12 Excellent Benefits of Jamu Beras Kencur – Best Indonesia Traditional Medicine

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Jamu is a traditional drink from Java province, Indonesia. This beverage is characterized by its strong and unique aroma, and bitter to sweet taste. Jamu is often considered as herbal medicine, and many believes it can restore stamina, and cures various diseases. Jamu first appears in year 1940. This means jamu has a long history as traditional medicine in Indonesia.

Jamu is often sold by mbok jamu, a young or middle aged woman wearing kebaya or traditional outfit. Mbok jamu would sell her jamu from door to door. A place that sell jamu can also be found at some villages in Java. But, buying jamu from jamu gendong (literally means carried jamu) is more common way to buy jamu. Jamu also has many variants health benefits drinking hot water lemon morning.

Jamu may contains one type of ingredients, or can be a mix of herbal plants and spices. Kaempferia galanga is a ginger-like plant that can be mixed with pounded rice to make jamu beras kencur. Some said jamu beras kencur is good for vitality. Other than that, many still consume this traditional medicine to treat various diseases. So, what are the benefits of jamu beras kencur? Let’s check it out here.

Nutritional Value of Jamu Beras Kencur

This jamu is a mix of pounded rice and kaempferia galanga. So, it contains nutrients from both ingredients. Here are the list of nutrients (per 100 g serving size) :

  • 205 calories
  • 0.4 g total fat
  • 0 mg cholesterol
  • 1.6 mg sodium
  • 55 mg potassium
  • 45 g total carbohydrates
  • 0.6 g dietary fiber
  • 0.1 g sugars
  • 4.3 g protein
  • 1.2% DV calcium
  • 1.8% DV iron
  • Cineol
  • Borneol
  • 3-carene
  • Camphene
  • Kaempferol
  • Kaempferide
  • Cinnamaldehyde
  • P-methoxycinnamic acid
  • Ethyl cinnamate
  • Ethyl p-methoxycinnamate

How to Make Jamu Beras Kencur

Steps :

  • Prepare 200 g pounded rice, 500 g kencur, 100 g brown or panela sugar, 2 cloves, and 2 cinnamons.
  • Peel the kencur’s skin off.
  • Boil all ingredients in 1.5 litres hot water.
  • Stir it for 20 minutes.
  • Strain the water and pour it in a glass. Jamu beras kencur is ready.

The benefits of jamu beras kencur are :

1. Jamu beras kencur helps stimulate appetite

The first benefits of jamu beras kencur for your health. Thanks to kencur (kaempferia galanga) rich nutrition contents, jamu beras kencur can help stimulate appetite. Especially for little kids, jamu beras kencur is an effective stimulant for their appetite. The taste of jamu beras kencur is pleasant for the kids. Atsiri oil contents in jamu beras kencur can help stimulate appetite in young kids. Other benefits of appetizer can be read in health benefits of tea tree oil for hair and scalp.

2. Jamu beras kencur helps thicken human stomach wall

One of healthy benefits of jamu beras kencur. If consumed everyday, jamu beras kencur can help thicken stomach wall, which consists of outer and inner mucosa, muscularis externa, and serosa. So, jamu beras kencur is helpful for gastritis patients who suffer stomach wall damages.

According to various sources, gastritis medication might cause human stomach wall to be more vulnerable. There are also gastrictis medicine in benefits of extra virgin olive oil for weight loss.

3. Jamu beras kencur helps remove fatigue and body sore

Other great benefits of jamu beras kencur. Many people have consumed jamu beras kencur to remove fatigue and sores in the body. Some professions, such as construction worker, may take heavy toll on the body and cause fatigue. Jamu beras kencur can help to solve this problem. It helps restore stamina, remove fatigue, and sore in the body.

4. Jamu beras kencur helps improve vitality

For male consumers, jamu beras kencur can be used to increase vitality and restore stamina. Thus, men will not easily fatigued after intense activities health benefits of coconut milk on hair

5. Jamu beras kencur helps prevent catching a cold

Another useful benefits of jamu beras kencur. Healing properties of both rice and kaempferia galanga (kencur) is effective to prevent catching a cold. Before entering a place with low temperature and high intensity of winds, it is recommended to take a sip of jamu beras kencur first. Other than that, jamu beras kencur also helps treat nausea caused by colds.

6. Jamu beras kencur helps get rid of body ache

One of useful benefits of jamu beras kencur. According to some researches, jamu beras kencur can be used as a pain relief.

7. Jamu beras kencur helps treat cough

Based on various researches, jamu beras kencur can also be used to treat cough, sore throat, itch throat, and other respiratory problems benefits of a vegetarian diet for diabetes.

8. Jamu beras kencur makes body feel fresh

One of useful benefits of jamu beras kencur. Jamu beras kencur can help restore your stamina and concentration, thereby making body and mind feel fresh. Jamu beras kencur will make you feel like waking up in the morning all fresh and motivated.

9. Jamu beras kencur contains analgesic properties

Another superb benefits of jamu beras kencur. Kencur or kaempferia galanga is known for its analgesic properties. Thus, jamu beras kencur can be used as a pain relief. This analgesic properties is effective for body sore as well.

10. Jamu beras kencur helps weight loss

Another amazing benefits of jamu beras kencur. This one is for weight loss. There are many herbal products that claim can make you lose weight in an instant. However, it’s not recommended to consume these kind of products, as they tend to have side effects. To lose weight, you need some time and do more exercises. Also, consuming traditional beverages is one of the safest way to support your weight loss.

Jamu beras kencur helps weight loss in the most natural and healthy way.

11. Jamu beras kencur helps digestion problems

As a herbal beverage, jamu beras kancur naturally can relieve diarrhea, constipation, and other colorectal diseases. This is due to therapeutic and healing properties of kaempferis galanga.

12. Jamu beras kencur helps treat mouth ulcer

Mouth ulcer might happen to anyone due to various reasons. Jamu beras kencur can help accelerate healing process of mouth ulcer.

Recommendation Intake of Jamu Beras Kencur

The recommended consumption is two times a day.