Benefits of Using Yogurt for Hair (Home Treatment)

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Who say that hair treatment needs a big cost? There are many ingredients you can employ to take care of your hair. Some of the ingredients may even be found in your kitchen. For example, you can take Benefits of Applying Egg Yolk on Hair. It is very easy to get and easy to apply. About the result? Natural ingredients will never disappoint you in giving the optimum result with minimum side effect. Besides, you can also rely on the benefits of using yogurt for hair.

From long ago, yogurt is known to be beneficial in many ways. Therefore, we can easily find any information about the benefits of yogurt for many things. As an example, we can get the Yogurt Health Benefits for Better Intestine. The protein and healthy fats in this fermented milk product is the biggest contribution to the Benefits of Yogurt for Beauty. In this article, we are going to discuss about the benefits of using yogurt for hair and the recommendation on how to use it.

Nutritional information of yogurt

The benefits of using yogurt for hair are mainly contributed by the excellent value in yogurt. As an example, here are the nutrition you can get from consuming or applying nonfat Greek yogurt.

  • Fats
  • Cholesterol
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Carbohydrate
  • Protein
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B6
  • Cobalamin
  • Magnesium

The Benefits of Using Yogurt for Hair

Talking about the benefits of using yogurt for hair, it cannot be separated from the nutritional value mentioned above. Yes, the benefits are supported by those excellent value in yogurt. So, what are the benefits? Just check this out.

  1. Protect hair

We can say that conditioner is the front-line protection for our hair. It protects our hair from the simplest threat such as towel and the dangerous UV rays. Conditioner is also easy to get. We can easily choose any kinds of conditioner fit to our need.

However, do you ever consider the more natural alternative for your store-bought conditioner? Well, in this case, yogurt can give you the solution. Yogurt can do a very good job in conditioning and protecting your hair. Thanks to the moisturizing property in yogurt. Just apply raw yogurt just like when you apply your daily conditioner. You’ll have the amazing result of using yogurt for your hair conditioner.

  1. Reduce hair fall

Hair fall might be caused by various reasons. One of the reasons is the lack of nutrition received by hair follicles. Why don’t you try some nutritious ingredients such yogurt to give nutrition to your hair?

The vitamins such as vitamin B5 and vitamin D in yogurt is very good to nourish your hair follicles and prevent hair fall effectively just by applying yogurt as hair conditioner or hair mask regularly.

  1. Treat dandruff

Dandruff might be a common problem for some people. But still, it is very annoying because of its itching and the possibility of the dandruff prevent you from wearing dark shirt.

Yes, sometimes you are to worry that it might fall and clearly seen on your shoulder as you wear dark shirt. Dandruff is commonly caused by irritation that emerge flaky skin on scalp. In this case, yogurt can help you get rid of the dandruff by acting as anti-irritant. Just apply raw yogurt as topical treatment on your scalp, and you’ll have your scalp clean and healthy. 

  1. Add hair shine

Yogurt is one of the effective home remedies to restore natural shine of your hair. You just need to add almond oil and egg in a half cup of yogurt for your homemade hair mask with Benefits Of Egg White and Yogurt Mask for Hair. Apply this hair mask for about 30 minutes before you rinse it with water and shampoo. This treatment will add shine to your dry and dull hair.

  1. Manage hair

Hair frizz can be common problem for women with medium to long hair every morning. What do you do to tame your hair? Should you go to hair salon every day? The answer is no. you just need some scoop of yogurt to tame your hair and keep it manageable.

It is contributed by the cooling property in yogurt which is able you make your hair calm down. To optimize the benefits of using yogurt for hair frizz, you can also mix the yogurt with the recent hype product, aloevera gel, to well moisturize your hair and get the other Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair and Scalp.

  1. Boost hair growth

Besides directly apply yogurt on hair, you can also obtain the benefits of yogurt for your hair by regularly consume this milk fermentation product. The good amount of protein in yogurt can boost hair growth.

A study suggest that the regular consumption of yogurt can boost healthy hair growth at twice from its normal rate. You can also apply yogurt twice a day, in the morning and at night to make your hair grow faster. 

  1. Maintain hair strength

Yogurt can not only speed up hair growth. It can also maintain hair strength. By either consuming or applying yogurt on your hair will support your hair with the need of protein.

This way, our hair can maintain its strength so that it can prevent hair fall, especially of which due to breakage. your hair will also stay string from the external threat such as pollution and UV lights.

Recommendation in Using Yogurt for Hair

As mentioned above, there are many benefits of using yogurt for hair. But is it okay to use and consume any kinds of yogurt to get the expected benefits? Well, to get the health benefits, it seems that you should closely and carefully choose the yogurt.

While all yogurt contains high protein and somewhat hair building compounds, not all yogurt contains the same level of protein. If you aimed the high protein yogurt for your healthy hair, you can choose the high protein yet low-calorie yogurt. And if you are resistant to cow milk, you don’t have to worry, as now you can also get yogurt with almond or coconut milk.

Of course, these kinds of yogurts contain less protein than the yogurt with real milk. Therefore, raw Greek yogurt is the best solution for you to get the expected benefits of yogurt for hair.