26 Health Benefits of Marigold Plant #1 Top Herbal Medicine

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Marigold, kind of plant Greece name is Tagetes erecta, is actually a flower that comes from Mexico and Central America. What means by marigold is a flower or a plant that lives along the years, so the one who plant this kind of plant should not be worry whether or not this plant becomes easy to be cared, because this plant couldn’t be involved as a kind of vulnerable plants.

In earlier month, this Marigold will grow and rise even in a very dry and hot season, that’s also become the reason why this kind of plant has amazed Indonesian flower cultivator to plant this Marigold (Bali is the example of city which has lots of Marigold cultivator).

As physically, marigold lives with unique physical appearance that make this flower become different with other flowers. Marigold grow and split with bright yet beautiful yellow colors on its petals, beside its petals grow pile up and make the plants become so fresh and eye catching. Marigold has 15 cm to 90 cm in height and one of the flowers which has really big petals. You may also read about Health Benefits of Purslane Plant

Substances of Marigold Flower 

Marigold classified as one of flowers which has lots of benefit in term of medical, because there are so much beneficial substance inside the flower, which are:

  1. Karotenoid

Carotenoids is one of organic chemical substance with full of nutrient inside, and the organic chemical substance exist on the natural pigment in flowers or even animals. Based on their chemical structure, carotenoids can be classified in terpenoidS group. Carotenoids is the common substance that can cause ‘red, yellow, orange, and dark green color’ on the flowers, and Marigold is one of them

  1. Lutein ester

Lutein ester is one of the substances that commonly absorb the UV light until 90 % of it. It’s also one of the substances that essential for human body in order to protect the body from UV light then it will cause some of disease and damage for human’s eyes and the normal virtual function of human.

Lutein Ester is kind of Lutein that has high bioavailability (active substance on human blood) and it makes Lutein ester better than other usual kind of Lutein. With the power of high bioavailability, Lutein become so much easier to be absorbed and become long lasting in the blood so that the effect of this Lutein Ester can be long lasting too

  1. Beta- carotene

Beta carotene classified as one of carotenoids substance that give yellow and reddish color on some fruits like carrot, and tomatoes. Beta carotene has so many benefit on human’s body because it can act as anti oxidant to fight any symptoms of inflammation (cause as human reaction toward infection).

Beta carotene better known as pro vitamin A, those pro vitamin A which lay on some food will be converted to be vitamin A inside human body. In order to have a strong immunity, good quality of health, bright vision and clear yet healthy eyes, vitamin A is the prominent vitamin that required to support those benefit for human.

  1. Trans-lutein

Trans lutrin as other karotenoid, it will highly effective to be-absorbed when someone consume it with fatty food. Fortunately, trans – lutein found naturally in human eyes to protect eyes from oxidation stress and dangerous sun light which an threat human health. Lutein can prevent any eyes disease especially disease which relate with degeneration process.

  1. Xantofil

Like other carotenoids, xantofil effectively beat free radical which can cause any damage on human organ. Xantofil will be beneficial for people who want to have bright and healthy skin, boost immunity, and fight for other dangerous substance that will destroy humans immunity.

Health Benefits of Marigold Plant

Here are the health benefits of marigold plant for you:

  1. Remove any form of toxin from human body

Marigold can be brewed to be a fresh tea that clean any toxin from humans liver and bile, so it will prevent human from any dangerous disease caused by toxin. You may also read about Health Benefits of Fern Plants

  1. Home remedies for gastro – intestinal damage and disease

Marigold flower can protect gastric and colon organ of human in order to prevent human to get any peptic ulcer, gastritis (caused by high acid inside the stomach), even stomach cancer.

  1. Fight against free radical

As a plant which very rich of anti oxidant, Marigold can help the body to fight free radical that cause early aging symptoms and disease, more than that, this flower also act as anti – carcinogenic. You may also read about List of Herbal Plants Found in the Philippines

  1. Home remedies to decrease human body’s temperature (cure fever) and sore throat

Thus, there are many health benefits of marigold plant as natural remedy. 

More Uses of Marigold Plant

Health benefits of Marigold in order to support human body to keep healthy, which are:

  1. As natural remedies to cure eyes disease
  2. Can be used as a cream to cure chronic injury or wound
  3. Act as Anti inflammation
  4. To fight any infection ( cause d by bacteria, and virus)
  5. Natural remedies for upper respiratory infection
  6. Work effectively to thinning the sputum
  7. Home remedies that can be used to the problem of irregular period
  8. Good for elderly who got many problems with their bone (weakness)
  9. Can be very beneficial to consume as supplement that boost immune system
  10. Fight for Rheumatic symptoms
  11. Can be used to heal the worst pain come due to toothache
  12. Decrease body’s temperature (for fever)
  13. Natural medicine to cure cough which create uncomfortable condition inside human’s body
  14. Act very good to cure infection caused by fungi (especially the secondary infection because of fungi and then create worst skin damage on it)
  15. Works really well to heal any skin infection that has risk to develop as skin cancer
  16. Good for people who have anemia (a disease when people don’t have enough count of hemoglobin inside their red blood cell, anemia will create so many bad impacts which are: weakness, pale eyes and skin, easy to feel tired, can’t get full concentration on works or study)
  17. Fight as insect repellent (commonly used as one of basic ingredients in any brand of repellent) Then, you may also read about List of Medicinal Plants in South Africa

Because it grows so beautiful and eye catching, Marigold become one of the most favorite flowers people used to plant, or even people admire it by create false buckets of marigold petal to be one of accessories in their home. More than that, Marigold also can be used as very beneficial kind of flower even in medical ways that people might not imagine before. Thus, also check out about List of Medicinal Plants in Himalayas