10 Amazing Health Benefits of Curcuma Xanthorrhiza

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curcuma xanthorrizaOne that has not changed in an age that has changed into modern is the treatment with herbal ingredients. Indonesia is rich in herbal medicinal ingredients, one of which is temulawak or known in Latin as Curcuma Xanthorrhiza. For the lower middle-class society, herbal medicine is a good alternative as a substitute for chemical drugs along with medical care which usually from the aspect of cheaper price of herbal medicine. But herbal ingredients are now a lot of research and proved some have many benefits, one of which is Curcuma xanthorrizha.

This plant originated from Indonesia, especially the island of Java, then spread to various areas of Malesia biogeography area. Currently, the cultivation of Curcuma xanthorrizha other than in Indonesia is also found in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China, India, Japan and even some European and American countries also exist.

Health benefits of Curcuma xanthorrizha contains important substances that our body needs, such as:

  • curcuminoid starch
  • essential oil

The higher the place grows, the lower the level of the stool and the higher the oil content, vice versa. In ginger starch, there is protein, carbohydrates, crude fiber, curcuminoid, potassium, sodium, benefits of calcium, iron, manganese, and cadmium.

Lots of benefits for your health if you consume Curcuma xanthorrizha, some of which we present to you.

  1. Overcoming inflammation

The content of curcuminoid and also essential oils are believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. So it is very good to treat and prevent the occurrence of inflammation in your body like health benefits of arnica.

  1. Alternative medicine for liver dysfunction

Kurkuminoid has the efficacy of treating disorders of liver health and prevent fatty liver cells. Several scientific studies and clinical trials have been carried out by scientists from both Indonesia and the world, and the result generally supports the use of Curcuma xanthorrizha as a traditional medicine that can use to liver disease and stiff.

  1. Increase endurance

All parts of Curcuma xanthorrizha efficacious but the rhizome of the most widely used. This part of the rhizome contains more than one hundred kinds of compounds such as amylase, phenolase, fat, starch, minerals, phenol derivatives (curcuminoids) and essential oils. These compounds proved to be generally effective in optimally improving endurance.

  1. Normalize the affected tissue

In the world of physiotherapy, Curcuma xanthorrizha is classified as an adaptogen, a harmless substance that can promote increased resistance to toxins or which can affect physically, chemically and biologically. In general, it has the effect of normalizing the affected tissue.

  1. Lowering cholesterol levels in the blood

The main ingredient of Curcuma xanthorrizha is curcuminoids. Consisting of two types of compounds namely curcumin and desmetoksikurkumin which have properties one of them is to lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

  1. Restore the health of liver cells

The combination of curcuminoid and essential oils has the ability to accelerate the regeneration of liver cells that are damaged by the effects of chemical toxins.

  1. Increase your appetite

For parents who have children with low appetite, then Curcuma xanthorriza can be a powerful drug to increase your child’s appetite. Certainly in a form that has been processed so it can be very safe and delicious when consumed by your child. Its work is low dose Curcuma can accelerate the process of emptying the stomach so that the appetite will soon increase again.

  1. Prevent and cure acne

Curcuma xanthorrizha has an astringent trait that causes the reduction in the pores of the skin so that indirectly will inhibit the appearance of acne on the skin surface. Read more about how to get rid of acne

  1. Prevent tumors

Curcuma xanthorrizha also has the benefit of inhibiting the action of enzymes or other components that cause the growth of tumor cells. So the regular use of Curcuma xanthorrizha in tumor sufferers is the right step.

  1. Prevent the appearance of dengue fever

The essential oil content of Curcuma xanthorrizha has the use of inhibiting Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to get closer to your body. This will cause you to avoid the danger of dengue fever because this type of mosquito is a carrier of dengue virus.


Although health benefits of Curcuma xanthorrizha have many benefits, you remain alert because there are some side effects you should know when taking Curcuma xanthorrizha. Consumption with a small amount will be very good for the stomach, but if too much can cause a sense of heat and full of stomach. This condition will cause nausea and vomiting.