Health Benefits of Tofu for Hair – You Probably Didn’t Know It Before

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Tofu is perceived as a nutritious food for keeping yourself in good shape. In fact, there are numerous benefits of eating tofu in improving the health of your body, including preventing the specialized organs like breasts from any diseases as it explained before in Benefits of Tofu for Breasts Health. Apart from offering a large number of goodness for breasts, this soy product also gives benefits for overall health such as: preventing osteoporosis and helping human to lose weight as you can read in Benefits of Tofu.

However, what tofu offers for human well-being is not only limited to that. Apparently, tofu is also advantageous for your hair too! Often being claimed as a woman’s crowning glory, hair  is highly need to be treated well especially if you are dealing with several hair problems. In case you do not know yet, hair is basically made of keratin, which is a protein. As a piece of advice, you ought to consider taking tofu for your hair treatment since tofu is rich in protein.

So, if you experience some kind of hair problem, do not just ignore it but try to find a best solution instead. Consuming tofu is the simplest way to get a perfect and healthier each strand of hair! Indeed, your crowning glory should be treated as best as the other part of your body too – by health benefits of tofu for hair.

Nutrient Value of Tofu

Asian people are more likely to add tofu to their daily diet since they are seeking for health benefits of tofu for the body. Instead of merely knowing that tofu has high nutrient, you probably need to reckon the details of its nutrient value. Here is the nutrient value of 100 grams of tofu:

  • 76 of calories
  • 7 g of saturated fat
  • 7 g of polyunsaturated fat
  • 1 g of monounsaturated fat
  • 7 mg of sodium
  • 121 mg of potassium
  • 9 g of carbohydrate
  • 8 g of protein

Those nutrients above are highly crucial in order to enhance a more healthy hair. Aside from those nutrients, tofu also provides vitamin A, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Another thing to remember is: tofu does not contain cholesterol at all. After knowing the nutrient value, let’s get the health benefits of tofu for hair revealed:

  1. Improve hair growth

Getting your hair healthy with fine shampoo product is already a good step, but consuming tofu for your hair growth is still necessary. As well as blackstrap molasses in Health Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses for Hair, tofu is beneficial for your hair growth as well. This protein-rich food is able to improve growth of your strands of hair.

For more explanation, the speed of hair growth escalated because of a proper amount of iron, protein, and vitamin. Fortunately, tofu contains all those nutrients that your hair needs. Consider to consume tofu can make your hair grow even faster than you expect. So, the best choice you can make starting from today is to take tofu as your daily diet. 

  1. Prevent or reduce hair loss

If you experience hair fall, you should not just sit and watch your hair to lose. For a better hair treatment, you might need tofu consumption since it has same benefits as coconut oil, as explained in Coconut Oil Benefits – in offering an antidote to hair loss problem.

Basically, hair loss happens due to iron deficiency in your body. Low amount of iron level leads you to anemia and this condition disturbs supply of nutrient to follicle. It affects badly to your hair, causing it to hair loss.

Therefore, tofu is a good solution for you since this soy product contains moderate amount of iron for your hair health. As well as iron, protein and calcium goes with iron altogether to strengthen your hair. By consuming tofu, you can maintain the thickness of your hair. Do not let yourself be in iron deficiency since you definitely do not want your hair become thinner day by day.

  1. Make your hair looks shinier

Dull hair sometimes makes you feel less confident. Consequently, you will not leave your hair open flawlessly and prefer keep it being tied up all the time. To get away with this problem, you need regular intake of tofu since it helps your hair to look shinier.

Essential nutrition in tofu such as protein helps you get shinier hair by the time you eat this soy-based food. Tofu consumption in regular basis is highly needed. As you add this to your daily diet, not only does your hair look better but you also can be more confident and stop your hair from being tied up.

  1. Treat split ends on your hair

Split ends on hair are mostly caused by vitamin deficiency in your body. Therefore, in effort to improve your damaged hair to be healthier, you need to trim the end of your hair. After that, another step to do is to consume tofu for helping improvement of your damaged hair.

Tofu helps to treat your problem of split ends since it is rich in crucial nutrients. Those nutrients enhance your hair strength and prevent your hair to split. In fact, pumpkin also has same benefit in treating split ends as you can read in Benefits of Pumpkin for Skin and Hair. By adding healthy food to your diet, you can feel the sensation of healthy hair and also cast away your hair problems as well.


If you crave for healthier hair and away from several hair problems, it is best for you to eat tofu in moderation. Since two to four serving of tofu each is week already enough, you should not let yourself be in over consumption. On the other hand, you need for about 18 milligrams of iron in a day if you want to prevent iron deficiency that causes hair loss.

That way, you can maintain thick and healthy strands of hair. Last but not least, ensure yourself not to miss tofu in your diet, so you are able to get health benefits of tofu for hair!