Amazing Benefits of Fenugreek Leaves during Pregnancy

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During pregnancy mothers should be extra careful when consuming or drinking something. It is because the compound contained in those foods and drinks are not only able to affect the mother but also the fetus developing inside the womb. There are some discussions about benefits of fenugreek leaves during pregnancy, some said it is okay but some also said the vice versa that it is not okay.

What Is Fenugreek?

Fenugreek is small plant mostly commercially cultivated for its seeds. However, not only the seeds, there are some claims that even the fenugreek leaves also contain some benefits especially for mother during pregnancy. Fenugreek comes from leguminous family and in some countries fenugreek is well known as methi. Fenugreek is used as herb and spice while the leaves are also consumed as vegetables in some part of Asia regions.

Nutritional Values Contained in Fenugreek Leaves

The leaves of fenugreek are high of dietary fiber and also containing some protein content. The most important thing about the leaves of fenugreek is its folic acid content which is the main reason why this leaves are recommended during pregnancy. Moreover, fenugreek leaves also contain some essential vitamins and minerals. To learn more about its benefits for pregnancy, the list below will tell you in details.

  1. Natural Solution to Constipation

During pregnancy when the fetus grow inside the womb will affect the bowel movement and constipation is one of the common thing to happen. Consuming fenugreek which is rich of fiber could help treating this condition.

  1. Manages the Cholesterol Level

Health benefits of fiber are not only good for digestive system and treating constipation but also able to help managing the cholesterol level. During pregnancy, having normal cholesterol level is essential that will affect the cardiovascular health.

  1. Prevents Gestational Diabetes

There are three types of diabetes and gestational diabetes is a condition occurs only during pregnancy when the blood sugar level is higher than normal. Fenugreek leaves contain specific compound that could help managing the blood sugar level and preventing gestational diabetes.

  1. Great for Blemishes

During pregnancy, mothers should avoid using cosmetics that may put the fetus in danger. However, consuming fenugreek leaves could help mothers maintaining the health of their skin without worrying about its side effects.

  1. Cures Fever

Fever is common condition to happen when immunity system is not working optimally. However, this condition could be super annoying during pregnancy because mothers cannot consume medicine because it may put the fetus in danger.

  1. Solutions to Anaemia

Fenugreek leaves are rich of minerals such as iron and zinc. Those two minerals are essential to optimize the production of red blood cells. The effect is you could prevent or fight anaemia naturally.

  1. Good for Weight Loss Management

Obesity or weight gain is common to happen during pregnancy especially when it is difficult for mothers to manage their weight. Well, fenugreek is great weight loss foods recommended even during pregnancy.

  1. Excellent for Breast Milk Production

One of the reasons why fenugreek leaves are great for mothers during pregnancy is because it contains some active compounds that could boost the production of breast milk.

  1. Stabilizes the Body Temperature

During pregnancy, mothers may suffer from unstable body temperature. They will easily got hot and cold. Consuming fenugreek leaves may help stabilizing the body temperature.

  1. Beneficial for Healthy Hair

There are a lot of mothers that claim they have problem with hair fall during pregnancy. It is because during pregnancy your body need more minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and so on in higher dosage. Fenugreek leaves could help preventing this condition significantly.

  1. Good for Heart

Pre eclampsia is dangerous for mothers during pregnancy. This condition could put both mothers and baby in dangerous. The symptoms of high blood pressure are the early signs of this condition. Fenugreek leaves contains potassium and one of the benefits of potassium is great for heart by eliminating the excessive sodium that may have negative effect for heart.

  1. Prevents Baby Born with Birth Defect

As mentioned above, fenugreek leaves are rich of folic acid. Folic acid is one of the vitamin B complex that essential during pregnancy. It optimizes the brain development and nerve system, especially in the first trimester. It means the risk of baby born with birth defect could be reduced significantly.

Cautions of Fenugreek Leaves during Pregnancy

As mentioned above, while some people said it is okay to consume fenugreek leaves during pregnancy while others said it isn’t. The fact is there are some cautions of fenugreek leaves you should know first before you decided to add it to your diet during pregnancy.

  • It is true that fenugreek leaves could help the contraction process. Eating fenugreek could help shortening the prolonged labour process. However, if you consume it too much when you haven’t reached the due date may cause pre-birth or even miscarriage. So, be careful with the amount of fenugreek leaves you consume during pregnancy.
  • Allergic reaction may occur, especially for those who haven’t put fenugreek leaves to their diet before. During pregnancy, body could be super sensitive.
  • One of the common effects that occurs after you consume fenugreek leaves is your urine will smell like maple syrup. Well, the problem is some people may be mistaken it with maple syrup diseases which is a much more dangerous condition.

There is no specific study that could ensure you whether herbs or spices like fenugreek leaves are safe or unsafe for pregnancy. That is why consulting it with your doctor before you decided to add fenugreek leaves to your daily diet is recommended. However, the list of benefits of fenugreek leaves during pregnancy is longer than the risk with one condition that you consume it in proper amount only.