Unbelievable Health Benefits of Kiwi for Hair

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Kiwi, which is also known as Chinese Gooseberry, is a popular tropical fruit. Many people said that it tastes like heaven. It is called Chinese Gooseberry as it is the native fruit of China. Kiwi got its name ‘kiwi’ from New Zealand, where this fruit is cultivated in massive quantities.

Not only taste good, kiwi also has lots of health benefits for our body. Despite the small size, kiwi is a wonderful fruit for your entire body. It is a perfect fruit for all your hair, skin and other health related worries, including for your heart health. It is even beneficial for pregnant women! Read more about it in health benefits of kiwi fruit for pregnancy.

Health benefits of kiwi fruit for diabetics will tell you more about the benefits of this amazing fruit.

One of them is for shiny and long hair. If you love kiwi, then having beautiful and shiny hair is not hard. Let’s get to know each of the unbelievable benefits of kiwi for hair.

  • Hydrates Hair

Kiwi fruit seed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is really beneficial for hydrating the hair. It also doesn’t weigh it down. That’s why kiwi fruit seed oil is best suited for unruly and dry hair.

  • Fights Hair Loss

As kiwi is rich in vitamin E and C, it helps in fighting hair loss and maintaining good condition of the hair. Vitamin C offers nourishment to the hair and strengthen the scalp. Besides, it also prevents hair fall as it boosts immunity.

Stress and tension are two common reasons of hair fall and vitamin C is beneficial for keeping the tension and stress at bay. It also protects the body from free radicals. Kiwi also contains minerals, such as phosphorus, zinc and magnesium which accelerate the air growth by stimulating the blood circulation.

The healthier the scalp, the less likely you are to lose strands of your hair!

  • Maintains Hair Health

Who doesn’t want to have healthy hair? Just eat kiwi and you may get healthy hair. Kiwi contains great amount of iron, which is a nutrients required for maintaining the good health of the hair. It improves the blood circulation in the body which stimulates the hair follicles to promote hair growth.

  • Prevents Early Greying

Copper, another nutrient found in kiwi, helps maintaining the natural color of the hair and preventing the occurrence of premature grey hair. Greying is inevitable and the beautiful, however, greying at an early age can be an indication of not getting enough of those smaller concentration of metals and minerals in your diet. Just simply slice some kiwi and put it into your breakfast smoothies and say no to early greying!

  • Stimulates Hair Growth

Vitamin C in kiwi is responsible for hair growth. It maintains the integrity of the microcirculation which is responsible to supply blood to the hair follicles. It works together with vitamin E, which has affirmative effect on the immune system and empowers oxygen uptake and supports circulatory health.

  • Prevents Dry and Rough Hair

Kiwi fruit oil and extract are beneficial for maintain the hair health and keep it in good condition. They are rich in several nutrients and vitamins. It is like a boon to your hair for it prevents your hair from becoming dry and rough.

  • Helps Treat Dandruff

As kiwi has high amount of iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, it is beneficial for treating dandruff. Zinc does not only prevent fungal growth on the hair, but also removes excess skin cells from the scalp, which we commonly see as dandruff. There was a study in 2016 which showed that the zinc deficiency is one of the contributing factors of dandruff.

Curry leaves also have great benefits for treating dandruff. Read more about it in benefits of curry leaves for dandruff.

  • Gives Natural Shine to the Hair

Kiwi, specifically kiwi juice, is very beneficial for cleaning your hair once in a while. Try to take some fresh kiwi juice, dilute it with water and wash your hair with it. While you’re diluting kiwi juice with water, make sure to do it properly. It is because kiwi juice is acidic and may become harmful for the hair if it is applied directly.

Washing hair with kiwi juice will surely give your hair a natural shine and soft feel.

It is very important to maintain our hair health. Besides using kiwi, you can also try the other methods of getting healthy hair, such as health benefits of mango on hair and skin and health benefits of coconut water for hair.