15 Best Benefits of Green Tea for Fertility Health

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Green tea is widely known as the great tea. It can boost the body health. The good taste of this tea also attracts people to consume it. Other than that, green tea is also believed to boost the fertility health. It is due to the presence of B vitamins and folate. Not only for that, it also provides minerals such as antioxidants, magnesium, and less caffeine as well. The polyphenols as antioxidants contained in it have a role in protecting the body against diseases. It also fights against inflammation. Indeed, compounds in green tea offer great health benefits. Then, we have listed the excellent benefits of green tea for fertility healthy below.

1. Have Less Caffeine

We know that green tea has less caffeine than regular tea. This will be good to promote pregnancy. In fact, caffeine can bring negative effects when trying to conceive. Then, it is the best way to reduce the caffeine consumption. Also, based on The National Infertility Association studies, it is known that caffeine takes part in preventing an egg from maturing properly. This can lead to lower the chances of pregnancy in women. You also check on Health Benefits of Drinking 3 Cups of Green Tea A Day

2. Prevents Free Radicals

Packed with antioxidants make green tea a great drink after all. It has gained popularity due to its benefits. One of them is to prevent free radicals. As a result, by this ability, green tea takes part to prevent DNA damage to cells including sperm and eggs. Thus, it has shown this kind of tea can be good to boost fertility health.

3. Balances Hormones

The first benefit of green tea for fertility health is to balance hormone. The excellent nutrients have a role in promoting hormones in pregnant women. In this case, it has shown that women taking green tea supplements were more likely to be pregnant after three months. By this means, green tea is beneficial to promote fertility. Thus, if you want to improve fertility, drinking green tea regularly is something that should be taken into account.

4. Improves Cervical Mucus

The next benefit of green tea for fertility health is to improve cervical mucus. It can help women to conceive by promoting fertilization process. Therefore, start to drink green tea to get the best benefits of it. In this case, if you are using green tea to promote cervical mucus, then try to drink one cup from the first day of your period until the day of ovulation.

5. Prevents Miscarriage

To prevent miscarriage, pregnant women are recommended to consume foods or drinks contained folic acid. At this point, green tea can be the good option. The nutrients in this tea help to prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida. Then, having a cup of green tea daily will help you to prevent miscarriage. Such the great benefit, right?

6. Helps Pregnancy

As explained before, green tea can help to promote pregnancy. The evidence comes from Chinese who have used this herbal tea to improve fertility. They used green tea and infusion to promote pregnancy. However, it will be a wise way to talk to the doctor first before taking this remedy. You also check on Health Benefits of Mushroom during Pregnancy

7. Improves Sperms

By drinking a cup or more green tea, then it can help to make the eggs more fertile. This is a good news for women and men as well. Based on studies, it has shown that it can improve the low sperm count as well. You also check on Health Benefits of Brinjal During Pregnancy

8. Removes Toxins

Another reason why green tea is good for fertility is that it has the ability to remove toxins. It is also linked with the presence of the antioxidant in green tea such as polyphenols. Not only for that, based on research, green tea also promote the higher percentage of viable embryos due to the presence of polyphenols and hypoxanthine. They work to remove unwanted toxins in the body. As a result, it deals with fertility issues and manages the well being for sure. Thus, having green tea as a natural fertility way is a very good option.

9. Hydrates Body

Consequently, green tea can hydrate your body. It helps your body to receive enough fluids and water. As a result, it can promote cervical mucus and promote the reproductive system as well. Based on recent studies, it has shown that consuming stimulating drinks like green tea can boost fertility. Therefore, as you know that green tea is a good drink, then you can count on it to promote the fertility health. You also check on Benefits of Watermelon for Males and Females Fertility

Also, there are other health benefits of green tea which are:

10. Treats Depression

If you face hard days, then don’t forget to drink green tea. It really has soothing properties which cure your depression. Also, it is helpful to prevent anxiety as well. You also check on Symptoms of Depression

11. Relieves Cold and Flu

By having antiseptic properties, green tea can cure the infections on the body. As a result, this kind of tea can prevent and relieve cold and flu. Thus, you can have 1-3 cups daily to deal with these certain health problems.

12. Cures Fever

In the same way, fever can be cured by drinking herbal teas. Then, green tea would be a very good option for you to combat this disease.

13. Boosts Metabolism

14. Boosts Immune System

15. Promotes Skin Health

Tips for Consuming

  • You can make your own green tea or simply buy the tea bags at health food store. Make sure to check for the best quality.
  • Then, drink 1-3 cups daily will help you to achieve the best health benefits of it.
  • More than that, it is suggested to consume other healthy foods to boost your fertility health. For the example, there are nettle leaves to act as a general tonic for fertility while raspberry lead is good to promote fertility and contractions for pregnant women.

As the summarizing, green tea is such a great herbal tea to treat certain health problems. Drinking it regularly will bring benefits for sure. One of them is to promote fertility health. Hence, make sure you drink green tea to have the healthier body then. Good luck!