7 Health Benefits of Playing Chess You Shouldn’t Miss

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Only several people indeed find that playing chess is amusing. It is because playing chess is less physic involvement.

Winning the game is about how good your implementation of strategic skill. It explains why only certain people interested in this game.

Chess or also known as a board game is originated from Indian games called Chaturanga. It needs two players to play.

Each player will have sixteen pieces consist of a king, a queen, two knights, two rooks, two bishops, and eight pawns.

The point to win the game is to take down the king. It sounds easy, but each piece has its movement.

Playing chess isn’t only about moving forward but also think about how to synchronize your tactics with each piece’s movement.

These make it harder for several people to find pleasure but not after seeing what kind of health benefits of playing candy crush and chess offered.

Without further ado, these are health benefits of playing chess anyone won’t miss it.

1. It improves your problem-solving skill.

The point of playing the game is to take down the king. Therefore, both player will try and find out the best way to execute it.

It helps people to develop their skills in solving a problem unconsciously.

It will make anyone doesn’t feel pushed to achieve or being something.

2. It teaches anyone about winning and loose.

Movement by movement and able to checkmate the king feels so amazing like experiencing Mongolian beef health benefits.

It is also when you are on the losing side. Playing chess teaches the players about the value of being the winner or not.

It doesn’t all about that point but about doing the best in all possibilities lay ahead. 

3. Prevent Alzheimer.

Playing chess could reduce the possibility of someone to suffer from Alzheimer. Player tries to find out each other movement and try to win.

This thing that happens along the play is an exercise for the brain. It helps the brain expand its function better.

Thus prevent people from having ways to prevent Alzheimer and dementia.

4. Playing chess teaches consequence of every choice.

Anyone could start with the bishop, while others may choose to let the pawn go first. Whatever the choice is, it will have any consequence.

It can be losing some of the pieces or one step closer to winning the cognitive benefits of playing video games everyday.

Teaching anyone about this value is one of the health benefits of playing chess.

5. Better memory capacity through playing chess.

As it told before, this game less physical involvement but require a lot of strategic skills.

It means a lot of thinking on how to checkmate the king.

So, the player will think consecutively every step they take and every consequence that come after.

It also triggers the player to memorize the movement and what they do next if the plan isn’t going well.

6. Playing chess is training your focus.

Chess requires patient and focus at the same time. Choosing to move while absent-minded will lead to some traps.

Maybe losing some pioneers but being loose is not anyone favorite.

Every player need to be focused while playing it because they need to know the movement and more.

7. Playing chess improves people forecasting skill.

Chess is entirely about how you will make your opponent lose one of their pieces or loose.

Therefore, it needs the prediction skill of player step or strategy.

Players also need to forecast what comes after if they decide to choose some movement.

It is unpredictable that playing chess will have many benefits.

Many people think that playing chess is only wasting time, but maybe it will change their perspective about playing chess.

Meanwhile others maybe still find that playing chess is difficult. 

Therefore, some tips mention down below could help anyone to take down pieces or even win the benefits of games for seniors.

1. You should know each piece’s movement.

It seems simple but practical wayfar from simple. It is the basis of this game and not knowing a single of itmeans already loose.

2. As the first step, trust your pawn to take a lead.

Somehow people become anxious tostart their first movement. Then, why not try to have the pawn show themselves.

3. The way is opened; take the bishop and warrior out.

When the pawn already opens the way, let take the bishop and night out on the center of the board. It allows you to have another movement and attack.

4. Don’t waste time, do what you should do.

Focus on what is your strategy,if there is a chance to do it. Every time chance can be a turnover and if the opponentread what you are trying to do, better to have the second option.

Those who still think about playing chess is boring, well, let them be.

Those benefits can be yours by having some match with a friend and good luck trying the tips too.