10 Amazing Health Benefits of Physical Activity During Pregnancy

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physical activityPregnancy is a moment awaited by all married women. The presence of a child in the home can make the atmosphere more cheerful and colorful. Of course, when pregnant, a mother should keep the fetus as well as possible. One of them is by doing health benefits of physical activity during pregnancy. When pregnant, it does not mean a mother should not perform various activities. Instead, pregnant women are encouraged to perform activities as usual, such as washing, sweeping, and cooking. This is because physical activity gives a positive impact on pregnant women and also the fetus that is in the womb.

Benefits that can be obtained by pregnant women and fetus during physical activity during pregnancy are:

1.Reduce the risk of excess weight

based on research, 75% of women who are lazy to move at risk of excess weight. Obesity in pregnant women is not recommended. Therefore, pregnant women must perform physical activities to keep the body weight maintained. related article: health benefits of eating rice every day

2.Reduce the risk of obesity in infants

If the mother is less physical activity, then the weight of pregnant women will be easy to ride. This turned out not only apply to pregnant women only. However, the fetus it contains will also get the same effect of obesity. Babies who are too big are more at risk for being born by Caesarean section

3.Prevents high blood pressure

Not only healthy people who need to control blood pressure. However, this also applies to pregnant women. High blood pressure or hypertension during pregnancy will harm the fetus as well as the mother

4.Prevents preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is the presence of high protein content in the urine of pregnant women. This is a dangerous condition for pregnant women. For that pregnant women are encouraged to perform physical activities so that preeclampsia can be prevented as early as possible. read more: causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy

5.Burn a lot of calories

According to research Christina Campbell, professor of food science and nutrition at Iowa State University, doing physical activity will burn many calories in the body. this happens because when doing physical activity, many limbs are moving and sweating. or you can try health benefits morning walking

6.Eases the delivery process

Childbirth process will be easy when pregnant women do activities as usual. By doing the activity, pregnant women have stronger power in health benefits of yoga during pregnancy

7.Increase intelligence in the fetus

research in the society for neuroscience explains that doing physical activity can improve the intelligence of the fetus

8.Mother has a longer breath

This is because every physical activity, indirectly the mother is also doing breathing exercises

9.Has a stronger bone

Strong bones are needed by pregnant women. Because the fetus will get bigger and of course the body must be strong to support it

10.Has a more flexible body

Flexible body in pregnant women will provide ease effect during childbirth later


Do mild health benefits of physical activity during pregnancy, do not do heavy activities that will endanger pregnancy