Top 10 Health Benefits of Black Eyed Susan – The Yellow Daisy

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Do you have garden in your house’s yard? Have you ever taken a closer look to what you have been growing in your garden? A lot of people out there are falling in love with the beauty of the flowers without knowing that those beauties contain medical and healing properties which for thousands of years have been used as home remedy or traditional medicine. One example, what do you know about the health benefits of Black-eyed Susan? Black-eyed Susah is a flower plant commonly found in the public garden which is similar to sunflower with bright and beautiful petals and black center from where the name ‘black-eyed’ comes from.

What Is Black-eyed Susan?

Black-eyed Susan has botanical name Rudbeckia hirta. This flower plant is native to Eastern and Central North America which comes from the family of sunflower but smaller in size. That is why, because of the size, Black-eyed Susan is also commonly addressed as Yellow Daisy. As mentioned above there are a lot of beautiful flowers that are actually containing some medical properties and Black-eyed Susan is among the top list. Since ancient time, this flower plant has been part of traditional medicine for the native American medicinal herb and has been used to treat some health conditions and until now has been believed as home remedy solution.

Nutritional Values of Black-eyed Susan

Speaking of the nutritional values of Black-eyed Susan, some studies have been conducted and some properties like antioxidants, astringent up to microbial agents were found in this flower. To learn more about the health benefits of Black Eyed Susah the list below will tell you in details.

  1. Excellent Immunity Booster

One of the amazing health benefits of black-eyed Susan is its antioxidants content. That is why this flower is an excellent immunity booster. Some studies have been conducted and there are a lot of immunity booster supplements were made from the extract of Black-eyed Susan’s flower, just like the benefits of daisy flower extract. To get all the benefits you could make it into an herbal tea.

  1. Home Remedy to Cold

The fact that Black-eyed Susan is effective solution to cold has been proven scientifically through some studies. Aside from that, this is no longer a secret because Black-eyed Susan has been part of Native American medicinal herb to treat cold for over centuries. You could make it into a herbal tea to help fighting the cold and accelerating the recovery process.

  1. Helps Combating Viral Infection

Viral infection caused by influenza virus will not cause fatal condition but could be really annoying. Just because you have flu, you cannot go to work because you don’t want to affect other people and you should have a bed rest because it is the only one to fight viral infection. However, to accelerate the recovery process and shorten the lifespan of the virus you could consume black-eyed Susan supplement or drink the herbal tea.

  1. Treats Earache

Some studies have found out that the root of Black-eyed Susan is excellent to treat earache. Earache is a condition caused by some infection in the hearing organ. You could use the root of Black-eyed Susan as an ear drop because the microbial agents found in this flowering plant is effective to kill the bacteria that cause the earache.

  1. Effective Treatment to Manage High Blood Pressure

There are a lot of people out there who are fighting the symptoms of high blood pressure without knowing that managing it is not as difficult as they think. The stem of Black-eyed Susan contains some active properties that could help manage the high blood pressure and prevent some fatal conditions such as stroke and heart attack.

  1. Treats Diuretic

Diuresis or diuretic is a condition that occurs when there is something wrong with your metabolism. Sometimes, it is a strong indication of a much more serious health condition like an indication that a person is suffering from certain types of diabetes. However, before you find the root of the problem you could use Black-eyed Susan to treat the diuresis.

  1. Home Remedy to Swelling

There are a lot of factors that could cause swelling. However, the root of it is inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties found in Black-eyed Susan are effective solution to some swelling condition and one of them is edema.

  1. Great to Treat Edema

Edema is not a condition you could take lightly. It is better to find the root of the problem that cause edema but before you are focusing on the medication, using Black-eyed Susan as the first-aid solution is highly recommended. It is a natural way to treat edema without side effect, so in case you have specific health conditions, you don’t need to worry about the side effect unless you are allergic to this flowering plant.

  1. Potent Antidote Against Snakebite

One of the amazing health benefit of this flowering plant is it is a potent antidote against snakebite. In other words, if it is able to help treating snakebite and then it is also great to treat insect bites. Perhaps, it is a very good reason why you should grow this beautiful flower in your garden because you would never know when snakes will attack you or your children especially for you who are living in rural area.

  1. Great for Herbal Tea

Surely you have known about the health benefits of herbal tea before bed or in the morning. Right now, there are a lot of herbal teas in the form of ready to drink products but still making it yourself is much better. However, there is one important note you should know that you could use all parts of the Black-eyed Susan flowering plant except the seeds because the seeds are poisonous.

Cautions of Black-Eyed Susan

One important thing you should know about Black-Eyed Susan is though most of the part of this flower contains medical properties as mentioned above but not all the parts are edible. The list of caution below will tell you about the side effects that may occur when you are taking black-eyed Susan as part of traditional medicine or home remedy solution.

  • Though Black-eyed Susan is from the family of Sunflower but unlike the benefits of sun flower seeds, one of the parts of black-eyed Susan that is not edible is the seeds. The seeds are poisonous when consumed. So, don’t ever try to consume it.
  • When you are taking Black-eyed Susah to treat some health conditions is better to consult it with your doctor first to avoid negative interaction with the current medication you have.
  • If you are taking Black-eyed Susan but then some conditions like nausea, headache or itchy skin occur, you should contact your doctor immediately because those are the indication that you are allergic to this flower plant.

The list of health benefits of Black-Eyed Susan mentioned above are enough to give you the inside knowledge that there are a lot of beautiful things in this world that keep amazing secret. Before you read this article, all this time you just know that the black-eyed Susan you grow in your backyard are great flowerbed without knowing that the flower is also a potent antidote against the snakebite.