7 Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables for Kindergarten

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Fruits and vegetables are probably not being kids’ favorite foods. However, those two foods are necessary for their growth and development.

It would make the kinder interest if they eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables with different colors – where the parent can put them in their daily meal.

There are many ways you can do to the fruits and vegetables to make the kinder more interest – fruit and vegetables they can consume in raw, baked, grated or diced.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthier than in a juice or you can read in different types fruit juice benefits. The juice you can combine with sugar up to six teaspoons and moreover it is less in dietary fiber. On the other hand, canned (low salt), dried and frozen fruit and vegetables are also great, rather than not consume them at all.

In addition, take the natural juice without sugar or salt is recommended. It is because the kinder will get more health benefits that are followed by essential nutrients or you can read in nutritional benefits of fruits vegetables and pulses.

The fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fiber or you can read in . Furthermore, they may have an impact on their better health for now until adulthood. Here are the details of health benefits of fruits and vegetables for kindergarten:

  1. Improve digestive system

The digestive systems of the kinder are not yet as strong as adult. That could be the reason why fruits and vegetables are needed to be consumed, especially for the kinder. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber where the fiber or you can read in health benefits of fiber supports in improves the digestive system. However, those two foods are necessary for the health of our body.

  1. Prevent disease

High in essential nutrients make fruits and vegetables support in prevent disease. The fact said that consume those foods prevent the kinder from the risk of cancer, heart problems, constipation and other diseases. Due to the benefit, the kinder will be more active and actually have productive days that would be beneficial for their future.

  1. Improve academic performance

One of the most beneficial health benefits of fruits and vegetables for kindergarten is to improve their academic performance. It has been proven by a study in 2008 in “Journal of School Health” that kinder with poor quality of fruits and vegetables more likely to have poor academic assessments. In addition, the kinder also need to balance it with study well.

  1. Control weight

Fruits and vegetables are less in calories and fat that makes them effective in lose weight. USDA Economic Research Service also prove that consume many fruits (including vegetables) are related to a lower Body Mass Index. The physicians use a tool to assess weight associated with height, based on a study in “Food Review.” that published in 2002.

  1. Boost immune system

The benefit of fruits and vegetables to prevent disease is related to immune system. As the immune system increases, it will against diseases. The increasing of immune system is in relation with high of nutrients in those foods, especially for vitamin C. In that case, the increasing of immune system also they can get from other vitamins, but it is better to get it from fresh fruit and vegetables.

  1. Improve the function of brain

The function of their brain will improve when the kinder consume enough of fruits and vegetables. Actually there are many products that offer the benefit to increase intelligence, but it is not as same as if they consume fruits and vegetable directly. But, those vitamins can be an option if the kinder refuse to eat those foods due to taste.

  1. Acts as anti-aging

Those who are more likely to consume fruits and vegetables, tend to look young when they get older. Vitamin and mineral in fruits and vegetables has the benefit to slow down the aging. So, if the kinder like to consume those foods, they are not only have a healthy body but also young face and skin while they are growing.

So, those are some of health benefits of fruits and vegetables for kindergarten. Furthermore, here are list benefits fruits vegetables and benefits of organic fruits and vegetables.