Health Benefits of Bulbine Natalensis – #Top Herbal Plant

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Consuming herb will help you to achieve the healthier body. In this case, one of the top herb plant to heal certain diseases is Bulbine Natalensis. It comes from Southern and South Eastern Africa that has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac as well as some other beneficial properties. This herb is a plant from the family of Asphodelaceae. It is being consumed as the supplement for promoting body functions and the leaf sap is also used for topical purposes such as cracked lips and burns. Moreover, the leaves are also used for intestinal issues (diarrhea, vomiting, convulsions) and have been reported to be used for anti-diabetic and anti-rheumatoid purposes. Therefore, to give you more information, here we list the health benefits of Bulbine Natalensis below.

1. Improves Fertility

As stated before, Bulbine Natalensis is consumed to be an aphrodisiac. In this case, it has effects to promote testosterone. It is based on rat studies that show this herb has an effect on testosterone in 50mg/kg (of a 10:1 extraction) that appear to be the optimal dosage. Besides, it is known that the herb supplement has a role in improving gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) – a master hormone that controls the production and release of your male hormones. In addition, a study published in Pharmaceutical Biology shown that dosing rats with 25, 50 and 100 mg per kg of body weight significantly improved testosterone levels. Thus, If you want to use this herbal supplement as a way to improve fertility, then you may need to talk to your doctor first. You can also check on Benefits of Green Tea for Fertility Health

2. Increases Size of Testes

Surprisingly, having Bulbine Natalensis as your herbal treatment may affect to the increasing size of the testes. This is also based on its overall functionality and increased testosterone.

3. Prevents Fungal Infections

As the presence of chemicals called phytosterols in this herb, Bulbine Natalensis has an ability to prevent fungal infections. In this case, it helps to prevent the growth of one of the most toxic fungi (Aspergillus flavus). Hence, as you know that Bulbine Natalensis has the great effect to boost your health, then you will have no doubt to choose it as your herbal supplement. You can also check on Health Benefits of Baking Soda for Candida and Yeast Infection

4. Prevents Bacterial Infections

Another health benefit provided by Bulbine Natalensis is to prevent bacterial infections. In this case, this herb can prevent the growth of Staphylococcus aereus, a bacteria resistant to many antibiotics that cause skin infections. Besides, it also stops the growth of bacterias like Streptococcus faecalis and Escherichia coli. As a result, it can help you to prevent certain health problems such as diarrhea.

5. Promotes Wound Healing

Consequently, using Bulbine Natalensis can be good as the wound treatment. This is proven by the study shown that the herb has an ability to heal cutaneous wounds in pigs. Moreover, researchers found that the wounds treated with leaf gel extracts from this plant healed much faster than wounds that were left untreated. Thus, if you want to speed up the healing process of the wound, then Bulbine Natalensis can be the good treatment for you.

6. Promotes Muscle Health

Also, it is showed that Bulbine Natalensis can help to promote muscle health. It is due to the content of this herb which are alkaloids, saponins and also cardiac glycosides – compounds that act on the contractile force of cardiac muscle. As a result, it can help to promote the strong muscle. Such the great benefits, right? You can also check on Health Benefits of Fish Oil for Muscle Building

7. Promotes Muscle Recovery

The next one is the health benefits of Bulbine Natalensis to promote muscle recovery. If you like to do exercise in the gym and got muscle pain, the taking this herbal supplement is such a good way.

8. Boosts Energy

One of the great health benefits of Bulbine Natalensis is to boost energy. In this case, using this herbal plant as your supplement can make you train stronger. Also, it can help to promote the body muscle mass as well. Thus, if you want to boost more body energy, then it is recommended to consume healthy foods which contain the source of carbohydrates and protein as well as taking the Bulbine Natalensis. You can also check on Health Benefits of Chinese Food for Energy and Immune System

9. Treats Diarrhea

As described before, Bulbine Natalensis have the ability to prevent bacterial infections. By doing this, it can prevent the occurrence of diarrhea. As a matter of fact, it helps to stops the growth of bacterias like Streptococcus faecalis and Escherichia coli. Then, if you suffer from this problem, you can take the plant or have it in a capsule form. You can also check on How to Prevent Diarrhea in Toddlers and Adults

10. Treats Diabetes

Many people are afraid to get the risks of diabetes. This chronic disease affects people and needs a right treatment and prevention. In this case, it is known that Bulbine Natalensis may help to treat diabetes. It is due to the presence of anti-diabetic effects. Then, if you want to treat or prevent diabetes, it is suggested to have the healthy lifestyle and eat healthy foods which have good fiber and Bulbine Naalensis as well.

Also, here we give you the tips for consuming Bulbine Natalensis below.

Tips for Consuming

  • First, you can find the Bulbine Natalensis in a supplement form or plant seedlings or the seeds themselves. Then, you can buy them in the online market.
  • The powdered and stacked form is available to promote the muscle building. This includes the extract of Bulbine Natalensis. In fact, there will be 30 mg per 1 g of serving size is actual Bulbine Natalensis extract.
  • Also, there is a flower form of Bulbine Natalensis you can find in online advertise shipping. Then, you can buy other forms of Bulbine Natalensis such as capsuled extract that sold by online markets.
  • Next, if you want to use Bulbine Natalensis to promote the testosterone, then it is recommended to have 350 mg of it in capsuled extract form.

To conclude, Bulbine Natalensis can be used as the herbal treatment for you. It provides the health benefits including to boost energy and promote muscle health. With the right use and moderation, then you can get the best health benefits of Bulbine Natalensis. Then, good luck!