6 Unheard Health Benefits of Almond Oil for Baby Skin

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The benefits of almond oil for hair is believed to create healthy hair and skin, as previously mentioned in the benefits of almond milk. Almonds can not only be consumed, but can also be taken as an oil product. 

Almond oil is rich in these nutrients that are very beneficial for the body, one of which takes care of the hair. Mother needs to know that almonds are basically included in the grains that can be consumed. 

It is produced from almonds that are the result of almond trees or Prunus dulcis. In the ripe almonds there is fruit meat, shells, and small kernels. Originally, almond trees grew in the Middle East region, which then spread to the Mediterranean, Africa, Europe, to the United States.

Almonds are included as one of the superfoods and are healthy because of the many nutrients contained in them. Because of the fact that it is healthy, almonds are often used as one of the food choices in the diet program.

In addition to diet, almonds are also believed to take care of the beauty of the body. One of them is used to take care of hair. It is also capable of bringing the benefits of almond milk for toddlers.

But aside from toddlers, can it actually be useful for babies?

Is Almond Oil Safe for Babies?

Behind all the benefits contained within the almond oil, there is a question that makes some parents worry.”Is almond oil safe for Babies?”. 

Actually this almond oil is very good for babies. There are even some processed almond oils that can be swallowed. But there are also some almond oils that can be harmful, causing poisoning if directly consumed. 

But if parents are selective, then they can use the almond oil safely to massage the baby. So, even though the baby put his/her hand in the mouth, nothing dangerous will happen to them.

Health Benefits of Almond Oil for Baby Skin

Most benefits of almond oil can be obtained by the way of massage. If the parents gently massage their babies with almond oil, they could get some of the best possible benefits, such as:

1. Help to Relieve Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is an inflammatory condition common in infants marked with crusty and oily skin patches. To overcome this you can rub almond oil gently into the affected area of the skin.

Other than bringing benefits of almond milk for baby, it can cure this problem so your baby will be calmed again.

2. Works as Moisturizer While Overcoming Skin Problems

Almond oil turns out to be easier to absorb by the skin so as to prevent the occurrence of dry skin in babies. In addition, almond oil can also keep your baby’s skin moist and soft because almond oil has a natural moisturizer that is linoleic acid and oleate in it.

Almond oil is also a source of Vitamin A, B2, B6, D, and E which are all beneficial substances in preventing skin problems such as eczema, soreness, and rashes.

3. Smart Way to Calm Your Baby

By massaging your baby’s skin with almond oil, you’ve helped improve your baby’s circulation. So that the baby’s tired and tense limbs become calmer.

A gentle massage using almond oil to the skin of the battery can relax the baby’s body. This can make the baby sleep better than ever before. Other than almond oil, you can also use another healthy herbal oil, like the benefits of olive oil.

4. Makes Baby’s Skin Healthy and Clean

Almond oil has a soft and light texture that makes it easy to spread and be absorbed by the baby’s skin to make the baby’s skin warm. In addition, almond oil also has a fragrant aroma so that it can be a natural perfume for your baby.

Using almond oil as an ingredient to massage the baby’s skin can remove dirt and dead skin cells and get rid of excess oil on the skin. Thus, it can make your baby’s skin healthier and free from bacteria.

5. Can Brightens The Skin

In infants, blackened skin problems may not have occurred much. But there is no harm in massaging the baby with almond oil if you want the skin to keep your baby’s clean white skin well maintained.

Almond oil also contains SPF 5 which can protect your baby’s skin from harmful sunlight. So if you happen to not have sunscreen with you, this oil is just more than enough.

6. It Also Good for Hair and Eyelashes

In almond oil there is a good source of vitamin E, potassium, omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium in maintaining and strengthening baby’s hair. Therefore, the massage done to the baby’s scalp can also have a tremendous effect.

Alamon oil also contains Vitamin E, D, B, and magnesium that can make your baby’s eyelashes ticker. It’s pretty safe to use almond oil around the baby’s facial area.

If the almond oil is nowhere to be found, you can also use the benefits of coconut oil for eczema as an alternative. 


To use almond oil for hair or skin, you can use basically the same method as the other natural ingredient oils. Just one to two drops can be applied directly on the baby’s hair and scalp, then massage those parts slowly. 

The use of almond oil for hair, it can be applied before or after the baby finishes bathing. This oil can also be mixed with other natural ingredients to be used as a hair mask.

Even so, moms also need to pay attention to the risks. Especially if the baby has a history of allergies to nuts. 

Always consult your doctor about this method you’re going to approach, and don’t forget to do a little testing of a drop of almond oil to a small area of the baby’s skin.