11 Health Benefits of Eating in Silver Plates Will Make You Shock!

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silver platesIn Indonesia, the use of silver-based dishes is not so popular. Most Indonesians use ceramic or plastic plates. It is due to the hereditary custom and difficult to remove. In fact, the health benefits of eating in silver plates are very good for health. In fact, based on research that has been done, some bacteria do not dare to approach silver. That is also the reason why the doctor’s equipment is made of silver.

Some of the benefits you can get if you eat using a silver platter are:

  1. Powerful against microbes

Since ancient times, medical has used silver as a natural antibiotic. In addition, silver is also able to fight microbes to date. so if you eat using silver plates then your immune system will increase. You may also like this article: health benefits of probiotics

  1. Keep food fresh

People in ancient times used silver goods to store food. And it proves their food is not easy to rot. This is because silver can prevent bacteria that cause food to rot quickly

  1. Boost your immunity

Because silver plates can fight microbes, then this will automatically boost your immune system. Read more about health benefits astragalus root

  1. Have the effect of cooling the body

Compared to ordinary dishes, silver plates have properties to cool the body. it is very good to help launch the digestive system and also the metabolism of the body in benefits honey cinnamon weight loss

  1. Silver plates do not contain toxins

If you use a plastic plate, then the plate will emit harmful substances if exposed to plastic. But not with a silver plate. Silver dishes are not easily oxidized. So it cannot produce toxins that harm the body

  1. Silver plates are not damaged and broken

This is great for saving your home. Because you only need once in a lifetime to buy silverware. In contrast to fragile ceramic plates, the war plate is durable and durable

  1. Ward off free radicals

This silver plate can also lift free radicals. Free radicals can cause various diseases and also cause premature aging

  1. Regenerate your body cells

Health benefits of eating in silver plates can also regenerate your body’s cells. Read more about benefits of alkaline water

  1. Prevent infection and accelerate wound healing

Silver content can also prevent infection so as not to cause more dangerous diseases. It also can accelerate wound healing on the body

  1. Can activate damaged body cells

The next benefit of using Health benefits of eating in silver plates is that silver content can reactivate damaged body cells. So that damaged cells can be repaired and perform its functions again as before

  1. Will helps the process of digestion

A smooth digestive process will make your body healthier. That way you will not be susceptible to diseases such as diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal pain. Or you can try this way: health benefits of semolina