Super Health Benefits of Lantana Camara

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For those of you fans of ornamental plants, certainly no stranger to Lantana Camara. Ornamental plants originating from Central and South America are included in the Verbenaceae family. Not only functions as an ornamental plant but the health benefits of Lantana Camara affects body health as follows:

1. Prevent free radicals

Free radicals are very detrimental to the body. Therefore, protecting yourself from free radicals is very important. One of them is with this Lantana Camara plant. Because this herbal plant contains antioxidants. Besides, the Lantana Camara is also carcinogenic.

2. Improve digestive problems

Have you ever had digestion problems? I’m sure almost everyone has experienced it. Various kinds of digestive problems that often occur are heartburn and stomach health. To overcome this, you can consume Lantana Camara flowers by making it a beverage like tea.

3. Remove toxins from the body

Another benefit that you can get by consuming Lantana Camara is removing toxins from the body. Toxins that accumulate in the body will make the organ’s performance can not be maximized. Therefore the poison must be removed. Read more: Health benefits cabbage soup diet

4. Treating cough

Coughing is a disease that often occurs. Many ways you can do to cure cough in herbal. One way is by gargling using Lantana Camara water.

5. Stomach medicine

Stomach ache is classified as a mild disease. However, abdominal pain can interfere with daily activities. A simple way you can do at home is to take a few leaves of health benefits of Lantana Camara. Then add it with oil, then rub it on the sick stomach.

6. For skin diseases

Lantana Camaracontains active compounds that are useful for curing various skin diseases.Diseases that can be cured by these ornamental plants such as eczema andinflammation of the skin. Wash the wounded skin with Lantana Camara cookingwater regularly to get maximum results

7. Good for bones and joints

Maybe you are one who has bone health or joint disease. Be happy because you can treat it naturally with this plant. take the leaves from the Lantana Camara plant and puree it. After that apply on the bones or joints that hurt. Diseases that can be cured include low back pain, rheumatism, and muscle aches.

8. Increase appetite

Do you want anideal body but your appetite decreases? Don’t worry. You can overcome this byconsuming this Lantana Camara plant. not leaves or flowers, but take the stemsof these plants. then boil with water then drink.

9. Treat toothache

Another benefit that you can get by consuming the health benefits of Lantana Camara is to treat toothache

10. Overcoming vaginal discharge problems

Leucorrhoeaproblems are often experienced by women. To overcome these problems you can usethis ornamental plant as medicine

Those are some ofthe benefits of the Lantana Camara that you can get. It is important toremember, consulting with a specialist is highly recommended so that you canmonitor the development of the properties of these herbs.