12 Top Health Benefits of Straw Mushrooms (Revealed)

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Do you ever know what straw mushroom is? There is so many types of mushrooms that people usually know, like the shitake mushrooms, black mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, etc. There are also some other type of mushroom that has great benefits for our health like the black mushroom.

Mushrooms can also be used for ingredients and some benefits of one of the mushroom which is explained in this article is straw mushroom, which has a very cheap price but with many benefits. Mushrooms are often used for vegetarian as meat substitutes. And, in this review, we will mainly talked about straw mushroom and understand more about the health benefits of straw mushrooms.

Nutritional content of mushroom

This mushroom has a very good nutritional content. Often recommended to be a diet on the diet. Here is the content per 100 grams of mushroom.

  • Protein 5.94%
  • Carbohydrate 0.59%
  • Fat 0.17%
  • Ash 1.14%
  • Fiber 1.56%
  • Iron 1.9 mg
  • Phosphorus 17 mg
  • Vitamin B-1 0.15 mg
  • Vitamin B-2 0.75 mg
  • Vitamin C 12.40 mg

Additional minerals of folic acid, potassium and copper.

Straw mushroom has a very complex content which make this mushroom into one of the ingredients of healthy food menu which also has a good benefits for the body. Some of the health benefits of straw mushrooms include:

1. Contains low cholesterol

Mushroom contains many proteins, contains no bad fats, and low carbohydrate content. In addition, the fiber and enzyme content in the fungus helps launch the digestive system. Supported by a healthy protein, the high protein content can burn cholesterol in the digestive system. You may also read: Health Benefits of Beet for Cholesterol

There is also types of mushroom which has similar effect, and one of them is the benefits of xxx mushroom for your health.

2. Good for diabetes

Mushrooms contain good natural insulin for diabetes, low fat fungus and carbohydrates. Benefits of straw mushroom is very good for your liver, pancreas and other endocrinal glands that can increase the formation of insulin with the right amount. Antibiotic content in the fungus is good to avoid infection due to diabetes-caused wounds. You may also read: Health Benefits of Almonds for Diabetes

3. Preventing the growth of cancer cells

Mushroom helps prevent growth of cancer cells in the breast and prostate cancer. Straw Mushrooms also containing beta-glucan and conjugated linoleic acid have a carcinogenic effect. Linoleic acid helps lower the effects of estrogen hormones, because when the hormone estrogen is too high, it has chance to increase the risk of breast cancer. You may also read: Black Fungus Mushrooms Benefits

Beta-glucans will also inhibit the growth of cancer cells in prostate cancer. The content of selenium in the fungus also effectively inhibits and reduce the amount of cancer cells.

4. Increase endurance

Mushrooms contain ergothioneine which is a powerful antioxidant contained in the fungus and effective to protect the body from free radicals. This content will reduce fungal infections, microbes etc. Can help cure ulcers or wound whistles.

Good content such as vitamin A, B complex and C contained in the fungus is beneficial to the immune system. Some other herbal plants also had the same amount of vitamin A, B which is very beneficial for the endurance, like of them is the number one source of vitamin A from Lulo fruits.

5. Good for diet

Straw mushroom fungus for humans does not contain good fats for diet program, so the protein content in the diet will be useful to burn fat. Fiber is also very good for digestion. You may also read: Health Benefits of Boiled Apple

6. Good for the Growth Period

The content of mushroom protein is quite high. Proteins are used for growth. Compared with egg yolk, straw mushrooms do not contain fat which is good for people with high cholesterol, and in the same time, also excellent to lower cholesterol level. Consumption of mushrooms in the growth period will help the growth process.

7. Strengthening bones

Mushrooms contain high calcium and vitamin D, which is the second largest vitamin D contained after cod liver oil. Therefore, the high content of calcium and vitamin D is very good for our bone growth. There is also alternatives which has the equally same amount of vitamin D, like the benefits of things ingredients that contain vitamin D.

8. Prevent Anemia

We need iron for our blood-structuring material. Iron deficiency will leads to higher chance of anemia, or the condition of a body with lacks of blood. Straw mushrooms have enough iron content to help us avoid the risk of anemia.

9. Good for heart health

Straw mushrooms have a high additional mineral content, one of it is potassium and copper. We know that copper has anti-bacterial properties that keep our internal organs away from bacterial disease attacks.

Supported by high potassium content, this is very good for maintaining the function of our blood vessels. As a result our heart will be well maintained. 

10. Reducing free radicals

In addition to flavonoids that are well known to overcome free radicals, selenium is also one option to overcome and reduce free radicals. Selenium is in the content of mushroom helps us to overcome the free radicals in the body.

Free radicals that enter such as from pollution smoke, alcohol, foods with bad fats, and electromagnetic radiation can cause serious illness. There is also some other things that helps in the process of reducing free radicals, like the benefits of starfruits as antioxidants to reduce free radicals. You may also read: Health Benefits of Eating an Orange Everyday

11. Good for vegetarians

Mushroom is very good for use by vegetarians who still want to get the content from animal protein. We need to know that the benefits of straw mushroom has a protein content equivalent to animal protein. So it is perfect for vegetarians whose avoid eating animal foods. Thus, that’s all the best health benefits of straw mushrooms.

How to Process Straw Mushroom

To process the mushrooms, choose carefully the fresh mushrooms and don’t choose the wrong mushrooms, because there are mushrooms that contain toxins. Mushrooms have almost similar shapes and smells so choose carefully.

  • For mushroom, before cooked clean off dirt and washing.
  • Then boiled with boiling water about 5 minutes.
  • After exiting the froth and brownish water and smells typical, defecate.
  • Rinse mushrooms with cold water 2-3 times. Then drain.
  • Cook immediately mushrooms and make sure not to stored long enough because the mushrooms will wither and rotten. Cook until cooked.

Thus the benefits of mushroom we need to know. Mushrooms can also be cooked into varieties of food. Whether fried or boiled. Combined with a mixture of vegetables, straw mushroom will still tastes good. Therefore, it would not hurt you to try a new menu by inserting some mushroom ingredients into it.