomach muscle. The moms will taught how to wrap this binding by the therapists.

9. Jamu postnatal massage helps reduce fatigue after childbirth and improve the quality of breastmilk

The laborious process of baby delivery may drain a lot of stamina and put heavy strain on the body. Thus, the moms might feel tired easily even after small activities. Jamu postnatal massage is said to remove fatigue.

Instructions Before Taking Postnatal Massage

Wait until 1 to 2 weeks before taking jamu postnatal massage. Moms body needs total rest after childbirth.