Health Benefits of Clary Sage Oil – Essential of Aromatherapeutic

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Clary sage oil is extracted from the clary sage plant. The clary sage plant has a long-proven track record for being a medicinal herb. It is also considered to be successful in being made into essential oils particularly because it stimulates hormones in women.

Also, clary sage oils are also known to be good in solving other menstrual related problems such as cramps or irregular menstrual cycles themselves. So, what exactly is the clary sage plant? And what are the other health benefits of clary sage oil?

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About the Clary Sage Plant

The clary sage or the Salvia sclarea is a short-lived perennial that calls the Mediterranean, North Africa and Central Asia home. They can grow in between 0.9-1.2m in height and are perhaps known to be most useful in being the primary ingredient for essential oils. Their stems are also thick and square with flowers aligned on verticils. Each verticil can contain from 2 up to 6 flowers.

Apart from being used as essential oils, its aromatherapeutic characteristic has also found its way towards wines as well as liquors.

Primary Components of Clary Sage

  • Sclareol
  • Alpha-terpineol
  • Geraniol
  • Linalyl Acentate
  • Linalool
  • Caryophyllene
  • Neryl Acetate
  • Germacrene-D

What are its Health Benefits?

Here’s the health benefits of Clary Sage Oil for you!

  1. Clary Sage Oils Help Fight Against Depression

This is the first health benefit of clary sage oil. Clary sage essential oils are a natural anti-depressant and boost confidence, spirit, self-esteem, mental strength and others in return. So whenever you are down, inhaling the aroma of clary sage oils can help you cheer up again. Indeed, this essential oil starts to be prescribed to patients who are in rehabilitation because of depression.

  1. Clary Sage Oils also Help Reduce Convulsions

Convulsions are sudden, violent and irregular movement of body limbs caused by an immediate contraction of muscles. This essential oil help in reducing convulsions by acting as a sedative for tense nerves.

  1. Clary Sage Oils Guard You from Possible Bacterial Infections

Infections, both bacterial and general can be prevented by using clary sage essential oil just like the health benefits of bitter almond essential oil. Clary sage oils are antibacterial and antifungal, brings down the growth and spread of infections and also blocks away possible new infections from foreign particles. Clary sage essential oils can prevent bacterial infections precisely in the colon, intestines, urinary tract as well as digestive system.

And then, clary sage oil also works by protecting the wound from additional germs or being septic if the oil is applied on the wound topically. In fact, it’s antiseptic qualities are also used in post-surgical recoveries by limiting the possibilities of further infections. 

  1. Clary Sage Oils Stimulate the Libido

Here is another well known property of clary sage oils. Clary sage oils are an aphrodisiac that boosts libido and stimulates sexual appeal. Studies prove that clary sage oils for stimulating sexual desire is equally effective for both men and women by increasing their testosterone and estrogen levels respectively, which are the keys to stamina plus interest in sexual activities.

  1. Clary Sage Oils Contain Plenty of Antioxidants

This type of essential oil contains antioxidants that may come useful for oral health the same way with the health benefits of orange essential oil for teeth health. Clary sage oils are astringents that can strengthen the gum to avoid tooth fall or tooth decay. On the other hand, it also provides a holistic care to the skin, hair, plus muscles to make us feel younger and more active.

  1. Clary Sage Oils can also be Used as Skincare

Linalyl acetate is what enables the clary sage oil to be used as skincare by reducing dermatological inflammation plus irritation. It also increases the production of natural oils inside the skin to reduce dryness and make the skin healthy, young and beautiful.

  1. Clary Sage Oils Eliminate Flatulence

Clary sage oils also possess carminative and anti-gas abilities that can eliminate gas in a matter of seconds. It eliminates excess gas from our bodies as well as bloating in the long run. Excess gas in the stomach gradually pushes itself towards the chest as it accumulates in the abdomen, thus posing risk to the lungs, heart or any other vital organs. With the help of clary sage oils, these gases will be pushed downwards inside our body.

  1. Clary Sage Oils Help Regulate and Organize Menstrual Schedule

Women with irregular menstrual cycles should perhaps try on clary sage essential oils before they consult a gynecologist. This type of essential oil stimulates the opening of obstructed periods and make them regular painlessly without any visible side effects. It can also treat other period-related symptoms such as pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), cramps, bloating, mood swings, drastic increase in appetite and others by balancing the hormones that triggers these.  

  1. Clary Sage Oils Prevents Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure can be prevented with the help of clary sage essential oils by relaxing the veins and arteries from stress, which cause hypertension. The blood vessels are then widened, which also promotes efficient yet healthy blood circulation as well as increased transportation of oxygen towards the rest of the body.

Indeed, cardiac arrests, strokes, brain hemorrhage and other life-threatening diseases can also be prevented through clary sage essential oils because they are all also triggered by stress in the veins.

  1. Clary Sage Oils also Act as a Deodorizer

Purchasing deodorants at the store may not only be financially unsustainable, but also environmentally unsustainable thanks to its synthetic chemical content. Besides, conventional deodorants remove odor only at a limited timeframe, say only 24-hours after application. Clary sage oils also work as an organic deodorant because of its diluted form without any known side effects. Therefore, it is healthier, more economical, and lasts longer.

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Warnings and Precautions

Clary sage oil is an aromatherapy by nature, which also acts as a relaxant and a sedative. Given that property, it may enhance and boost intoxication by alcohol or narcotics, especially at heavy dosages since it may lead to additional headaches too.