10 Top Health Benefits of Zakuski

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zakuskiIf you are visiting in a country like Russia or countries that used to belong to the Russian empire, such as Poland. Then you will find a food menu called health benefits of Zakuski who is very familiar in the country’s society even has become a tradition. Zakuski is a typical appetizer before the main menu at a dinner party.

Various food items commonly served on zakuski are cuts of cold meat, preserved fish, mixed salads, pirozhki, various pickled vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, pickled mushrooms, as well as caviar and bread. Much nutritional content in it, some of them:

So much of the ingredients and nutrients in the opening menu Zakuski, some we present to you the health benefits if you consume it.

  1. Maintain the cardiovascular system

The high content of potassium and magnesium in one of zakuski ingredients, namely caviar has the function of maintaining the health of the blood circulation to and from the heart.

  1. Good for healthy bones and teeth

Vitamin D found in zakuski dish has long been believed to have the ability to maintain bone health and tooth density from the initial stage of the formation to maintain it.

  1. Increase hemoglobin levels

The postoperative body requires a sufficient hemoglobin intake so that the circulation of oxygen in the blood can flow smoothly. This compound is found in caviar which is part of zakuski.

  1. Surfing your metabolism

Zakuski dishes are rich in proteins that have extraordinary functions for the body. Overall, proteins play an important role in helping to increase body metabolism.

  1. Formation of new cells

Proteins contained in some materials zakuski has a function as a body-shaped cell. Protein will ensure the existence of new cells replacement damaged so that our body is maintained health.

  1. Energy sources

In addition to carbohydrates, protein in health benefits of black chicken is also a source of practical energy. By consuming zakuski dish, we will have extra energy besides enjoying delicious zakuski dish.

  1. Maintain eye health

Vitamin A found in zakuski dishes is known as a nutrient that maintains eyes health and eye function.

  1. Maintain the function of the thyroid gland

Hormones in the body have different functions and use. The thyroid gland is the organ that regulates the production of these hormones. Iodine content in zakuski dish will maintain the function of the thyroid gland.

  1. Caring for skin health

Iodine in zakuski also has a function to help maintain healthy skin in the list fruits healthy skin.

  1. Prevent stroke

You do not have to worry when the menu is offered very variant zakuski and looks pretty much fat there. The rich iodine-rich fish will help prevent the health problems caused by the piles of nasty fats.


You need to be aware of the subject matter of fish used in the dish of health benefits of zakuski. Used fish are usually sea fish. The process of these fish before it is served to note that worms in the sea still exist in the body of fish and we consume.